The Triplicate Mod


Fellas I need some seasoned vets to help me out with this mod that I believe am about 5 mins from completing. I used my mas-casing with a p360 stick a madkats 360 pcb + chuthlu (regular) and recently added a dc pad.

the problem lies in me trying to get this stick to respond using my dc cord and adapter, so i can go about using this stick on a dreamcast. I originally tried it out with the pcb massystems used, and it fried my friends dc controller ports. so i opened up one of my original dc controllers and soldered it up correctly including the 5v point and i checked everything with my multimeter just to make sure. when i plug said cord in to check signals to my pc using my adapter, it didn’t respond so i figured something is up . i tested it out again on a dc and it didn’t fry the ports but it didn’t respond either.

today, while taking a traffic course online, i’ve been trying to get it to respond like the chuthlu and the 360. another symptom im experiencing is when i plug in my ps3 cord to test it on my pc, my dc memory card wont stop activating (the high pitched sound). i checked slacoin and the directions on there were clear but didn’t really talk about my problem. any knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.


Where did you solder the 5v wire from the stick at? Is it wired @ the Dreamcast PCB? I was also wondering if the triple mod can switch pcbs at the moment.


i used the 5v in this diagram… and what do you mean by switch pcbs? if i plug either the chthlu or the sf4 360 cord in they work immediately.