The TMNT Turtles in Time Re-shelled thread!

Ok I don’t know about the rest of you but before SF, this game kept me coming back to the arcades. Anyone else gonna cop this when it comes out this Wed? Let get some SRK 4-player action!!

Thought I was the only one. Bout to play this on my TE stick.

I still dig the old sprites better – game looks like Rampage World Tour. Hopefully I’ll get to play at a friend’s house to get through it once for old time’s sake.

I thought this game was coming out in July. Anyone know when it will be availible?

TOMORROW! BTW, I already made a thread about this topic last week. Not sounding like a dick, just letting ya know. I put it in the fighting game discussion section.

The game was briefly available on the marketplace (through the website) but it got taken off right away.

Anyone managed to pick it up yet?

oh shit this game was fun need to get this so i can play when friends come over. now we need battle toads!!

Hey everybody. I just completed the game using Raph on Normal. Well, here are my words.

The HD Graphics are not only the changed thing, the gameplay is a bit tweaked also. It does not have that same SNES feeling, it’s kinda close but to me, it’s just not on par with the SNES Gameplay.

The audio is also remixed. Some songs sound great, others sound really off like the alley cat blues scene, which is the 1st stage.

I have not tested multiplayer, I beat the game single player, but I will get back to the Multiplayer later on this afternoon.

It’s deff. worth your 800 points. I only did it on Single Player, and I had some fun. I’m sure I will be way more pumped up when I play with 3 other players.