The truth about Denjin Hadoken



I’m tired of people saying Denjin Hadoken is sooooo good when they don’t even use it right and tired of scrubs saying Denjin Hadoken is sorry or if someone has played against it enough that it’s almost useless. Here are somethings I’ve learned about Denjin Hadoken and my theories on this great super art. First off people are lucky as heck that you can charge only 1 level with this super. Since the level is not all that big you can only save 2 EX moves as well. The basic use of the super is to raise the opponent’s stun meter in order to do a follow-up combo that will give you as much damage as a Shin Shoryuken. Alot of people waste this super by doing it from long range or super cancelling from a shoryuken(dragon punch) so they can release it as their enemy gets up. Scrub tactics: Anyone can tech all the hits of this super. So you have to do other things. If you think you’ll dizzy someone with a totally empty stun meter. WAKE UP!!! The most hits you’ll realistically get in a match is 3 but 2 is the normal. 2 hits can be charged ultra quick and still raises the stun meter by atleast 50%. You don’t have to see the energy get bigger for it to be charged to the next level. First you can use a d+FP (I think a close standing MK will work too) 2-in-1 into the Denjin and charge it for a level 2. If the d+FP hits it will combo and if they block they cannot jump away from the Denjin and they will have to red parry it which is extremely hard especially considering all Ryu has to do is charge the Denjin a little longer to throw off their timing. No one of intermediate skill will red parry this. Oh yeah did I mention, Denjin Hadoken is God against Remy and especially Akuma since he takes more damage too. Another trick over a downed person is to throw a medium Hadoken and super cancel into Denjin so that the Hadoken hits their body, forces them to block and you have enough time to charge a level 2 Denjin which they will be forced to Red parry. However, the opponent can parry the medium Hadoken so you use a Fierce Hadoken that will pass by their body. This will throw their parrying off. They won’t know if they have to parry or not unless they have an eagle eye. You can’t make them block the Hadoken before you super cancel the Denjin though. This tactic will not work in that case. Watch out for trying this as the opponent can tech roll and flush this tactic down the toilet. It works great in the corner though. You can also use moves to push you out so that when you 2-in-1 into a Hadoken that it will not make your opponent block until you have activated the Denjin. A standing far MP is great for this b/c it has long recoil on block or hit. You can also use 3 low LK’s from close. A d+MK from extremely far away. A d+MP or d+LK will work also. The point, like I said before, is to not make them block the Hadoken right away so that it gives you enough time to charge a level 2 Hadoken that they will have to red parry to escape. By making your opponent block moves it will give you super meter so you can use this without even a full bar sometimes. They cannot jump away from the Hadoken and if they are hit by it the Denjin will combo up with it. The only problem is that it is not that hard to red parry and even if you charge the Denjin longer to throw off the parry timing the hadoken will push them back far enough to jump away from and/or parry the Denjin Hadoken. Don’t worry though no intermediate player will do that probably. And they cannot jump forward either or they will get hit by the Denjin Hadoken. The Denjin Hadoken is great for finishing people with low energy too because it is unblockable. It is unsafe to hit most of the time though. Even a level 3 Denjin that hits from close enough can have a free unblockable super put on Ryu. Beware how you use it because it can get you messed up. Doing a level 2 that doesn’t dizzy is usually dangerous but not always. If they parry a level 2 or 3 you are pretty much safe. All in all Denjin Hadoken is an expert level super that is unblockable and has great stun but sorry recovery. Hope ya’ll enjoy.


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Look, I understand where you are coming from, but don’t hate b/c I give some worthwhile info for once. Just take what you can from it. You wasted alot of space and I didn’t. Let me introduce you to space saver. Don’t post if you ain’t got nothin’ good to say.


obviously, you missed my point. By making your post difficult and annoying to read, you’re in fact not helping at all since no one is going to bother to read it.


News Flash!

Sorry I came back so harsh on you, I just wanted to make sure you weren’t trying to flame or nothin’. Anyways I just found out you can charge the denjin hadoken faster by holding down P and rotating the joystick/pad in repeating 360’s. All the stuff I mentioned in my first post doesn’t even take into account this new info. I’ll go into practice and see what new stuff I can come up with now that I know this. Man denjin keeps gettin’ better and better. Holy crap!


erm…that’s pretty much common knowledge. At least I thought it was.

Anyways, Denjin isn’t that good. Most good players can parry it.


Denjin is garbage.


if anyone has read the whole thing, can you summarise it? (preferably with paragraph breaks?) thanks.


News Flash!

dude if u didn’t know u can mash it, dont bother giving out strategies.


