The Truest Statement I've Ever Heard (In regards to Phoenix/Viscant EVO Victory)

"Phoenix is a huge crutch character. She is also the weakpoint on the teams of most people that use her. I even think she is the weak point on Clock’s team. She is very swingy and a lot of people do not know what to do against her, however it is clear there are already a lot of answers to her and at high level she is not very good at all. We even saw her activation countered by Weapon X and numerous times she was killed with snap backs. New tech is being found constantly that flat out makes her a wasted slot on people’s teams.

Truthfully, nerfing her in Ultimate is a huge mistake. There already were so many tools added to the game to help counter her (TAC meter drain for instance, and the nerf to X-Factor) that nerfing her health and her ability to spam fireballs is actually overkill. Combined with how much new stuff is being found in this game constantly, nerfing her will put her down to low tier. This is a serious waste of what was otherwise the most unique character in the game. "
Seriously, THIS! I feel like if you’re gonna make Phoenix such a good tool in the game, why not keep her that way? Sure she was OP in SOME aspects, but if you’re going to nerf her, don’t nerf her to the point where she’s GARBAGE. That destroys the whole purpose of making her high tier to begin with. I feel like Capcom’s response to the fans is only to make the good characters bad and the bad characters SLIGHTLY better. Makes no sense. :shake: “SSF4 AE: Version 2012”? Srsly, ppl? Let the game die already. Pray God it doesn’t happen to MvC3. Next thing you know, we’ll hear ppl whining about Captain American and Morrigan. Don’t let it happen, people. Stop b*tching!

Maybe now people will find out that she actually has the healing field.

I’m sorry i completely disagree with that quote. Snapping in phoenix does not guarantee death and often wastes your own meter. Yes it is easier to kill bad phoenixes if you are a great player but at the level these guys are playing at, the phoenixes are also very good players so they can anticipate these things. She deserves nerfs. People bitch about her because she’s not fun at all to play against, and the general population of players know this. Viscant is a great player but to say phoenix did not help him would be to say wolverine does not help justin wong.

Phoenix was never overpowered to begin with. Xfactor made phoenix stupid as fuck. Now that xfc has been redone, these nerfs are unnecessary and will just gimp her into uselessness. I hope everyone is happy.

I think they should have just slowed meter gain while she was alive or something.

I’ve never had a problem with Phoenix as a character and I wish she wasn’t getting so fucked with.

Phoenix was never the problem. X-Factor needed to be looked at a little closer, but they’ve done that by all accounts.

Watching Phoenix win all the time, it’s like people don’t know how to crouch block.

Oh, she came in and did the low feathers! Then she teleported behind me! Just like has happened every single time I’ve ever fought her! It’s horrible!

i sort of agree with the OP… the only one air action and less health is really overkill, if she needed a nerf giving her only 2 air actions is good enough…but at the same time you gotta think about how UMvC3 is going to play, with the air- xfc and having her how she is now, you may be able to run her as a number 2… when people talk about, and judge nerfs/buffs they think about them as opposed to the game that they already know about, sure in MvC3 nerfing her to that level theoretically is bad, but as opposed to how everyone else gets buffed/nerfed in UMvC3 it may not turn out so bad, maybe Phoenix gets nerfed but DP remains the same, you know…the nerfs just makes phoenix easier to kill, when the real problem was, and still is Dark Phoenix

I have absolutely no problems with Phoenix being completely useless.

I wish there was a dislike button.

I understand where you are coming from, but I have to disagree,** she’s obviously the best character in the game, she needs to be nerfed.** Usually I’m against the nerf bat, the characters that are top players enjoy playing, so focus 80% on buffs 20% on nerfs. However, she’s the only character that has counter teams based around, she’s the character that the community tries to create the most technology against. She’s a gimmick.

On streams, you always here “and now the game has begun” when Dark P. rises. One thing I fucking hate hearing is, “and now, everything Viscant/Clockwork/etc. gets now with (regular) Phoenix is just gravy, because the match hasn’t even begun yet.” It’s like, she’s easily the best XF character. She takes out entire teams ALL THE TIME, and she’s the only character that does that. I hate seeing a good player take out the first two characters on a Dark P. team without getting hit and still losing. It happens all the fucking time, and she’s the only anchor that you see that happen with on a regular basis. It’s bullshit.

If it’s 1 v. 1 against pretty much any character, Dark P has the substantial favor of winning. It’s way too easy to get to 5 bars. The rule should have been, you need 5 bars, and she has to live for 15 seconds on point or Dark P doesn’t rise. Good news is XF is getting nerfed, so that will probably also fuck her up.

She is an Omega-level mutant. She’s suppose to be OP.

Shuma Gorath is probably the worst Marvel character in the game, and depending on who you ask it might be Thor instead. Clearly, power levels have nothing to do with anything.

Screw phoenix

Yeah I’m fine at least with Dark Phoenix specifically being better than everybody because…she’s a fucking cosmic beast at that point so she would be that cheap.

Main problem with Phoenix still is that regular Phoenix beats half the cast by putting H shots on the screen and then beats the other half by cheesing them with XF3 DP shit. If XF3 didn’t last so long there’d be more time to survive against DP especially with the H shot nerfs. The biggest issue being that you never have to fight non XF3 Dark Phoenix. Her one big weakness (losing health and requiring healing factor) practically never comes into play because of the BS long XF3 system.

Dormammu and Shuma are stronger than Phoenix. They created their own universes.

Whatever… I’ll just whore the new top tier. trollface

buff phoenix

They’re not women though.

I wouldn’t say she’s the BEST character in the game. In a game like Mahvel 3 its really hard to call anyone the “best”. Sure, Phoenix has great tools, esp. when in Dark, but the fact will always remain, shes BEATABLE. Some people don’t understand, running away is probably always gonna be the best way to out Phoenix. Just try and counterpick with someone who can fly/someone who can chip out/someone who has good keepaway. Remember THIS video guys? [media=youtube]VHJU-20JyaY[/media]

I’m pretty sure the Magnus player didn’t worry himself too much about Phoenix and he did whatever he thought would be to his advantage, and it worked. Mind you, running away isnt the ONLY way to beat a Phoenix. Like the original quote, theres constantly new tech being discovered to counter Phoenix. Hitting her with the nerf bat to this extreme is just too much.

I like what you said about Phoenix coming in, the commentators always go “NOW we have a match.” because it’s kinda true, but untrue at the same time. Sure, when Phoenix comes in, you have to think to the best of your ability, but then again theres always running away, or just trying ur best to beat Phoenix. She doesn’t win ALL the time.

tl;dr version: People usually say Phoenix player’s are scrubs. To beat a scrub, you must THINK like a scrub. Yes, even I think that the only character to help a scrub win is Phoenix, but theres always things you can do to counter =]

Phoenix is to good. I would explain more but… yea… its been said a million times lol.

edit* good job to viscant, evo is about winning. Thats why you pick her at tournaments. And you should.