The Tracks Tavern Presents Code Of Honor Milwaukee,WI Saturday June 19th


The Tracks Tavern Soloist25 and Footmeetsskull proudly announce Code Of Honor!!!

WHERE:The Tracks Tavern and Grille 1020 E Locust Milwaukee,WI
WHEN: Saturday June 19th 2010 Event begins 1PM Tourney starts 3PM
VENUE FEE: FREE that’s right I said FREE!
OTHER DETAILS: This is a 18 and up venue however if under 21 you will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. This is not my rule this is what management told me. Responsible adult does not mean a SRK member over 21 either. Again not my rule the venues rule. This is a B.Y.O.C.(Bring Your Own Controller) event. If needed there may be a stick or 2 able to be borrowed if need be. Registration is $5 Event will start at 1pm Actual tourney will begin around 3pm this gives people time to get to the venue as well as time for casuals before the tourney. Casuals will be played after the tourney concludes as well. I’ll be updating this post as details get sorted out. We need to know what other game to run so people please post up and let us know what you want ran.

IMPORTANT NOTES: If you are under 21 and try to purchase alcohol at the bar you will be asked to leave and banned from attending future events here. If you are 21 and up and try to purchase alcohol for someone under 21 you will be asked to leave and banned from future events. Please feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. Super SF4 will be ran on 360. Tekken 6 will be ran on PS3.

UPDATE: WE WILL BE USING TONAMENTO FOR THE BRACKETS!!! Please PM me if you know for sure that you are attending Soloist will start working on setting up the brackets. The text alert feature that malfunctioned at MWC due to thick concrete walls in the ballroom shouldn’t be an issue here.

Official flyer for the tourney is here feel free to print out and distribute as you see fit.

RULES:It’s best 2 out of 3 rounds. It’s double elimination and you have to win 2 sets against your opponent. Winner keeps the character loser can change characters and ultras. Prize payout is 70/20/10


great turnout last time, i hope we can get more people this time. and i’d like to see more random drunken head smashing anctics go down.


Yes that was awesome last time there was vomiting and than head smashing!!!


It’s likely assumed due to the last tournament but you may want to edit your first post to reflect that the games are being run on Xbox 360’s.

Otherwise, looks awesome! I’ll be there!


Do I need to bring a responsible adult? Im 18…


!@#$%^&*()_+~?":<>? Joe!!!


Yes you do. This was asked of us because it is a bar and management has concerns with underagers procuring alcohol.


lol wut

Don’t worry I’ll pretend to be your responsible adult.


I’ll never grow honor like this.


I’ll be there.


I’ll be there, and I’m sure Tony will be as well. And by then, a couple of our friends will be back in town and I’m sure they’d be down.

Also, I had some ideas for this event, or future ones, but I was thinkin on top of the singles tourney, possibly having a team tourney, if enough people would want that. Another idea was possibly having a rose ball tourney, again if enough people would be interested (if you don’t know what that is, look it up, it’s pretty awesome)


I sure as hell am not going to taking my parents to this. I might just show up by myself and see what happens though. Its not like im going to try and drink, I dislike alcoholic beverages…


I like the sound of a team tourney let me see what Soloist has to say about it.


Please don’t do this as it jeopardizes things. It doesn’t have to be your parents it could be a cousin,uncle,Etc. ID’s will be checked at the door.


Dunno if I’ll be able to make it to this one as my 360 pads are still out of commission! Will try to get the word out, all the same!


ok im taking my bro with me this time. I vote to have hdr there.


Pads? I’m sure we’ll have a few extra sticks floating around, and if you want you could use my FightPad or FightStick TE. I’ll bring both and just use whichever other one if we both get called at once. =)

Also I totally meant to catch you at MWC but I… didn’t. I sorta left after a few hours and just played casuals in my room. After all the Live play we’ve done I wanted to put a face to the damn solid turtle Chun. Hehe, hopefully I can catch you at this event. brofist

I totally do not mean to undermine you or anything, I think it’s solid that they’re allowing 18+ even w/ the adult restriction, but… are they really checking ID’s at the door? They didn’t at the last one, I was only carded when I ordered booze from the bar.

Another note for you young’uns, they do have soda and pretty tasty bar food there. I ordered the appetizer sampler and everything was ballin’. Foot knows too, he ate half my damn cheese curds. Bastard. Also, keep in mind that this is a sports bar so if you got a parent who’d be interested in watching a game that day or else just drinking a bit that might be a way to convince 'em. Just so long as you drive 'em home. :rofl:


Yes they will be checking IDs as lame as that sounds. I can see why too if they don’t than they will have 16 year olds trying to get in. Also, they need to make sure that the 18+ crowd arrives with someone 21+. I knew I would catch a lot of flack for this but again it’s what the venue wants. We are pretty fortunate that they are even allowing people under 21 considering it is a bar and you technically have to be 21 to enter a bar unless with a parent. Oh yeah and those cheese curds were top tier!!! Appetizer sampler match? PLEASE NOTE UPDATED FIRST POST


Official flyer for the tourney feel free to print it out and put some up if you’d like. We definitely would appreciate it. I will be going around next week putting some up at various businesses.


certain techniques will not be alowed for saftey reason hahaha. all that training in the forest for nothing. i was about to take that shit to animal level!


LMAO Yeah we had to put the Chainman quote on the bottom. We will be running Tekken 6 on PS3 entry is $5.