The true reason why USA's economy is in a recession/depression


It’s because it’s a free market.


Yeah, because Soviet Russia’s economy did so damn well. Maybe you should elaborate a little instead of trolling.


you’re a free market


your mom’s a free market


Forgot dry humor doesn’t work on forums.


You forgot that threads with no discussion potential are stupid and get closed. Good job.


North Korea is well off.




Your free mom’s a market.


Your market is free to moms.


The thread was murked at post #4. This topic is hereby changed to Taylor Swift feigning surprise over winning an award for the 10,000th time (“it’s so biig!”)


Free markets like your mom!


Once upon a time there was a dinosaur and he said, I’m a dinosaur!


It does when it’s actually humorous.

Dr. B throws mad sexy parties on his private floating continent.


Why would anyone do that?


No, its because of the Crab People.


Has anyone noticed when you take a dump in the morning thats where some of your deepest thoughts happen? For me I get into deep thought


Good one.


Elementary opinions about economics brought to you by Srk!


its because you touch yourself at night.