The TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) Thread: TF Revelations


The memories of wanting to play the clone turtles in the Genesis, but couldn’t happen unless it was PvP and you were player 2… and you didn’t get the cool voice replacement like at 11:44 of the video =(. Sucks that the Genesis gameplay was trash, but the artistic/sound design seemed good (the visuals in-game for the Genesis seem to closely match the cover arts given for the TMNT Tournament Fighter series per console, but maybe that’s just me).


Small FT10 we had this sunday, enjoy, I hope more to come soon!


New month, new patch! Got a whole lot of stuff to post about. I’m releasing the patch as 1.02c since there are still a few issues I want to iron out and want to make sure the menu improvements didn’t accidentally break anything before moving to version 1.03. Plus I wanted to have a release at the start of this month.

Grab it here:

1.02c Changes:
-Pressing B after selecting a character now deselects
-Pressing B on the character select screen when you haven’t selected a character brings you back to the main menu
-Idling in the Character Select Screen no longer automatically goes to the Stage Select Screen
-Idling in the Stage Select Screen no longer automatically starts the battle
-Character Select Screen had a major movement overhaul, Up/Down/Left/Right work like in a sane menu (left goes left, right goes right, up goes up, down goes down)
-Main Menu had a major movement overhaul, Up/Down/Left/Right work like in a sane menu (left goes left, right goes right, up goes up, down goes down)
-Skip Konami Logo with ABXY in addition to Start/Select

Known issues/improvements to be done to finalize 1.03:
-Single Player ignores you selecting an alternate color, needs to be fixed
-Adding hold to pause (just a couple frames, trying to give it just enough time to prevent accidental presses)
-Adding L+R+A+Start to quit a battle (will be replaced with a pause menu)
-Adding pressing B to return to Character Select Screen from Stage Select Screen
-Adding pressing B to return to Main Menu from Story Battle
-Returning to Main Menu from Character Select Screen needs to have a fade out instead of instantly transitioning to Main Menu
-(Possibly) Adding 2 extra palettes per character (more on that below)
-(Possibly) Upgrading Pause to a full Pause Menu (more on that below)

Extra Palettes:

Something I’m finally going to be getting to. The plan is 4 palettes for each character for now, and yes the Tournament Fighter Clone Turtles will be palettes (though modified slightly, they’re looking like a hybrid of the SNES and Genesis clone turtle palettes right now). If you can think of any good palettes (particularly ones that are from/reference some form of TMNT media) for Armaggon, Wingnut, or a 4th palette for Karai, that would be greatly appreciated.

Though I’d primarily like to have alternate colors to be taken from some form of official Turtles media, feel free to make any suggestions as I may expand the palette beyond 4 at some point. There’s only so many palettes I can extrapolate from shows/comics/toys/refs/etc. so I may end up using your suggested color palettes in the feature.

Current planned palettes:


