The Tokido Formula



Did anyone buy it & is it worth 10 bucks?

People say that it is pre ae 2012, so most of the mixups that shown doesn’t work anymore.

I’ll be happy if someone give me a feedback, thanks.


I’m about to to buy it and tell you in more detail if its worth it, but here’s how I look at it. I’ve paid $50 for a ft5 MM against a chun-li player, lost and didn’t learn too much. This is $10 bucks… Skip a lunch and buy it IMO.


Like the above post mentioned, it was made pre 2012, so none of the tricky Tokido set ups work anymore. It is nice having all the information in one condensed video format. But as a Akuma player since vanilla, I didn’t learn a whole lot. Tokido does display a vast knowledge of Akuma in this video. Some of the option selects he has thought of are very clever.

Overall it is only $10 and I did come away with 1 or 2 new things I learned. I made the purchase knowing that if I did learn at least one thing, I would be satisfied. It’s always nice to hear how a top player thinks about the game. If you’re buying this looking for dirty set ups, I wouldn’t buy it. If you’re looking for a broad overview of Akuma, this is for you. It does go into detail about some matchups, and option selects which are helpful.


The fact of the matter is he won’t teach you anything you couldn’t learn on your own either here or at other sites. That said having all the relevant info in a video is probably pretty easy to digest and learn from.


Bought it, not worth the 10bucks unless you’re completely clueless to akuma. And even then, you’re advised to know how SF works, because the way they made it was so he explains what akuma’s plan is, while skipping over a shit ton of other things.

It’s not an overall guide to akuma.
It’s a guide to, basically, the Vortex, with 50% of it useless due to ae2012, and also a few options selects which we could all garner from watching his replays with inputs on (at least I already knew about them).

Xian’s Yun guide and Air’s Ryu guide are on par with this, if not less sloppy. The editing was amateurish as fuck.
I won’t ask for my 10bucks back. F that. They deserve it for so many videos of pure entertainment they’ve provided me free of charge. And I’ve spent money on much worse shit.

Still, the guide is shitty. Not because the lack of new info. I already knew it wouldn’t have any. But because it’s not even a proper compilation. Not even an update.
I don’t even know why there’s a “combo basics” section. He doesn’t go over any of his shit. Not even hadouken fadcs, or anything. It’s a pretty broad overview.

The first few chapters alone last 2 minutes, or so. 1 minute for tokido talking and being translated, and 1 minute for the shitty edited part with Akuma’s Theme and a crappy summary of the things YOU JUST READ.

The whole “effective normals” part is this:
"Sweep is great, so is s.HK, and is like other shoto’s"
Akuma theme kicks in, recap of what Tokido just said for 15-20 seconds
Next chapter starts

I love Crosscounter, but this is silly.


First of all, its good. If ANYTHING, this gives you a place to see the correct timing of some common setups, which I know ppl have a hard time with including myself. Sure this is Pre-2012, and the only thing that doesn’t apply are the exploding heart techniques. He still does tatsu-sweep setups, corner lp srk setups and much more. Learning what to do against opponents that can’t be tatsu > swept alone is worth $10.

Honestly, from reading what Theorical posted, its sounds like he bought the video looking to criticize it and not to learn. This is why critics in general are worthless, because, whatever they are about to criticize, they head into it with a negative attitude. We play sf because we love it. If you’re worried about paying 10 bucks towards this type of product, you probably shouldn’t be spending it in the first place.

Sure, they could have done a better job and much more things could have been covered. They could have been a little more creative with the editing, and I found some mistakes in those summaries. But this video is TEN FUCKING DOLLARS. Not too hell of a lot of money, and you WILL learn something. If you don’t learn anything technical and know everything there is to fucking know about street fighter, you will still find out a little more about how he thinks, how he goes about making decisions and be able to apply it.

Did you know that there is a defensive option-select that covers both 1. blocking a safe jump and 2. punishing a crossup tatsu? Cuz I sure as hell didn’t, and I’m pretty sure its not in the forums anywhere. Guess what? Same shit applies to escaping Ryu’s fwd throw setups. If you’re thinking about buying it, and spending 10 dollars won’t starve you for a week until you get paid, buy the video. It’s good.

Edit: Another thing. Straight up calling people idiots.

