The Tomo Tape


I finally got around to cutting up the famous Street Fighter 2 strategy guide and uploading to youtube. If anyone is interested in watching this heres the link


Come on kid…this shit is all over YouTube now. Old’d.


thanks for this


All the clips on youtube are just random parts took from the video, the whole thing isnt on there.


Preppy had the whole tape on his site. Maybe he still does.


You have the Blanka section under Honda.


This shits hilarious. Check out the weird ass hair on the asian guy near the end of part 2…


Would have been a big deal back in 07


Lol @ that Asian guy with the long ass hair towards the end of the Ryu part.

I love the 90’s


Even for as weird as this is, the general tips after the Dictator part are actually really good:tup:


I downloaded this entire vid from somewhere. It’s full of awesome. All those stereotype guys, and Tomo with his vanilla ice haircut and silly 'tache. The asian guy with long flowing hair is the asian 80’s yakuza/triad gang stereotype :stuck_out_tongue: If you get past all the sillyness, there are some damn good strategy and combo tips in the vid though, thankfully with a normal talking voice, no hyped-up-on-sugar 90’s kid.

And one of the best parts is the intro with all the action figure commercials…HERE’S GUILE WITH HIS SONIC BOOM TANK!!

“Sonic boom what?”

M.Bison goes down slicin’


Does Ryu’s short beat out sim still?


psychic dp does lol YOMI


lol the good old days


hilarious commercials.


Throws were so broken back then.


Zangief video is still GDLK.


Thanks for this upload, homie. Shit is hilarious. Fuck, I miss the 90’s.


I’ve seen the whole tape on Youtube. Why is this video everywhere all of the sudden?


I think a lot of folks had recently posted threads asking for this vid, hence the repost.


The narrator guy explaining the movements sounds like Tom Kane (I’m sure it’s him), gotta love the 90’s :lol: