The Trials Thread

Although the trials don’t have much going for them with the simplicity of the game and the in-game demonstrations for each of them, we can still talk about them here.

OK, let me start. I’ve completed next to everyone’s trials, but Karin number 6 is a tough one. How do you make the “fastest” Tenko to come out?

Roll over the buttons with your thumb/finger. If Tengo doesn’t come out you’re too fast and have to change the timing accordingly but I still think it’s the most reliable way. If you don’t cancel into the dash and do it raw, you can press the button as quickly as you can by the way. Just as a sidenote.

Thanks a lot. After a lot of attempts, I’ve been able to get it. Most frustrating Trial in the game for sure. Kinda like Viper’s last one in SFIV.

I still can’t get it… last part whiffs every time

The trials are such a let down…ehhhh. A lot of the time you have to not actually confirm the hit and just the combo’s. I find myself faultering sometimes cause I’m trying to make 100% sure something is going to land just right; instead of just doing everything.

I wanted more; I usually use trials mode to help me get into the mindset of using a specific character.

I’ve done all the trials except for Bisons. For example, in trial 7, how do you go from Psycho Blast to EX Double Knee Press?

Piano it. I input JFT as qcf+LK~LP~MP.

VesperArcade actually made a video for this trial, look it up on jootube.

Bison doesn’t have charge time mid combo during V-Trigger.

I thought they were okay, but Laura has more jumpin combos than ground stuff, which I found a little irritating.

That said, I learned you can cancel CA off clap way faster than I thought was possible, so there’s that lol.

I’ve done all the trials except for Bisons. For example, in trial 7, how do you go from Psycho Blast to EX Double Knee Press?

Nice! Tx for the info

Karin’s juggle orochi after JFT is just like JFT except with a d input.

JF tenko, orochi juggle should be input as qcf+k~p, qcf+k~d+p.

qcf, d~k~p is good enough as well unless you do the down really early. I’m not gonna say it’s super easy but it shouldn’t be something you’re coming on here to ask advice about either. It’s Karin’s basic punish imo if you have super and no v trigger, because jump fp, s. fp, JFT, orochi xx super is my basic stun combo with Karin. Practice.

For the timing on her c. mk xx jft, this shouldn’t be hard. Do it a little later. It’s not a super late cancel but don’t do it early. If you’re messing it up you’re doing it too fast, not too slow. pop…pop! You shouldn’t be canceling into JFT until like halfway into c. mk. After JF tenko, what I said above applies for the orochi.

I hope this helps but if it doesn’t just remember this: If you’re screwing up you’re probably doing it too fast, not too slow. It’s one of those things you’ll screw up like 20 times, then after you do it a few times, suddenly you can do it 10 times in a row heh.

Not sure if it is because I just started using a stick yesterday or if I’m just terrible, but I’ve been struggling with the trials. I’ve managed to get eight out ten for Ryu and that was rather frustrating. I can link together two moves ok, but when it comes to four I mess up the timing somewhere along the way. I’m still not used to buffering the inputs while the current move is still coming out. Any tips?

This isn’t uncommon for someone who just started using stick. Its a real struggle at the beginning. My advice would be whatever trial you are struggling on do only the part you are having trouble on till you get a rhythm. Take it in pieces before you put the whole thing together.

Just a general tip if you’re struggling, watch the demonstration. Sometimes there’s meant to be a dash or a walk forward that’s not listed.