The toxicity that is the Stages thread. Welcome to Disagree, USA

Gamer should be legal. And go.

This thread is going to go straight to shit almost overnight.

Wily Castle legal or GTFO.

I will blame you as always then.

So I’m hosting a new tournament next year.

Need to come up with legal Counterpick stages and bans

Here’s my list transplanted from the GD thread

[details=Spoiler]Here are my pick for bans, with some logic behind it

Luigi’s Mansion: Cave of Life. Plain and simple, the Cave of life is removable, but very hard to do so, having to destroy at least one floor before working on the other parts. Sure when it’s gone, it’s all flat and nice, but we have FD for that.

Bridge of Eldin: It’s a walk off, which is bad, but the bomb makes it worse. It artificially removes a huge chunk of the stage and makes a divide. This disrupts gameplay a lot more than you think, even if it is temporary. If Mac has to double jump across with a Puff or Sheik waiting on the otherside, there’s no way he’s gonna actually get there, so he might as well wait. It’s artificial stalling.

Onett: Same problems it’s always had. The houses create a box of pain, the cars hit hard for how sneaky they can be(despite the soft warning) and it’s a walk off. The houses promote camping the borders even more than most walk offs

Pyrosphere: Ridley. Just Ridley. He hits hard, occupies a ton of the stage, and can easily make it a 2v1 scenario. And what’s the point of a 1v1 match when you can make it 2v1? In addition, the stage is on the bigger side and there are other obstacles about.

Yoshi’s Island(Melee): Too small. Like, there’s a lot os small things in this stage that add up(walk off to the right, the hills, the blocks in the middle), but it’s just too small.

Skyworld: The stage destruction mechanic seems to come out in the worst way. Destroying some of the platform leads to incredibly easy kills if the opponent doesn’t tech, bouncing off the top through a hollow platform below into death. But even past that, if they do tech, it becomes a Cave of Life. Damned if you do…

Gaur Plains: Who came up with this stage design? Not only is there no place to fight, but it’s insanely easy to simply circle camp the entire stage. Metal Face is probably the tamest boss, and not a big deal, but just the sheer running potential here, coupled with the lack of any space to really fight on(except at the top close to the borders) just make this stage abysmal

PAC-LAND: The only scrolling stage is also cluttered with buildings and platforms and hazards and oh yeah, it’s zoomed in too far. There is just so much to watch out for that isn’t your opponent on this stage. Terrible for 1v1

75M: Disruptive and nowhere to really fight. This is kind of like a crazier version of Gaur Plains. Plus it’s very big and the numerous small platforms eliminate not only the follow ups a walk off might give, but also means you have to KO to kill.

Flat Zone X: Flat Zone 2 basically. Disruptive stage hazards, is a walk off, and the stage is too small. Nothing different from the old Flat Zones


Skyloft: The only problem with this stage is I suspect it lags. Keeping an eye on it for now

Big Battlefield: Why would we need this when we have Battlefield. I’ll need to see it in action with a 1v1 more, but needless to say it’s probably just Battlefield but bigger.

Thoughts, comments, please talk to me here[/details]

Smashville or gtfo

The more i play gamer, the more i like it. But i can see why peeps hate it.

…what peeps you talking about?

Literally everyone likes Gamer

Fucking PHANTS likes Gamer.

It has to be a local thing then, they say mom is disruptive as hell. But glad to see im not a minority here…

Mom’s not disruptive because she’s incredibly easy to work around.

Mom is relatively easy to see coming and her look onto the stage isn’t instant. Takes about what…2-3 seconds for her eyesite to reach the table? Not to mention the her music generally gives you a chance to anticipate when she shows up…except when she shows out out of the screen in the middle of the stage. I believe the music happens for that but once she’s out her eyesight is on the stage IIRC.

People need to know how to multitask and work around stuff instead of trying to turn this game into a snoozefest.

My local would like to have a word with you.

You gotta be a bitch ass nigga to complain about Gamer…

Congrats, you just described at least half of my local.

…okay I’ll stop now.

That said, one question I have in regards to Gamer is the cave of life that appears occasionally due to the random layout. Should we not care about the layout it gives us, or if one player picks Gamer as their stage, should we only play on the versions that don’t have that Cave of Life?

That variant of the stage isn’t terrible by any means but it’s just a thought. Since that changes things quite a bit in regards to how you fight on it.

Since the cave of life is random, it’s hard to actually plan around it when picking the stage. I’d let it slide.

Alright, figured that would be the case. Just making sure since that is a concern (albeit a minor one).

I’ve got preliminary stage lists for the January 3rd tournament

Wii U stage List(Subject to change)

Final Destination
Wily’s Omega(For the wall platform variant)
Kongo 64
Town and City
Duck Hunt

Counterpick Stages:
Windy Hill
Mario Galaxy
Mario Circuit
Mario Circuit(Brawl)
Jungle Hijinx(Debatable)
Orbital Gate(Debatable)
Castle Siege
Kalos Pokemon League
Pokemon Stadium 2
Yoshi’s Wolly World(Debatable)
Garden of Hope
Wii Fit Studio
Wrecking Crew
Pilot Wings
Wuhu Island
Boxing Ring
Wily Castle

Banned Stages:
Palutena Temple
Great Cave Offensive
Luigi’s Mansion
Bridge of Eldin
Yoshi’s Island(Melee)
Gaur Plains
Flat Zone X[/details]


Final Destination
Tortimer Island
Lumiose City
Yoshi’s Island
Wily’s Omega

Reset Bomb
Mute City
Rainbow Road
Tomadachi Life
Pictochat 2
Boxing Ring
Spirit Tracks
Pac Maze
Find Mii
N’s Castle/Unova
Arena Ferox
Spirit Tracks
Wily Castle

3D land
Golden Plains
Paper Mario
Mushroomy Kingdom
Gerudo Valley
Living Room
Balloon Fight
Guar Plains
Jungle Japes
Green Hill Zone[/details]

I decided that Final Destination with walls should get it’s own spot, so I went with Wily’s Omega since they’re the same in both versions

You may all rage now

That’s quite a liberal stage list there.

Normally, I’d argue for more conservatism, but in the interest of fairness to this forum, I’ll only argue against one stage. Spirit Tracks is way too obstructive to be a counterpick. From the instant-kill train tracks, to the cars obstructing the view of the characters, and the camera panning to cut off half the stage, fighting there is just a nightmare. By comparison, 3D Land is incredibly tame, especially for a scrolling stage, and would fit in your counterpick section a lot more given your liberal stage list.

I totally agree. Spirit Tracks should be banned. I would venture to add Pictochat as well. If Warioware is banned, with its list of random shit, why isn’t Pictochat banned?

The problem with Warioware isn’t the random stage hazards, but the random stage rewards

I will take Spirit Tracks into consideration

Come ON with this Magicant hatred…

We’ve been over this, guys.

Also, if you’re keeping Wrecking Crew, then there is no reason to not have Luigis, Onett, and Skyworld…

Stop hating on Earthbound and Kid Icarus, guys…

Luigi’s Mansion has the cave of life problem. Skyworld does too but the destructible terrain can also make for some very stupid kills through the bottom. And if you tech off the ceiling you can still keep getting juggled anyway.

Onett I’m not sure about.