The Toy Story 3 Thread

Did anyone catch this movie opening weekend? I thought it was a fantastic movie and Pixar still kept the world fresh and brought in so much more to the franchise. I saw it in Imax 3d and it looked great.

After studying computer graphics, one can really appreciate the level of detail and rendering capability of the Pixar team.

Props for an outstanding film.

What did you guys think?

Its my favorite Pixar movie. And yes its better then UP. I have to say though



The part where they held hands and looked at each other with the “its all over man” look and headed toward the fire pit made me actually lose hope. Especially the part where Buzz looked at Woody and he tried everything to get out but couldnt so he gave up. And the ending actually was tear jerking. I had to hold back the tears.

I give the movie 9/10

Gonna watch it on Saturday. I’m thinking of rewatching the old ones since I vaguely recall some scenes from 1 and literally nothing from 2 aside from that Woody girl.

My kid’s been watching 1 and 2 for the past few weeks in preparation for 3. He enjoyed it, unfortunately, I had to go to bed for work, so I’ll more than likely see it tomorrow.

Amazing movie, fuckin 10/10

Ending almost had me but i manned up. It was on par with the first 10 mins of UP.

Goddam you Pixar.

If Woody’s last line is something like “You’re my favorite deputy,” I’m gonna bust up man, I swear. That was his first line (via his pullstring) in the original Toy Story. It’ll only remind me of my childhood from 15 years ago when I was 10. =/

I disagree…not the first part, buton the UP comparison.

Up was overhyped POS, with a VERY sad tone. The end of TS3, wasn’t sad in anywhere near the same light.

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The pixar short in the beginning with day and night was enough to show how far ahead of the game Pixar was compared to everybody else.

Toy Story 3 was gdlk

Dude yo, if you’ve grown up or been following Toy Story since 95, it’s going to be pretty tough to hold back some tears on this one, cause it’s almost like giving you a throwback on how far you’ve come in your own life.

Part 3 fits right in with the first 2, me and my gf kept watching parts 1 and 2 over and over, so we were pretty hype going in to see 3. It did not disappoint and it far exceeded my high expectations.

I was totally not impressed with Up! at all. WALL-E was baller status though.

I’m sure this one will be awesome, I’ll be checking it out.

Damn you guys make me nervous about seeing it, haha. Is the ending that serious?

Definitely going to see this at some point. I’ve watched just about every Pixar move except for Cars…it’s on my to do list.

It’s not that it’s serious, it’s just Pixar realizes that a major part of the audience originally saw Toy Story 1 back in 95 when you were a kid, and that you’re possible bring YOUR kid to see this movie.

Major theme to this movie is “time to move on.”

My inner child refuses to let me sleep until I see this movie later today. I hate you childhood, yet I love you so.


It was so difficult holding back my tears, it was just so good!

I still thought Toy Story 2 was way funnier though, but what an awesome trilogy it is!

I kinda don’t want them to make a Toy Story 4, I want this to be one of those perfect trilogies!

I aint gona bullshit, my 6’6 black ass had to ‘reach for popcorn’ to whipe the trickle at the end. Like I kept telling my girl…“I had that T-rex…and I threw him away…when we have kids, they are donating all their toys, nothings going in the trash”…the shit ws like a major Captain Planet guilt trip or something.

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Toy Story 3 is a 17 out of 10. Pixar continues to make the best movies by far than any other studio around.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO true!!! another genius amazing short. wow.

Thank God for 3D glasses. Sadly I saw it in a movie theater that had one of those non-imax but called IMAX theater.

Must see, mostly because everyone who saw this movie were pretty much kids during the first movie (I was 8). I still would put Wall-e as my favorite, but damn Toy Story 3 has one-uped the original Toy Story.

Found my original copy of Toy Story on VHS!

Gonna go watch it tomorrow with my bro and friends :lovin:
We’ll be watching the 3D ver. but I don’t think I’ll be able to see the 3D because of my eyes ;.;

It dosen’t have Joss whedon so I’m not watching this.