The top akuma players?

who would you say are the top rushdown akuma players and top runaway/defensive akuma players?

  1. Me
  2. Me
  3. Me
  4. Me


Just messing with you. A few players I would definitely suggest watching

  1. Momochi (Well balanced Akuma play)
  2. Machi (A little more on the turtling side, but still effective)
  3. Edma (Learn from his offense not his defense)

A few others to take a peak at include Gema and Poongko’s Akuma.

Sakonoko-This dude can combo into the loop more than anyone I’ve ever seen.
Innbe- This guy has beat momochi in tournament
Fujino-this guy has perfected Daigo

Oh yeah and me :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Most top level Japanese Akumas are balanced on both fronts. They know when to run and when to strike in their respective match-ups.

I don’t think it’s out of the realm of reason to suggest Adeel, a.k.a. Four Wude – a man on this very here forum. He is blistering rushdown. Just stay away from West, he’s super scrub territory. All these players have one thing in common though…NOT ENOUGH DEMONS! :annoy:

^true that.
Also West is free all day. hahahaha


I fill the demon void.

Where is J.R. When you need 'em?

infiltration: check him out. he had a long set with poongko.

Pick who you want to see them play against, and it has top players for Akuma and some matches they have played.
Personally I like Momochi and EdMa

nanashi aka 74 i like his style always down for some crazy combos

i can safely say i was one of the best akuma fighters in the 3rd strike era lol. I’m still pretty good, but SF4 is a bit different. if you’re an Akuma fan and you collect Akuma memorabilia, check this out:

dude, wtf…you posted this all over the forums. request ban, please.

Sup guys

Momochi is definitely the best Akuma I have seen. I also really like Tokido and Kanbara.

As for the USA, I don’t pay much attention to many of the Akuma’s here. I try to play a style as similar to the japanese as possible. With that said, I really like Sanford Kelly’s Akuma. His is probably the best I’ve seen or know of in the states outside of possibly EdMa who has a sick one.

Momochi has been falling lately if you have seen the SBO stream. I don’t have them now, I’ll link them when I get home. I heard momochi was fiddling around with 3rd strike which cut into his execution a little. Tokido does seem to be improving his game though.

get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. :nono:

inbe is pretty damn good

ooboy @ 2nd round


I was under the impression SBO didn’t have a stream this year?

Yes I believe he was referring to God’s Garden.