(The True Doppelganger) RAAMzy's guide to Raven



Getting to know Raven:

Vitality: 1000
Forward Dash Duration: 17 Frames
Back Dash Duration: 8 Frames invulnerability, 10 Frames Airborne, 9 Frames Grounded (27 Frames Total)
Pre-jump Frames: 4 Frames
Vertical Jump Duration: 35 Frames
Diagonal Jump Duration: 35 Frames

-High damaging combos by himself.
-Great mix up game.
-Amazing defense.
-Decent anti airs.
-Good range on his pokes.
-Amazing teliport.

-Most combos can be difficult.
-No reversals.
-Most specials are un-safe.

General strategy:
My strategy with Raven is to have a good mix-up game. Raven has a fantastic jab, it can be used for frame traps. He has two over heads, his back plus forward, and qcf plus forward. I use these over heads to get a knock down with Raven. I play Raven like a vortex type character, so the general idea with Raven is getting your knock down and putting your opponent in a 50/50 situation. Make your opponent figure out what’s going on. Make them do the work, not you. You don’t have to play him this way. He can also be used as a hard zoning character. He can use his air projectiles to play keep away. When I’m playing keep away, I normal use a tiger knee motion ending in up back, this way when I throw a projectile in the air, I’m pushed away from my opponent. He can also use the roll, and his teliport to get away. So these are some ideas to get you going with Raven.

Reasons for me making thread: This will lower the amount of players needing lessons from me, but I still don’t mind giving someone lessons on the character.


Crossed Ninja Stars (Air OK)

Raven throws a shuriken horizontally across the screen. Each strength makes it travel slightly faster. EX version goes very fast and puts enemy in a juggle state.

Wind Cross

Raven dashes forward and slashes. On block, Raven appears directly behind his opponent, but is unsafe. EX version makes Raven slash 3 times, the third slash knocking your opponent upwards. Great for Switch Cancels. The EX version also sends Raven away from the opponent if guarded, making it slightly safer.

Alter Ego

strength determines followup.

= Low hit.

= Overhead.

= Low with a high fake out.
Raven does a cool looking teliport into a kick.



. His teliport can be used to create a 50/50 mixup. Almost like a unblockable. After getting a hard knock down from a good distance, you can throw a light ninja star and use the forward punch teliport. Teliporting behind your opponent, giving you a free combo.

Raven’s teleport. The input for this determines how far and which direction the teleport will go.

Notable normals:


Skull Smasher, A two hit kicking normal. The second hit is overhead and ground bounces. You can also go into a low hit by doing

after the

. This will knock the opponent down.

Is a two hit command normal.

Raven Super Art and Cross Art:

Doppelgänger (Super Art)



  • Has high priority. His jab is active for 3 frames. On block it’s +4. Can be used as a frame trap.

(Close) - An okay normal. I don’t use it much.

(Far) - This can move Raven forward, it’s special cancel-able. It’s pretty decent.

(Close) - Has no use out side of combos.

(Far) - This Move might be slow but on counter hit it can put the opponent into a crumple state.

  • Primarily used as a poke.
  • This is Ravens goto anti air. It may be difficult to use, but if you get a counter hit, it will put the opponent in a juggle state.

(Close) - This move is more or less useless and is unsafe on block, but I have landed it as a anti air before. So using it is debatable.

Crouching Normal’s

  • His crouching jab is great, but not as good as his standing jab. I try to avoid using crouching normals, seeing as a raw tag destroys them.
  • This is Ravens best anti air, you can lower your hit-box with this, and it can be linked into from cr.LP.
  • This will be your goto normal, other then your standing jab. We’ll get into that a little later.
  • This normal can be combo’d into a jab, but this link is a 1 frame.
  • This is Ravens best poke it has great range, this move can be canceled from max range into the wind cross special and can be linked into from cr.LP.
  • Ravens sweep is pretty decent. I sometimes use it to end my combos for a hard knock down.

Jumping Normal’s

  • This is your goto air2air, on counter hit it will put your opponent in a juggle state.
  • This is an OK jump in but Forward or Jab is the go to jump in.
  • This is the jump in to use if you want extra damage in a combo. Normally I use it in a combo that keeps the opponent in a standing state.
  • This normal is relatively useless for a jump in.
  • This is one of Ravens main jump in and his only cross up, it has a nice amount of active frames so if you do it early you can stop those people that are trying to jump on wake up.
  • This a pretty slow normal, but it is Ravens best air-to-air because if it connects it puts the opponent in a juggle state.


Meterless Combos:


, S.

, S.



, Dash, repeat to 5th time or to the 3rd refer to the info below about the use of the loop.

This is your basic crouch fierce loop combo, this is a Raven alone variant. No tag involved.


, S.

, S.






, Dash,


, Dash,


, Dash, S.


This may have difficult timing at first, but I promise it’s possible.

Now, from here on out I’m going to just call the crouch fierce dashes “The Loop”. So please follow along.

Raven doesn’t exactly need meter, so I’m not going to use my time to write meter combos. Replace the “Alter Ego” with his Super Art, or Cross Art if you’re feeling frisky.

Tag in combos:
Off of a ABC style tag, he can do a total of 4 crouch fierces. Now, here’s the deal. If he can do 4 crouch fierces, he can only do 2 before doing a standing fierce to qcf RH. Still following?

So, let me write the numbers for the loop for you (These are the grand total of hits he can get by himself in these situations.):

Air2Air: 3
Standing: 5
Anti Air: 3
Wind Cross Combo: 4
Tag in combo: 4

If you want more combos, please check else where on the forums.


Good Raven players to take notes from:

Chef RAAMzy (Xbox Live)
Online Tony

I’ll add more names to the list later. But these are some suggestions for now.


If you have any questions about the character, ask here or message me for help on my Xbox LIVE account. My gamertag is Chef RAAMzy.


I’ll try to add some videos of myself and other players later.


You missed a bunch of relevant info.


he has a reversal that is invincible for almost 20 frames, plus teleports. EX windcross isn’t invincible frame 1 but it gains invincibility shortly thereafter which allows it to beat some specific setups.