The Troubled Loner - The Joe The Condor Thread




Wild Lasso
:l: :r: :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:

:snka: shoots downwards (Hits OTG), :snkb: shoots horizontal :snkc: shoots upwards at a 45 degree angel

Joe pulls out his pistol and fires a lasso as his opponent dragging them towards Joe. As they fall in front of his feet he lets off a clip in their back.

The :snka: and :snkb: version can be combo’ed into from :d::snkb:

Savage Shot

:r::d::df: :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: (can be done in the air twice)

All ground shots will be at a 45 degree angel upwards, as all air shots will be at the same 45 degree angel just downwards. The higher the attack input the more shots he will let off. This is also his assist.

Shuriken Feathers

:snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: (Hold and Release) can be done in the air.

:snka: hits once, :snkb: hits twice, :snkc: hits three times. At the moment i don’t think this move combos. (more testing has to be done)

Joe fires a projectile horizontally . The stronger the strength button used the more damage that will be dealt. But they will all fire horizontally.

Cactus Bunker

:hcb: :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:

Joe’s counter move. At the moment all versions seem to come out the same speed. I can’t test this thoroughly until i have someone that can attack me in training mode. But as soon as i do i will post the info unless someone has tested this and would care to share.

Battering Ram

:qcf: :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:

Similar to Ryu’s Donkey Kick. This move cannot be combo’ed into as of yet. More testing is still being done.

:snka: Crumbles the opponent (can be combo’ed from :snkc:, :snkb: staggers, :snkc: wall bounces (:snkc: version also has armor)


Condor Magnum Level 1

:qcf: any two attacks (can do done in the air)

Joe will throw out two projectiles. If either of these projectiles hit it will activate the super. When this is preformed in the air Joe will throw the same two projectiles just this time at a downwards 45 degree angel. This is also very easy to combo into and will most likely be the most used super of his.

Bird Missle Strike Level 1

:dp: any two attacks

Joe calls in a fighter jet that will fire a gun as it sweeps across the screen. Then it will drop a bomb that will land on the ground exactly 5 seconds after the glass breaks for the super. The bomb does not discriminate and will inflict damage to anyone (including you and your assist) on the screen.

Science Ninpo: Tornado Fighter Level 3

:hcb: any two attacks (can be done in the air)

Joe’s level 3 super. The same level 3 as Ken The Eagles. So much so he even summons Ken to help him preform it. Very easy to combo into and does pretty good damage. Not much else to say about it. Oh and if you have Ken on your team and your opponent has Ken on their team the Ken summoned for the super will just be the unused color Ken.



:snka:, :snkb:, :d:+:snkb:, :snkc:, :df:, sjc, :snka:, :snkb:, :snkb:, :dp:+:snkc:, :qcf:+:2p:

:snka:, :snkb:, :d:+:snkb:, :snkc:, :df:+:snkc:, sjc, :snka:, :snkb:, :snkb: double jump, :snka:, :snkb:, :dp:+:snkc:, :qcf:+:2p:

can also be ended with Level 3 :hcb:+:2p:

:snka:, :snkb:, :d:+:snkb:, :snkc:, :df:+:snkc:, sjc, :snka:, :snkb:, :snkb:, double jump, :snka:, :snkb:, :hcb:+:2p:

:snka:, :snkb:, :d:+:snkb:, :snkc:, :df:+:snkc:, sjc, :snka:, :snkb:, :snkb:, double jump, :snka:, :snkb:, :dp:+:snkc:, :hcb:+:2p:


reserved once again for future updates


EDIT: I cleaned the post up a bit so that it makes more sense.

Combos into :qcf:+:2p:

18 hits, 17.061 damage: :snka:,:snkb:,:d:+:snkb:,:snkc:,:df:+:snkc:, sjc, :snka:,:snkb:,:snkb:,:dp:+:snkc:, :qcf:+:2p:

21 hits, 18.492 damage: :snka:,:snkb:,:d:+:snkb:,:snkc:,:df:+:snkc:, sjc, :snka:,:snkb:,:snkb:, double jump, :snka:,:snkb:,:dp:+:snkc:,:qcf::+:2p:

For :hcb:+:2p: (damage and hits stats will be up in a bit)

44 hits, 26.008 damage: :snka:,:snkb:,:d:+:snkb:,:snkc:,:df:+:snkc:, sjc, :snka:,:snkb:,:snkb:, double jump, :snka:,:snkb:,:hcb:+:2p:

You can sneak in an extra :snkb: before the super if you’re feeling saucy. It’s really tight on the timing though.

47 hits, 27.477 damage: :snka:,:snkb:,:d:+:snkb:,:snkc:,:df:+:snkc:, sjc, :snka:,:snkb:,:snkb:, double jump, :snka:,:snkb:,:dp:+:snkc:,:hcb:+:2p:

That last combo really emphasizes the enormous hitbox on Tornado Fighter. Seriously, it will catch people when it looks like the kick should be a clean miss.