Theorical basically said “pre-2012, %50 of the mixups don’t apply”. This is bullshit, as the only setup they took away from akuma was exploding heart. If you think his fwd throw is only 1 of his 2 setups, you’re retarded.

Gnarr says the same thing. “pre 2012, alot of the tricky tokido setups don’t work anymore”. Once again, exploding heart is the only thing gone. “Tricky tokido setups” are the character specific ones that most people don’t know. He covers a setup on cammy that beats all of her options. It’s a cl.hp xx tatsu > sweep into fake crossup setup that hard punishes cannon spike and sweeps backdash. also makes super and ultra 1 whiff.


Dear member from 2010 (it never matters when you created your account, until you write a gigantic amount of idiocy), allow me:

Read what people write, make an effort to understand it, or refrain from posting.

I’m not a critic, I’m not even an Akuma player. I bought it not even expecting to learn something new.
I bought this, already knowing every single piece of info he shared, because I’ve been lurking around here for a long time, and analyzing replays since vanilla (not even counting with 3S and CVS2 Akuma analysis, when I was still a complete dumbfuck). And the same way I know general Akuma shit, I also know for a bunch of others characters. Call it an acquired taste.

First off, it’s not “half” of his setups. It’s half the shit in the video. 50% of it is based on the premise that forward throw will bring forth great joy. That’s why the frametraps are there, because after training them to fear throws and attempt techs, you can do the frametraps and bait for counters (which applies to a shit load of characters, like Gen, but moreso to Akuma).
If they don’t fear throws anymore because the setup doesn’t work, half the shit in THAT video ends up being pointless. And worse of all, they never even bothered to doublecheck the info. “Oni (maybe)”. What about coming to the forums and checking? What about turning on the fucking console and trying themselves before asking for 10 bucks so they can tell someone “maybe”, which is precisely what Tokido said because, hey, he thought they’d bother doing a proper job and covering his possible holes.

His setup for Cammy is not new, and is way too fucking advanced and hard to do for a beginner. And that’s where the video fails: it’s advanced stuff. If it’s advanced stuff, then people who explore the game already know them. So, it’s not new to them. That means it’s aimed at people who don’t know those things, people who are relatively new to the character, even if they’ve been playing SF4 since '08.

And that’s the fucking issue. If it’s aimed at people new to the character, they’re skipping over a shitload of stuff that is way more important.
What I mentioned about the normals and combo section is way more relevant than the lack of forward throw 2012 setups.
You can simply forward throw, dash once, whiff cr.lp, do a heavy demon flip palm, and it’ll work just fine vs Sagat as a safe whiff.
But they didn’t bother to check that sort of shit and put it in the guide.

What about the random 2 seconds of text about Raging Demon? Great editing.
That video was sloppy as fuck.

Also: the defensive option select (which, by the way, has got nothing to do with option selecting, but is similar Fuzzy Guarding from Virtua Fighter (yet not the same thing)) has been around since Super Turbo.
Options (after a jump-in, or in several other situations) have different startup timings. If you know the timing, you can do the directions for blocking both, similar to a parry. Doing a shoryuken after one of them is just complimentary (and not extremely hard, even if tokido was missing it). All you do is a reverse shoryuken (in Ryu’s case) by starting with back direction, instead of doing the shortcut, and making sure it has parry timing (in relation to the possible forward jump-in attack).

Does it matter if it’s not new shit? Nop.
I didn’t buy it to find out new stuff. I bought it to see if it was well done. To review it, and inform others if it would be worth it for them.
And I also explained it is worth it, if they’re new to Akuma. If not, 10bucks is too much when they can just PM someone like LoyalSol who’ll probably give them the answer. Unless he starts asking for money as well.

Like I said before in a different thread: time=money.
Learning all the stuff from the video if it’s new for you -> totally worth it considering the time you’d have to spend searching for other shit and analyzing videos.
If you don’t mind spending a few weeks studying the threads and watching videos > don’t buy the guide.
It’s a matter of preference.

If you love it because you managed to find something new from it: great dude. Thumbs up.
Denying what others are stating due to your overzealous behaviour is ridiculous though.


This guide strikes me as too little, too late.


The guide is your standard crosscounter cash grab. They’ve been doing it since Third Strike when CC was just Gootecks. While it can be cool it never really has any information you couldn’t find yourself.


