The tragic tales of the formerly awesome


Ever rediscover something you thought was great back in the day, only to find the new you doesn’t like it much at all? That’s what the thread is about. I don’t mean guilty pleasure; I mean you really thought this thing was the shit some time ago and now you don’t.

Well, for me, it’s that huge codec scene near the end of MGS2. TBQH, I never liked the story of MGS2, but I liked that scene for some weird reason. I saw it a couple days ago on a Related Video Youtube trip and… boy, did that NOT age well to me. I don’t know if it’s because of MGS4 or something, but that shit sounds so stupid now.

How about you?


I remember back when axes were awesome.

I blame weeaboo **ggots and their phallic fixation with swords.

I also remember back when men were awesome.

Goddamned Feminazis and legislation pandering to corporations pandering to their bottom lines i.e. women buy more shit, fucked that up.

61 was well before my time.

Blue ball comes slowly.


Stuff like this? A total of 2 replies in 5 threads created.


Meh. I’m specific and I like to talk about trivial shit in my threads. I only talk about real shit in a lounge post.

Wait a second. I just got reminded of something that applies to the topic. Modern Warfare 2. When that game first hit I loved it. I dropped it later because of a bunch of broken shit, but the last time I played it, even the good things about it weren’t enough to save it. Even after finally getting a nuke in that game, all I could muster the strength to say was “well, that was overrated.”


stop making shitty threads pussy


Awaits inevitable MGO rant


The rant is only inevitable because that game sucks all the dick on the planet.

Edit: Just remembering it was shut down earlier this year. So, sucked all the dick on the planet.