The Tokyo Game Show 2010 thread- Suda 51's game trailer in first post

So here are some of the companies and their titles they’ll be showing in TGS 2010

Level 5-
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They’ll be showing Ni no Kuni (which will get a US release along with Inazuma 11 for the DS)
They will also show-
Little Battlers (PSP) - Playable + Video [note: still listed as a 2010 title]
Secret Title - Will be announced on 15th Sept (Please be Rogue Galaxy 2 ;.; )
Mystery Room (DS) - Playable + Video

They will have the following games at TGS-
Otomedius Excellent
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Crossboard 7
Zac to Ombra: Maboroshi no Yuuenchi
Magician?s Quest: The Merchant?s Store of Sorcery
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Metal Gear Solid Rising

EDIT: Tecmo KOEI (note that I did not list their iPhone and Android titles)
Trinity Zill 0’ll (PS3)
Troy Musou (PS3/X360)
Quantum Theory (PS3/X360)
Ishin no Arashi Shippuu Ryoumaden (DS)
Winning Post 7 2010 (Win/PS3/PSP)
Nobunaga’s Ambition Online (Win/PS2)
Uncharted Waters Online (Win/PS3)
Dynasty Warriors Online (Win/PS3)

Suda 51’s new game
Thanks for the link, mate :tup:

'I’m tooo slooowww!!! I was just about to go ahead and make a thread for TGS and you beat me Tizoc. I want more footage of MGS: Rising Slican and Dican please.

Square Enix, Ubisoft Share TGS Plans
Square Enix, Ubisoft Share Tokyo Game Show Plans - Xbox360 News at IGN

square enix be trollin…again

Man 2 weeks is a long wait IMO, xD.
Wonder if the new MvC3 characters will be revealed before TGS on IGN?

You’re gonna need a really big abandon warehouse/hotel then.

In fact let me help you: KH3 is actually in development but will be released 5 years from now.

DMC5 isn’t being developed by Ninja Theory! Yes!… Also rumored to be at TGS but again just a rumor(hope it’s true)…

It’s under development(not a rumor) and I’m assuming it’ll get released late next year…

It was recently comfirmed by Keiji Inafune that the next DMC is being made to catering to the western audience; which leads to the possibility of still being made my Ninja theory. DMC1 was minimally japanese, 3-japanese, now with 4 (facepalm) went overboard with just about everything. Nero is by far the worst new character introduce to a gaming franchise to date. It’s what I personally believe what scared DMC. Please Capcom, either reboot where it left off after DMC1 (DMC3 being canon), or Kill off this douche character in a horrific way to show some redemption.

Dynasty Warriors Online? Another one? Maybe this one will reach AMERICA.

Persona 5.

There is a signup for the dynasty warriors online beta Dynasty Warriors Online - First Free Online Dynasty Warriors Game at Aeria Games

Good news for fans-
Whoops, Valkyria Chronicles 3 Announcement Leaked By Sega // Siliconera

Hopefully it’ll be for PS3 this time ^_^;

Man, I still need to finish the first game. My backlog is too big, and I’m hooked on DQ9 at the moment.

Is Nintendo even showcasing 3DS at the show? (not that they normally present at TGS, but they did when they unveiled the Wiimote)

VC3 better be PS3!~!!

Can’t wait to see VC3. The second game is great, and it seems like the series can only go up from here. Hopefully, we’ll see it return to the PS3.

Also, we’re finally gonna see the Shinji Mikami/Suda 51/Akira Yamaoka horror game from EA at TGS. Really looking forward to seeing what they have in store.

Wonder if SNK will be announcing anything in this TGS?

please be rogue galaxy 2? I haven’t even completed rogue galaxy 1 yet =(

And let’s see some more of Contra Hard Corps: Uprising already!

Just call it Parasite Eve 3 already. Really hope we get it over here too.

^I think it’ll be released in US in late 2011 at the latest…

I beat RG1 months ago =) One thing I hope they do in the new game is make so you can control any character and not have to switch back to Jaster to use his guns to defeat some enemies =_=

EDIT: Some 24 more hours to go before TGS starts ;3
Anyone know when Capcom will be showing their stuff? If it’s on the first day I hope someone could spread info about it if not record vids/take pics @_@