You missed that. sHiNeRiK already summarized that:

Glad to help ya out, buddy.


Damn do I hate denjin.


d+fierce into denjin isnt that great. you can combo two denjin hits off it but if its blocked they can jump out unless you release at 2 hits i believe. 2 denjin hits doesnt do that much stun to begin with, maybe alittle less than 50 percent . i dunno most times thats not enough to get the job done. youre lucky if 3 hits is enough thats mostly what i work with. set ups for 3-4 hits.

achieving 50 percent stun youd need a pretty good amount of hits probably with a jump in fierce combo which is very unlikely in a seriously match. parry ,standing fiercexx fierce dp/hurricane kick/forward side kick would probably do near 50 however once they hit the ground they start recovering stun bar and youd need at least 3 to dizzy them. 2 hits of denjin is not enough to get the job done.


Hey anti-retard. Shut up. I’m 50,000 times better at coming up with viable strats than you ever even dreamed of. Try contributing something worthwhile. Arcticninja, you say most people can parry it. Try red parrying a level 2 after a d+FP or something like that and then come back and tell me if it’s easy to parry. Just b/c everyone you have ever seen uses Denjin like a scrub doesn’t mean that it is easy to escape or a sorry Super Art.

As for getting 2 almost guaranteed hits from Denjin. That’s great. Ryu raises the opponents stun to half by just fighting plenty to bust it out and get them dizzy. After finding out you can charge it faster, I believe you can get 3 hits from blocked d+FP instead of just 2. Also in the corner any string with Hadoken->super cancel Denjin when the Hadoken doesn’t make them block right away is almost guaranteed 3 hits. BTW, I say almost guaranteed b/c red parry will still stop it.

Here are some other high points to Denjin. 1-you get back plenty of level after stunning them with it and doing a follow-up combo. 2-like I said before it is good for finishing matches. If your opponent has a little bit of life left and you can make them block a move you have a GREAT chance of killing them with a level 2 or 3. 3-the super bar is short as crap. you can have half a bar, parry a move hit them with a hard or medium attack into a special such as Shoryuken/Hurricane Kick/Lunge Kick, dash over to their body and make them block something and you already have a level for the Denjin. Not to mention you’ve already raised their stun meter quite a bit by doing the above mentioned “stuff”.

If you’ve noticed Alex Valle play with Ryu and ShinShoryuken he doesn’t even use it all that much. He uses his bar for EX moves mostly. Obviously, ShinShoryuken is better for stocking EX than Denjin but I prefer the options and killing power of Denjin. Yeah, Shinshoryuken has killing power too but when Denjin works, I mean it really works! Especially against Akuma and Remy with their incompitent stun meters.

Right now I’m working on combos from EX hcf+K with Denjin follow ups. For example, parry opponents move->d+MK->EX hcf+K->far MP which makes the opponent roll out and land on their feet->f+FP->d+LK->d+MK->qcb+LK->f,d,d/f+LP->super cancel Denjin for 2 hits that dizzy->choice combo. After the opponent rolls out and lands all of the other stuff whether it hits or is blocked should gain back the level you used on the EX hcf+K. That is assuming the qcb+LK makes them block while ducking. It relies on too much to be useful at this point but I’m experimenting. Give up damage on the juggle to continue offense and get damage later basically.


I didn’t call my post News Flash! b/c I thought it was new info or that I just discovered it or anything like that. I did it b/c it was new to me and perhaps some other people that didn’t know it YET. This is called “The truth about Denjin Hadoken”. So I want to discuss everything worthwhile including that little facet. I’m tired of people getting on threads related to serious strategy/tactics related matter and saying absolutely nothing and wasting alot of space with their quote “cool” sayings, phrases, etc. I’m trying to help people have more fun playing the game by becoming better. Not wasting my time. Being good at wasting space and saying nothing only says to me, “not only can I not play the game, but I also can’t do anything constructive elsewhere either”. Cuz if you can play the game let us in on some knowledge and not “mindless banter”. And if you’re good at something else “don’t quit your dayjob” if you know what I mean.


-you can jump out from d+fierce XX denjin even if you charge it to level 3 as fast as you can.

-d+mk, ex side kick does not combo. you can only combo ex side kicks from either standing fierce or crouching fierce. probably from a jumping fierce as well. the only sidekick that combos from d+mk is qcf+short from up close.

