The Tooth...



I’ve been fritzing about trying to see what I can get out of Sabes/Cable/T.Bonne, and I’ve come to really like that as an alternate team. I thought I’d scan this forum for info about how other people use him, but … I just don’t see much info. :slight_smile:

How do people use Sabes against top tier teams, or have people quit playing him?

Against Sent, I use Cable sparingly for knock-down, and use the high priority on Sabes throw as an additional way to get him out of the skies.

Against both Sent & Mags, I use Sabes high priority jab-jab to out-prioritize and break armor.

Run-away is the real huge problem, of course, and faced with that I build levels for Cable, and use the Sabes/TBonne cross-over to try to skewer them.

Then when I get the hits…
Off of throw, berserker claw it if they don’t roll (doesn’t seem punishable?), or jump/TBonne if they roll (ala Magnus/TBonne traps).
Off of hit into (or from) TBonne, simple ground-to-air combo, usually ended with throw for more damage. The ground combo itself is okay, but I only want to do the Berserker Claw X extension to it if I’m going to DHC into Time Flip, so the air combo gives me a little more damage and lets me build a little more meter since you can time 3 additional fierces on the way down (all of which can hit into throw if they get careless).

I try for the guard break with the fierce Birdie, but that’s damn hard to hit.

In all cases where they’re coming down from SJ area (such as if I knocked them up there with Cable), I put out a Fierce birdie so that if they either get chipped or hit by that on the way down. I haven’t figured out how to punish that well yet (they’re at the apex of normal jump height), but … every little bit helps.

If Sabes makes it out alive, I use the ghetto Cable/Sabes-projectile trap to build a bar or two (plus the projectile assist often helps set up a cross-over AHVB against people who air dash around too much), or use the TBonne/Sabes-projectile rush-down to set up Lunch Rush or the infinite.

I don’t know - I like the team, and it does pretty well provided you don’t make ANY mistakes. But I’m very interested in learning how other people might play Sabes. Thoughts/strategies I’m missing?


ur sabertooth ownz!!!



short button color (purple), of course… :cool:

I mostly like to just whore the expansion assist & hop over their heads on point calling Tron-y. The wall jump can be pretty handy sometimes.

Definitely fun to play, if nothing else.