The Top Gear Thread


I’m sure I’m late as hell to this party but I just got Cable and have been watching this for about a month now. I couldn’t find a thread on it and this is truly the best, most hilarious show on TV. In the U.S. its on BBCA, in England and the UK on BBC2 (Though from the viewer stats that i hear about I hardly need to tell those guys what channel its on) and everywhere else its on BBCWorld.

This show is great. What a cool Car Show. These guys drive some of the most beautiful rides ever, and on the flip side some of the rattiest ugliest junkers ever. Jeremy Clarkson is friggin hilarious and i tend to agree with his opinion (Why don’t SUV’s have Tailgates anymore, where the hell are you supposed to sit at grill parties and campfire cookouts?). James is awesome for being such a lover of luxery cruisers and Hammond is just…Well he seems to love everything haha. And hell how can you not love a show where one of the hosts drops a crate on a Maserati cause he hates the purchase?

Even the challanges these guys do to old used cars is awesome and usually followed by hilarious pranks and hi jinks.

Theres the official site. For anyone who is a gear head, petrol head or hell just loves watching people drive cars really fast this show is just…Sublime.


I watch this show.

Yes, this show is awesome. I think my favorite segment was Hammond driving the Renault F1 back in season 10.


do people even search anymore.

wait…you don’t have to, a top gear thread is on the FIRST PAGE!!!


I did do a search…Typed Top Gear and it brought up nothing related. Either I’m doing it wrong or the search function sucks…I’m guessing its me though.


Last episode with the ZR1 was SICK.

I want a Corvette now.


You can usually find torrents here


Oh man that Corvette was niiiiiice. And man James actually raced Jeremy. It was like the Twilight Zone.

I got to say all those the facts where overwhelming.


Season 15 is out and lol at the vuvwazwhater it’s called played while the stig is driving.


New episode tonight bout to watch it right now!


I don’t watch the US version, but first episode of the new season was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing at how dangerous that 3 wheeler was :rofl:


I know, I lol’d when he pulled up to that meet-up, and flipped. Or any other time he flipped. LOL.




Series 15 episode 2 is up at


So apparently James May is once again the fastest presenter when he drove the Veyron Super Sports, breaking his own personal record. No word on his top speed, but the car’s record now stands at 267.81mph (average of 2 runs at 265.9 and 269.8).