The Trip to Japan

I think it?s every 3rd Strike player?s dream to go to Gamer?s Vision, A-Cho, etc. Top players plan the trip to Japan every year, but for the rest of us, how many of you actually consider going to Japan to play 3rd Strike? How many of you have genuinely asked yourselves:

-How much would a plane ticket / hotel / other transportation cost?
-How much spending money would I need? What is the current exchange rate?
-When would I go?
-Who would I go with?
-How long would I go for?
-Where would I stay?
-How would I get around once I?m there?
-What else would I do besides play 3s?
-How would I communicate with others? Should I really get a translator?

Even though I <3 Denjin Arcade for practice (and I am average at best in American 3s), I still think it would be an extremely fun and helpful experience to go play in Japan’s 3s scene for a little while. Beyond that, Japan itself would just be a sick place to travel to. I really want to go, and I think I may actually go some time in the not too distant future. So who has actually considered going to Japan? Post what your ideal trip to Japan would be like… and for anyone who is planning to go there, has realistically considered it or even been there yourself, please contribute any helpful information or advice that you’ve learned about the trip (financial, strategic, cultural, etc.) in this thread. Thanks.

You guys don’t wanna know what I’d do if I went to Japan. It involves two words and includes love and hotel.

i bought my plane ticket already. not sure how i’m going to save enough spending money. i plan to spend the majority of my time either playing 3s or meditating under a waterfall. see you guys in japan.


team japan!!!

The Denjin Podcast will be doing an episode on attending Japan during SBO time and will try to cover questions like this. Keep an eye out for it!

I’m buying my ticket here in the next week or so. I’ll have to meet up with a few of you west coast 3S cats at Evo so we can hang out in Japan.

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OOHHh plzz be a good man and post the link here when the podcast comes up :lovin:

the dedicated podcast thread is here…

But I’ll make another thread in the 3s forums when its released.


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Going to korea, then japan for 2 weeks, then 2 days after moving to arkansas.

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its kinda expensive staying in japan from what i hear
don’t go JUST for 3s, go for THE FOOD
apparently the sushi there is beyond godlike

if you don’t like sushi, and you’re going to japan, its like going to amsterdam not trying weed.
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