The True SAGAT!

True Streetfighter fan here my good friend. Sagat scar is real tatoo and he also has the gouki Ten kanji on his back

A very good artist also check him out on myspace and give him props and check out the artwork and cartoons and

And Jesus wept.

lol cosplay

Did he go out with Viscant?

Um ok…:confused:

Pretty fucking gay.

He also poked out his eye because it would score more points with the ladies… just like the real Sagat.

Is that Shenlong in your avatar, because if it is that’d be like totally awesome…

That’s my halloween costume.

I tempted to add those SF myspaces, but my blackness is telling me no.

You know… it would have probably been a better idea to just use a magic marker or something.

:rofl: :rofl:

Yeah… those tattoos don’t really look that cool.

I bet his mother doesnt like him.

Thread Deliverance.

He scares me:sad:


He actually tattooed a fake gash on his forehead?

i laughed so hard, oooooooh man, too funny! im still fucking laughing…

im outi


yeah im wondering this too



I have those shorts…

…I don’t think I like those shorts anymore…


I dont like sagat anymore lol