I got that one and it was free (unless I’m confusing it for a different guide).

They already get their cash when they ask for e-mails.
Selling lists of contacts to manufacturers and certain companies related to the gaming industry gives them a nice pocket of cash.

Kinda like having a database of every doctor in the country and selling their contacts to a pharmaceutical company (in case people don’t know why this is free cash -> it’s advertising).


They sold some 3s mp3 featuring Ed Ma.

Well there is never enough money is there?


As quite a few people have said, it’s a great start for Akuma players, it gives a great overview and explains what Akuma’s all about. That’s at least what I assume, which is why I’ll get a copy ASAP.


The only thing I find funny, is that CC has started as an interesting, well-edited show with in-game analysis (even if it wasn’t all that in-depth) and rolled down to a youtube chanell that posts every once in a while a video of two guys, one of them being average and the other below average players losing to random Ryus online and expecting people to laugh about it. I mean, I laughed, sure, until I found out these situation is getting kinda 2 years old ):

And the same thing for their guides, a nice idea and they seem to have the resources and connections to pull it off (I mean they managed to grab Tokido and interrogate him for a few hours in front of a camera, that’s not your everyday routine) but it suffers from the same problem as the rest of CC stuff, they’re just not serious about it. They laugh too much and as a result all their stuff lacks some real value and knowledge, kinda sad actually, I think Jago was sooo right with all that Famous Frauds joke lol.


I don’t respect you assholes talking about Ryan and Mike like they give no fucks about the community.


They just aren’t fair with the community. That’s what I think. See, it was a time that they had hard times, no money and they asked all their viewers to donate in order to allow things to keep going. People donated, and now they shoot episodes in big studios live and recording CC episodes from the rooftops of nice hotels.
Now, they were so happy to see that the community helped them out, that they released a couple of tutorials, allowing people to buy them, but also uploading them to their youtube channel for free. And they were all ‘If we just gone and sold DVDs without giving a fuck about those who don’t\can’t pay then most of the community wouldn’t benefit, see!’. That’s a noble and nice perspective right?
A year later and they release those DVDs without giving a fuck about those who don’t\can’t pay, whoa that was fast. But, well, DVD’s are fine, I guess they should charge for it, since they’ve put a lot of effort into it, and initially expected to profit from it, I know I would charge for it, but that doesn’t end there, they go and take out the archives of events like Bar FIghts from TS channel or their own UMVC3 launch tourney, because they want to re-edit it and then sell it to those who missed the stream cuz they happend to live in another country and were unable to watch since it was late-night\morning (like me for example).
I mean that’s a really dick move, considering a lot of the community is from EU\Japan\etc. And they just ignore it, they don’t even talk to the people who helped them out and made them popular in the first place, acting like rock-stars these days lol.
And on top of all that, their content, that they want money for, ain’t all that well done to charge money for in the first place! For example this particular Tokido Formula video here, I think The_Thiorical described it pretty well. It’s not horrible, and it may be of some value to some people, but for the most part, it’s really not that well-done, it could have and should have been much better considering their current attitude to their fans. You wanna act like a rock-star, then fucking sing like one goddammit! xD


1)Realize you are not Tokido
2)Make your own formula


There are some useful tricks in there, but overall I feel like it isn’t worth the $10.


Hey guys I’m a new akuma player (just picked him up for 2012) and feel that a video like this would be a great reference tool to step my game up. After realizing the 2 frames added to akumas fwd throw making some of his setups obsolete I decided to watch the newest tokido videos. If I may be so bold akumas throw game is still very good just different. I’m sure many of u here are more experienced than me but I wanted to share what I have been using for setups after a throw.
Setup 1: fwd throw f st.rh df palm for a safe jump palm wiff landing behind
Setup 2: fwd throw instant single dash df palm whiff safe jumps in front
Setup 3: fwd throw instant double dash x up tatsu (great for shotos and 3 frame reversals)
Setup 4: fwd throw instant single dash tiny step forward ( saw tokido replace double dash safe jump with this)
As a quick not with palm fake it’s always a good idea to os a throw tech with lk+lp then follow up with lp mp combo of choice depending on hit confirm.

Let me know if any of these were helpful or obvious, Empty


This is completely off topic but “whiff” and “safe jump” make me think you misunderstood what’s a safe jump.


Maybe that’s all he’s talking about.