Leo Palette 1 - Normal: Green
Leo Palette 2 - Alt: Yellow-Gray
Leo Palette 3 - Clone Turtle: Lavender
Leo Palette 4 - Dark Leo: Green-Blue
Raph Palette 1 - Normal: Green
Raph Palette 2 - Alt: Green-Blue
Raph Palette 3 - Clone Turtle: Lavender
Raph Palette 4 - Dark Raph: Red
Don Palette 1 - Normal: Green
Don Palette 2 - Alt: Yellow
Don Palette 3 - Clone Turtle: Lavender
Don Palette 4 - Dark Don: Purple
Mike Palette 1 - Normal: Green
Mike Palette 2 - Alt: Green-Blue
Mike Palette 3 - Clone Turtle: Lavender
Mike Palette 4 - Dark Mike: Yellow
Armaggon Palette 1 - Normal: Gray
Armaggon Palette 2 - Alt: Blue-Gray
Armaggon Palette 3 - ???
Armaggon Palette 4 - ???
Wingnut Palette 1 - Normal: Blue
Wingnut Palette 2 - Alt: Green
Wingnut Palette 3 - ??? maybe something based on a fellow Mutanimal?
Wingnut Palette 4 - ??? maybe something based on a fellow Mutanimal?
Chrome Dome Palette 1 - Normal: Brown and Gray
Chrome Dome Palette 2 - Alt: Lighter Brown and Orange
Chrome Dome Palette 3 - Canon: White-Gray and Black
Chrome Dome Palette 4 - Playmates 1991 Warrior Chrome Dome Toy: Light Blue and Black
Aska Palette 1 - Normal: Lavender and Red
Aska Palette 2 - Alt: Orange and Blue
Aska Palette 3 - Comic Mitsu: Blue and Yellow
Aska Palette 4 - Lotus Blossum: Dark Gray
War Palette 1 - Normal: Purple
War Palette 2 - Alt/Famine: Gold
War Palette 3 - Death: Dark Red (black eyes)
War Palette 4 - Pestilence: Black (pink eyes)
C. Shredder Palette 1 - Normal: Magenta
C. Shredder Palette 2 - Alt: Blue-Purple
C. Shredder Palette 3 - TV 1987: Gray
C. Shredder Palette 4 - Mega Blocks Minifigure: Light Blue
Rat King Palette 1 - Normal: Mauve-ish
Rat King Palette 2 - Alt: Sea Green
Rat King Palette 3 - TV 1987: Brown
Rat King Palette 4 - 2012/IDW: Black (Pale greenish skin)
Karai Palette 1 - Normal: Violet
Karai Palette 2 - Alt: Light Blue (Gray-ish hair)
Karai Palette 3 - Modern: Black
Karai Palette 4 - ???

Here’s a couple of quick rough drafts I’ve done so far. These still have some work to go, but I think the finished products will end up looking great.

Clone turtle time, both old (1993) and new (2006)!

Since his gold palette sorta uses the colors of Famine, I based his new alternate colors off of the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Archie comics, Death and Pestilence.

Chrome Dome finally living up to its name!

Pause Menu:

Idea suggested by my brother, no idea why I never thought of it. In theory it shouldn’t be too difficult to set up, and it allows for things such as an ingame viewable movelist, changing controls mid battle, a simple ‘quit’ option instead of L+R+A+Start, all sorts of stuff for my planned Practice Mode and anything else we can think of.

Possible Netplay:

So, SD2SNES Flash Cart has modifiable firmware, has a USB slot and can read/write to the SD Card. There are WiFi capable SD cards that effectively have miniature linux computers in them, which also happen to be notoriously easy to hack into and reprogram. In theory, there’s nothing stopping me from adding a ‘net chip’ to the SD2SNES that can utilize the USB or WiFi SD Card as a workaround to be able to play games on LAN or over the internet from your actual unmodified SNES console, and possibly even modifying Tournament Fighters to have GGPO-like net play if I can set it up right/ms is low enough. The SD2SNES itself is the last thing I’d need to begin investigating it right now and should have it soon. If it works, besides the obvious ability to play against others online on an actual SNES, I could even set up delightful hacks allowing LAN/Online 8 player Super Mario Kart, 4 player F-Zero, 1v1 Metal Marines (personal favorite of mine), 8 player Civilization 1, 20 player Top Gear 1-2-3, etc. Really hoping the Wifi SD Card works out, being able to effectively just plop SNESes right next to each-other or near a WiFi hub and play LAN/Online would be awesome.

New Characters:

As my skills and my rom hacking tools are improving, I’m becoming more and more confident I can do this… atleast on the coding end of things. I can kind of do spriting myself, but I’m not confident that it’ll be the quality I want (looking like it was always part of the game) so I may need to recruit some talent soon. Plus I’ll also need to look into voices and possibly new stages, and music to go with them. If all goes well in the future Championship Fighters could feel like a proper sequel.

