The toxicity that is the Stages thread. Welcome to Disagree, USA


this is why no one likes you po


I seriously would like us to make a list of stages. I know its to much to ask but lets try to keep it civil!


I’m just going to list stages into 3 categories, obviously legal, obviously banned, and then the question marks and those question marks should be discussed more

Legal: FD, BF, lylat, town and city, smashville, dreamland 64, miiverse, duck hunt, umbra clock tower

Questionable: Big BF, Mario Galaxy, Mushroom Kingdom U, mario circuit, delfino plaza, kong jungle, skyloft, norfair, yoshi’s island melee, wooly world, orbital gate assault, kalos, pokemon stadium 2, gamer, coliseum, castle siege, port town aero, halberd, flatzone x, windy hill zone, pilot wings, wuhu island, wrecking crew, peach’s castle 64, hyrule castle 64, pirate ship, midgar,

Banned: luigi’s mansion, mario circuit brawl, jungle hijinx, 75m, bridge of eldin, hyrule temple, onett, pyrosphere, palutena’s temple, skyworld, the great cave offensive, garden of hope, boxing ring, gaur plains, wily castle, wii fit studio, suzaka castle, super mario maker,

burn in hell: pac-land

It’s very liberal. Po has no opinion because he’s po. The middle group is what we should talk about. Thoughts?


Colosseum should be neutral and legal


I’m here to pick your Questionable list apart.

Permanent walk-offs are a no. A definite no. Just no.

Big BF is just too damn big.

Mushroom Kingdom would be fine but it really is kinda huge and Nabbit really sorta ruins it.

Mario Circuit still has that ceiling glitch.

Delfino/Halberd is fine for most people it’s just that DK/Rosa can 0-death you off one grab because of how transitions work. This one sucks but I get it.

Kongo Jungle AKA the classic stalling stage is just too good for some characters. Mac can’t reach anyone on top without using up-b at which point any smart player would just go down, rinse and repeat. That’s just one set-up!

Skyloft is big and Glitchy.

Norfair’s fire just hits too damn hard.

OGA I could potentially see as legal but the more I play to win the more I realize that especially as Sonic I can run away too effectively.

Kalos has the Norfair issue, it’s all adaptable but it’s a little too strong.

Pokemon Stadium 2 is the only stage I’m really personally on the fence on but I can see how the wind and conveyors are too much for some characters.

Castle is still allowed in some places. I don’t see why it was ever banned.

Pilot Wings has red plane being a mini-Venom and yellow plane’s undersides being a bit too abusable for run away.

Wuhu is just too large and the transformations are also all very large.

Wrecking Crew is too big.

Peach’s Castle 64… I’m not sure. Pass.

Hyrule Castle 64 is big, has an insane hazard has a cave of life and has permanent walls.

You’ve gotta be kidding Tier: Any permanent walk-off, Gamer, Port Town, Flatzone X, Windy Hill, Midgar, Pirate Ship.

I sure wish the community would let use shake up the list for doubles though.


Smash bros you know melee has a pass through glitch on pokemon stadium right? Yet it’s still played on.


Neutral: Battlefield, Final Destination, Smashville, Dreamland 64, Miiverse, Lylat*.

CP: Duck Hunt, Umbra Clock Tower, Town and City*, Delfino Plaza, Castle Siege, Halberd

*Town and City could still be a potential neutral and Lylat could be a CP.


I did not know that, details?

Also I feel as if they only play there because without it they have an even number of stages.



the only reason i would ban mariokart is because of stage hazards not because of a rare glitch.


I thought that glitch only worked on the 20XX hack, guess not

I’ll separate the this list into 2 parts, questionable towards being more legal (questionable 1), questionable could go either way (questionable 2), and questionable towards ban (questionable 3)

Questionable 1: Delfino Plaza, Kongo Jungle, Orbital Gate Assault, Kalos, Pokemon Stadium 2, Castle Siege, Halberd

Questionable 2: Mushroom Kingdom U, Mario Circuit, Skyloft, Norfair, Gamer, Port Town Aero Windy Hill Zone, Pilot Wings, Wuhu Island, Peach’s Castle 64

Questionable 3: Big BF, Mario Galaxy, Yoshi’s Island Melee, Wooly World, Coliseum, Flatzone X, Wrecking Crew, Hyrule Castle, Pirate Ship, Midgar

I think that makes it easier to read as it is a lot of stages. I’ve been rethinking my way about stages. This is smash, we should allow more stages and play the platforming part of smash a bit more. Nothing too crazy though.


If we’re talking 1v1 the only stages with a snowball’s chance in hell are Delfino, Halberd and Castle with Delfino/Halberd definitely being out because of abusable low ceilings.

So basically current tourney list + Umbra + Castle = this game’s final stage list with Castle maybe being removed later.


Shut the fuck up. Nothing is set in stone.


Some places are testing kalos, oga, and ps2. I think we should as well along woth the 2nd tier. Maybe a league of only those stages.




Orbital Gate Assault


Double post


Orbital Gate Assault aka “WAAAH JANK”

Even though the stage follows the same pattern all throughout…


Not about jank, it’s about a seriously gross imbalance.

A top sonic player can easily go there and outpace most if not all of the cast with ease. You think Sheik is an issue for you now? Try taking her to OGA.

Yeah but you know my prediction is generous barring a huge change in attitude.

Based on general consensus I think its like this.

Most definitely in play:
Final Destination/Omega Stages
Town & City
Lylat Cruise
Dreamland 64
Duck Hunt

Umbra Clock Tower (Much higher probability of being integrated compared to CS)
Castle Siege (not 100% sure why it was ever cut…)

Out due to low blastline during transitions:

Out because of logic described in a previous post and common sense:
Everything else

I’m way ahead of you man, I ran those in weekly online tournaments for a year (Correction: not Kalos)

Kalos’s shit is too strong and hits far too wide an area.

OGA is too big, it’s just too goddamn big.

PS2 is the least objectionable but I challenge you to be a mid-low tier or a slow character or a character with weak/slow aerials and try to compete here. It makes things a huge up-hill battle.


Hence why i want to test it, bring the platforming into smash bros


I love you but that’s ridiculous. We’re well past the point of testing stages, especially ones that came with the game.