The Training Room and It's Perks


I am a player that usually does things depending on the flow of the match and punish or act accordingly, rather feeling the game then doing anything mechanical or technical. Though, one thing I rarely see is being in training room. I was wondering what were some reasons that others have for being in the training room other than practice their room and such. I rarely ever enter the training room unless something is really wrong or learning a new technique


You can practice combos, figure out which move counters your opponent’s moves, develop stronger setups, and to an extent, practice the footsies game. It’s just a training tool to help you improve, and does not necessarily require that you HAVE to use it in order to get better. Some players love to use training mode almost exclusively, whereas other players learn to play-by-feel and spend very little time in training mode.


Also depending on the game hitboxes. I learned ST primarily by feel from gameplay. but about once every few months I have to check hitboxes to see why i’m getting beat/how to beat things. Sometimes Images don’t do justice as you have to know the timing as well.

One very specific example that probably won’t apply to anyone (but to illustrate how sometimes there’s just no substitute) was I was trying to find out the exact frame which a back throw switches directions. so I can get the timing down to keep a super stored by holding the direction. The animation and sound alone doesn’t tell you anything about how the game is coded. I had to pick it out from the hixbox viewer in HDR.