Regarding the “5th ‘Clone’ Turtle” borrowing some moves from the others, that is something I’m considering as a possibility for characters after the initial 20 for Championship Fighters is done. Slash in his Turtles in Time incarnation is something I’d really want, but I had the problem that Mike already has the Blanka Rolling Attack and Triceratron/Zorax would also have it too, so making him a blatant partial hybrid/clone character works out for him so I don’t have to worry too much about making his specials stand out. The set of copied special moves I have in mind are Raph’s Power Drill, Don’s Ground Claw, Mike’s Dynamite Bomber and Leo’s Shining Blade, how does that sound? I feel like it’d fit him well.

Side note: I’ve also decided against the Aska split in Championship Fighters. I’ll still get her Japan sprites implemented somehow for both TF and CF versions, maybe having it selectable like ‘old’ characters in SSF2T.

In case people decided they wanted to send me character requests, I only want to add characters that would’ve existed in the SNES era, so I’d only consider characters existing before the N64’s release (so pretty much just those from the Archie and Mirage comics, and the 1987 cartoon). Obviously though don’t expect them for a long while, since the NES/Mega Drive cast comes first.

tl;dr I’m getting close to adding extra palettes and nearing completion of all the basic menu improvements, my rom hacking skills and tools are improving, I’ll soon have the ability to test on actual hardware, Championship Fighters will soon be able to be worked on, netplay on actual unmodded SNES hardware (besides the use of the SD2SNES) may be a thing in the future, new characters are looking more and more possible for me to do, and in general the future is looking great.


For music you could try contacting this guy. He makes original CPS2ish music. He made a new theme for Karai which I prefer over the original.

I don’t think Slash should have a fireball. He seems like more of a crazy in your face type. Instead of a fireball I’d make him better up close. I’m assuming Leonardo will be the base for this character and he’ll be edited to have Shredder’s claws. Slash’s Blanka Ball would stand out more if you simply used the sprites from Leo’s Shining Blade.

So no cyborg Baxter Stockman or Telekinetic Ninja April O’Neil? Well, I’m looking at the wiki and I have some ideas.

-Officer Longer/Nobody could be an edit of Rat King
-Leatherhead could be an edit of Armaggon
-Usagi Yojimbo
-Marshal Moo Montana…


@Enigami What tools did you use to create your sprite edits? If you can provide them I’d be happy to make some suggestions and create palettes. Thank you again for your dedication to the modding efforts for TMNT TF. I’ll definitely be picking up a flashcart soon so I can play Tournament Edition on real hardware.

While I’m here, please feel free to check out a match set I posted on the TMNT TF Facebook page with Zar the Biscuit aka Zee Tee Bee:


My friend, I am literally speechless.

I have not been active due to me moving to another country and starting anew, wich is ot easy.

Just wanted to thank you infinitely for your hard work and ask a very offtopic question:

Would modding MMPR Fighting Edition be possible? Just edit out those mashed hrow fights haha.

Again, thanks a lot.


@"Rioting Soul"
Man, I absolutely would LOVE to have Whizzy on board for this. He does mostly original CPS2 music though, I don’t know if he’d be interested in doing SNES music, with the current important music I’d need being simply SNES-ified remixes of NES/Genesis music. No harm in asking I suppose, and maybe I could get some compositions for characters beyond the initial 20, assuming I get that far.

Good point on no fireball for Slash. Even with moves borrowed from the Turtles, having no fireball make him play quite a bit differently. Maybe instead of Ground Claw from Don, he could have Don’s Bo Thrust except using his kris or claws instead.

There’s no need for simple edits of other characters. If I make characters past the planned 20, with an exception for Slash, I’d want the characters to be more than clones, and would prefer trying to work in some more interesting mechanics.

Marshal Moo Montana didn’t cross over with Turtles until 2006, so no cow. Plus I’d prefer to avoid cross-over characters. That said, Miyamoto Usagi has a long history of crossing over into the TMNT universe, so I’d have a lot less qualms about him, plus it’s Usagi and I’d probably cave and aim to add him anyways.


Just photoshop at the moment, but soon I’ll have an easy way to edit character palettes.


Modding MMPR Fighting Edition is certainly possible, but not something I’m very interested in. If it’s simple enough I might do it though.


