The True V-Sodom Infinite


Ive seen a japanese player (Crasher) pull off the infinite many times. It includes the cc fp followed by another activate sorta like karins infinite. The part Im having trouble with is figuring out what to do next. From the looks of it, its cc activate vc2 lk, then a couple of cc mps shadow hits while sodom walks forward and then continue the combo… the character always flips out at the end so I dont know wtf is going on

If anyone knows how to do this infinite, could u let me and all the others out there thats interested know…

For those who havent seen it, heres a Japanese player (Ver) performing it on vega at approximately 0:45 [media=youtube]06qnr6Bydk0[/media]


after some searching, i found out about walk cancelling for the last shadow to hit. never knew bout walk cancelling before…