Thanks. I’m gonna keep updating this as much as i can so keep the info comin’. :smiley:


a,b,2b,c, launcher (HOLD C for feathers), a,b,b, JC, b,b, (let go of c), DP motion attack, Quarter circle super


This looks really bad ass, can’t wait to get my hands on him, finally some Joe support! keep it up people :]


Charge back, forward+A special hits OTG, so you can add a bit of damage after j.C from a corner aerial rave and even 63214+2 attacks lvl. 3 super (depends on where opponent falls).

I love Condor Joe’s j.C… Reminds me of Ken’s j.C, but with much more crossup potential. And since Condor Joe falls a bit faster from a jump than most characters, it’s great for pressure.

One thing I like to do after performing a super is charge down all three attack buttons so Condor Joe can throw out three separate Shuriken Feathers.

236A Battering Ram is comboable solo from 5C, but in order to followup the combo, you need an assist or baroque to continue the combo.


236A Battering Ram can also be canceled into all of his supers on hit.

Dunno if this is worth mentioning, but Joe’s 2B hits twice. If you want to do 5A (2A) 5B 2B 5C 236A baroque midscreen as a starter to your combo for example, you must omit the second hit of 2B, otherwise 236A will whiff. I believe it’s possible to let both hits connect in the corner for this particular starter. If you want to do basic launcher combo midscreen you can let both hits connect and then do 5C 3C.

For Joe’s counter, from what I could tell, the A version stays out the longest, while the C version stays out the shortest. Visually it doesn’t seem to look any different but it’s just enough.

Also for a little corner pressure, you can mix up with 236B/C and assist.


His j.C will cross people up when their back is in the corner… really weird since it seems like no one else can do that.

2C otgs so if you do a meterless combo ending in j.C you can shoot them while they’re on the ground.

Not sure if you can do it on regular hit, I need someone to test with but you can BBQ the counter and combo people mid screen.

Joe is looking really good.


I’ve noticed this also.


Can joe combo 2C > chargeback special A ?


Hey guys. I did some experimenting this morning and found that Joe’s 236C kick is combo-able with certain assists. I tried Morrigan and Alex as assists and they both worked by doing the following:

A, B, Assist, C, 236C. The assist hits first than the kick continues the combo. Since this gives wall bounce you can continue into 5a, 3C, to an air combo. It is also comboable with the baroque technique. Does anyone have any really good followups to the wall-bounce aside from an air combo?


only thing i can think of is when mid screen is to BBQ then Dash with an IAD to a B with the lvl 3


also to point out, you can do an air combo in the corner with A,A,B,B, DP +A, B, DP+A, B, j.b xx lvl3


What are you guys thinking for assists for joe. I’ve been thinking Polymar as a possibility, since his assist seems really nice for combo extending/pressure/mixup(with the corner j.c cross up). But I’m not sure how much joe’s assist helps polymar, nor have I actually played joe against actual people yet so I don’t fully understand what he needs.

I’ll probably experiment with him some today and see if I can figure anything out.


The only thing I can see Joe’s assist being good for is to stuff or discourage jumping, more specifically in the corner


someone should tell me how to make the cool looking buttons.

Saki partner combos

19 hits 20.000-21.000 :snka:,:snkb:,P,:snkc:,:df::snkc:,sjc,:snka:,:snka: ,:snkb:,:dp::snkc:,:qcf::2p:

20 hits 22.043 :snka:,:snkb:,P,:snkc:,:qcf::snkc:,dash,:snkb:,:df::snkc:,sjc,:snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:dp::snkc:,:qcf: :2p:

20 hits 23.790 crossup j.:snkc:,:snkb:,P,:snkc:,:qcf::snkc:,dash,:snkb:,:df::snkc:,sjc,:snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:dp::snkc:,:qcf::2p:(got it to do 24.100ish when I crossed them up mid screen and comboed into the corner, I think more bird shuriken hit)

edit: Is it possible to do the dual super and NOT have joe summon the ship. I’m thinking specifically for saki since those shuriken might be ablt to block her long enough to get the unblockable shot(althoguh the shuriken might not have enough block stun).

edit again: Hmmm those random spaces in the code are not there when I’m editing the post…


the Bnb I’m running right now:

no meter variation – A (hold a)-> B -> 2B -> C -> 3C (hold C)-> j.b -> j.b -> release a feather -> airdash forward j.b -> double jump b -> release C feathers -> air dash forward j.C [about 16k]

super variation – A (hold a)-> B -> 2B -> C -> 3C (hold C)-> j.b -> j.b -> release a feather (and hold it down again) -> airdash forward j.b -> double jump b -> release C feathers -> air dash forward j.b -> release A feather-> 623B -> 236 super [does about 22~23k]

you could alternately just lvl three super after the second a feather hits for around 30k.

anyways I’m still working on his corner stuff it’ll be more dmg for sure. this combo works anywhere btw although I’m not sure about character specifics or not. practicing on ryu.


Nice feather stuff, I wish the place I got tatsunoko had the sticks in, I really need to pick one up so I can do hold stuff.