I think Zar is the best TMNT player I’ve seen

downloaded this set to watch for later, I sort of want to do commentary over it haha.


[quote=“Veserius, post:1128, topic:16564”]

I think Zar is the best TMNT player I’ve seen

I need to go through and edit it into sets and make clips of the weirdest stuff we were lucky enough to capture. It would have been amazing if you could have been there doing commentary live. If you are interested in watching it and doing audio commentary maybe we could watch it together on stream? Let me know, or just hit me up on Discord!


I would love to have Krang playable in some form.

Using high/low missiles Sagat-like (also genesis version), maybe using Don and Mike fireball data? Also his Genesis extendig limbs could use Chrome normal data too.

Wow so hyped.

BTW I dreamt the other night that Enigami did a hack called Arcade Edition and the game flashed the “Insert Coins” phrase during demos :smiley: (I have always wanted to have a dedicated custom cab for this game).


Fuck you guys got in contact with Zar?

That son of a bitch lol


retroarch got another netplay overhaul again and now supports lobbies apparently. Gonna look into that and see how it works for this game.


Is there a discord for this game? I keep showing people the truth at the events I go to, and this question always comes up.


If you want to set up some netplay sessions, find out the latest on TMNT TF TE or just discuss match ups check out the TF discord here:

Thanks for spreading the TF gospel and hope to see some of you all there!


Don’t have any exciting new content ready to show off yet, but I recently managed to figure out the playable area of each stage in pixels.

398 Pixels:
Back Alley

444 Pixels:
Metal Works
Metro Train
Mt. Olympus
Pirate Ship
Sky Palace
Thunder Dome

464 Pixels:
Studio 6 (No walls broken)

656 Pixels:

688 Pixels:
Art Museum

944 Pixels:
Studio 6 (One wall broken, Mutant Warriors Only)

1424 Pixels:
Studio 6 (Both walls broken, Mutant Warriors Only)

In other news, there’s been a discovery by NaN that most stages have lag that can have an adverse affect on move length/timings, even when nothing else is going on. I have some ideas on where the lag is coming from (likely from decompressing graphics for the background animations, should be reduced by putting the uncompressed graphics in the ROM and loading those for the background animations instead), so in the future there should be more lagless stages for the patched Tournament Fighters. In the mean time, if you’re playing Tournament Fighters competitively (or if you’re playing vanilla even after I fix this), you may want to stick to just these stages which have been determined to be lag free:

Back Alley
Mt. Olympus
Pirate Ship

Additionally, there’s been some discussion on stage legality in the discord chat. Laggy stages are obvious stages to be banned (until fixed), and there’s arguments that very large stages (656+ stages) and Back Alley (398) have balance issues. Leaving them fully legal or banning them are possibilities, but one solution that may work is introducing stage striking to TMNT TF Tournaments. As it stands, with or without lag fixes the standard 444 stages will always outnumber the non-standard stage sizes, so it is possible to allow players to force play on a 444 stage through stage striking while being unable to prevent a 444 stage from being chosen. As this concerns the future standard ruleset of TMNT TF, now would be a good time to chip in. What’s your thoughts on stage legality? Ban non-standard stages, no bans, or introduce stage striking? Or some mixture of those?


This Saturday (7/22/17) I will be in New York at Next Level running TMNT TF casuals. ULTRA 2 Old 2 Furious is going to be an awesome event so I hope to see you all there!


I just finished doing an initial run though and commentary for these matches, so feel free to check out the archive. Expect a YouTube upload shortly and thanks to everyone who came out to watch tonight!


If you are on the West Coast and you play TMNT TF or just enjoy conventions, MAGWest (August 25th-27th) is going to be holding a TF tournament. The TMNT TF Discord is helping to organize so feel free to drop in ( or RSVP at the Facebook event:


Any more info on that event? Location, etc?


More info is available on the Facebook link provided, you can also keep an eye on the TMNT_TF Twitter page for final details on time of the tournament. It’ll be held at MAGWest 2017 at the Hyatt Recency in Santa Clara, CA. For more details check out their website @

Hope to see you there!