The truth about some youtube matches

This can’t be forgotten.

Check out this matches:

Some friends of mine have PMed Justin Wong asking about these matches. See what Justin answered:

I put all answers in one shot. Justin Wong can confirm here that he really said that.

Why am I creating this thread?

To let you all know that this guy called Carlos is the user FighterBox2006 here at SRK (and probably has created another account called FortKnox).

He posted in Brazilian forums that he was challenge to Justin, most of us here got the impression that Brazilian MvC2 players were really good after we saw the matches. Off course most of people would think that, there are 30 matches and in all of them he played nice and beat Justin hard sometimes.

But I and some casual players saw the matches in a different way: why the fuck Justin picked up always the same team (except in 2 fights)? Clearly we could see Justin was playing for fun.

So a friend of mine decided to PM Justin asking about theses matches. The screenshot you could see in the top. I repeat, Justin Wong can confirm it and some SRK admin can check the private message boxes.

Carlos (FighterBox2006) got freaky, we have unmasked him. So as usual he started to accuse me and my friends of manipulating images. He said there would not be EVO qualifiers in south america because of what we have done, because we discovered the truth.

WTF?! He always posts here to give you the impression that Brazil has excelent players. He always tried to hide that he was Carlos to not show you how weak he was.

He consider himself the best MvC2 player here in Brazil. In part I can agree with that since he won the only big tournment which took place here.

Now I ask you something: what would be your reaction (north-american players) if there were an EVO Qualifier here in south america and after you have spent money and time to travel, to come here you find out that all Brazilian players suck, that you thought we were good?

Now I can conclude something: no EVO qualifiers in Brazil cuz of this guy, fucking bastard.

So, that’s what he tried to do. Not only him, the user called Azis and some others helped a lot in this. Too bad 99% of you don’t speak portuguese so you could check his forum to see by your own eyes what he intended to do.

Don’t fool yourselves with what these people say here.

When I see this kind of behavior I’m ashamed to be Brazilian and can perfectly understand why some users here make jokes about us.

In name of all good brazilian players I apologize for his attitude

Best regards and sorry for my shit English

you can hire jwong to play mvc by the hour?

Nobody would go to Brazil just for a tourney. Most people would go because of the women, the food, tourist atractions, etc. Games would be just part of it.
I haven’t been in Brazil in several years but I’d imagine there are good players down there, considering MvC2 is one of the most popular fighters in there.
Even if the players down there sucked really bad there would be other things that would make the trip worth it.

That’s a dumb statement. There are other reasons why they wouldn’t have Evo qualifiers in Brazil (or Japan and Europe for that matter).

Please send me the link. I’d like to read that.

Does JWong also do Bar Mitzvahs?

Challenging him to a money match would be the same thing for many of us. :smile:

I know that was a dumb statement. I know Evo would or would not go to South America considering some youtube matches. Just used it because it was what he used to accuse me and other people here in Brazil :slight_smile:

You english was fine.

Barring a group of Brazilians doing really really well at Evo World, an Evo Brazil would never happen, especially not because of some match vids.

i don’t think anyone really cares. The matches cool to watch regardless. Evo wouldn’t go to South America just because of those matches anyway.

12 hours!!! WTF

Dude, what the fuck are you talking about? You got brutally owned at that forum for trying to make the same shit up. Carlos never said he is better, nor in Brazil nor anywhere, never said that he won over Wong or anything like that. He just played a few games and had some fun. So people posted some matches where he did good, some casual matches who don’t mean anything. The guy has a nice Cable and does not hate on anyone. You are a racist who is trying really hard to destroy my country’s image.

Everybody on GGPO knows me and Azis. Everybody in Brazil seems to know how fucked up you are. Yet, some people know me in person and nobody knows you. I hope you show to some big tourney so I, Diego Forte, can go there and I will tell right in your face a thing or two about myself.

I haven’t posted in a while but now the stupidity is coming from all over the world. What a crappy useless thread. Online player anyone?

Nobody gives a crap about casuals, but the videos are good entertainment.
Santhrax is the strongest team in the game, and that Carlos guy did win a few matches. MvC2 itself keeps records of the wins on screen so you cant lie, and nobody gives a crap about casuals anyways.

In some copies of those videos there is also a log of Carlos explaining how much the few wins he got are meaningless and how unbeatable is Wong. The guy seems really cool to me.

People give credit to tourney wins. The guy did some advertising for his country, awarded me and a couple others with premium from winning the game and wrote some of the very best stuff I read here in the old Evo thread. Plus his Cable is a joy to watch. We have that and a piece of shit hater making a flame bait thread. Online anyone?

How come this thread is still open?

Becuz op and the guy he is talking about are shitting on eachother(So Homo!)