-"->f+FP->d+LK->d+MK->qcb+LK->f,d,d/f+LP->super cancel Denjin for 2 hits that dizzy->choice combo. "

i really dont know what that sequence is supposed to be, after they land on their feet you do that ?

ok i think i get it, trying to build meter from opponent blocking however opponent gets free hits from ducking or blocking qcb +lk. :frowning:


The funny thing is, as scrubby as his subsequent posts have been, his initial post is spot on.

Basic lesson of his post, throw a fb to make the denjin a red parry and you will enjoy greater success.

If you want to use ex meter, use SAI NOT SAII or III.


No no. The funny part is when he sounded all high and mighty while delivering his super secret strategies without knowing Denjin could be charged. LOL Now that is funny.



Hey, yall. I don’t mean to sound high and mighty, but I do know what I’m talking about. I also know I sounded like a scrub with some of the things I said but let me explain. First off, I pretty much knew that a ducking MK could not combo into an EX hcf+K. And I also pretty much knew that a blocked hurricane kick (no matter how far away) will lead to some type of free hits from the enemy. I just threw out that crappy sequence in as just an example. An example that I knew had many holes in it I might add. Atleast people got what I was gettin’ at though. I also had a very good idea that they could jump out of d+FP->level 3 Denjin, but I had not tested it. Here are the facts though: the only things that can combo into the EX hcf+K are NOT just d+FP or close FP, it is d+FP or close FP or close MK. Fact 2: They can jump AWAY (and ONLY away) from d+FP->level 3 Denjin if d+FP was blocked. If d+FP hits, they cannot jump away, up, or toward to escape it if the Denjin was charged “fast as quick”.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that instead of making them flip out of the EX hcf+K with a move, that you might as well hit them with a Shoryuken and badger them as they get up. Try this though, take Ryu with super art III against Remy with super art II. Get Ryu 50% of his super meter and make Remy do his super. Have Ryu block the first 2 flip kicks of Remy’s super then parry the first 2 hits of the third and final flip kick. Have Ryu then low parry the 3rd hit of the last flip kick, dash forward, jump in with a FP, land and do a d+FP into level 2 Denjin. This will do a 4 hit combo that will stun Remy from having absolutely nothin’ on his stun gauge previously. Then jump in with a FP, land and do a close FP or a d+FP(whatever your preference) and finish with a Roundhouse Hurricane Kick. POW!!!

Do this with Twelve too, get X.C.O.P.Y. super (super art III)against Q with super art I. Have Twelve red parry the 3rd hit of Q’s super and immediately do X.C.O.P.Y. While transforming into Q Twelve will go over the 4th hit of Q’s super (the low punch). This will allow you to parry the last hit of Q’s super and do what you please to him. This will probably be close MK->qcb+LP or a combo from capture & deadly blow (hcb+K). But keep in mind the damage for throws during X.C.O.P.Y. isn’t increased like normal attacks. Or do this, parry the hit before the last hit of Hugo’s super art III with Twelve. Immediately do X.C.O.P.Y. When Twelve lands (as Hugo) he will have time to parry the last hit and do qcb+FP and then hcf+MK for a huge damage combo that leaves the opponent close to Twelve as the mighty throw character Hugo. You can do all sorts of cool stuff against Hugo with X.C.O.P.Y. since Twelve lands so fast. Example, close MK->X.C.O.P.Y.->d+MK for 2 hit combo. You can also use X.C.O.P.Y. to go over any opponents low attack if you know it’s coming. Of course, this doesn’t work on ALL low attacks though. Enough on Twelve, on with the Denjin.



i dont get why youd post combos that didnt work :confused:

anyways, i m going to have to disagree with your conclusions on the d+fierce set up. you can jump away, toward, up anything vs blocked or hit d+fierce into denjin. maybe youre doing it with better technique than me but i doubt it i can charge the whole denjin up without it ever missing a beat and i know exactly when to let go to have the quickest release on each level. ive tested this before like a few weeks ago but i tried it again tonight just to make sure and yah, you can still jump away on hit or block after d+fierce XX denjin 3 hits. the way i tested it was vs myself on training mode d+fierce XX denjin charge up release level 3 vs ken. on block i was able to jump in and get a free combo of my choice. on hit, same results except i could cross up and combo too. maybe someone else can test it? d+fierce dont cause much block stun .

also, the other set up you orginally posted, d+fierce XX denjin two hits does not work unless you charge it quickly . you were probably charging it up without knowing though :evil:


yes denjin forced red parries own you:evil: :evil: muahahah

on another note, you can use ex meter if you got a full denjin bar and opponent has an empty stun bar. since youre not going to get the chance to stun their full bar anytime soon you can waste a bit of meter in that situation.