Great Avatar, Alucard aint shit, talks a lot of shit and then gets raped.

BTW, Im East Coast, maybe thats why I wasnt so free.


Alucard talks no shit, no idea who the fuck you’re talking about. =/


Are you Alucard? So HTF do you know what shit he does or doesnt talk?


Nah, I’m a friend of his, ask fucking anyone in the MI scene, they’ll tell you the same thing.


ok, we disagree, I’ll leave it at that. Bygons.


And you say this because…

He does quite well in SF4. He’s anything but a scrub. Sounds like a failed troll attempt on your part.


All I know, is that I heart MI kneegrows!!! :lovin:

And that I’m also at your heads in T6. :tup:

Coming to MWC?


This is a ridiculous ass thread…


LOL… Got whipped hard in that match too.


I say this b/c he was talking shit on GGPO about a year and a half ago. When we fought he got scraped. That sound like trolling to you?


Alucard is like top 3 nicest dudes i’ve ever met, people talk shit on GGPO


Word, OH knows what’s up. :lovin:




haha this thread is so fuckin cool we need more just like it


What are you laughing at bitch?


This made me lol more.


This whole thread is lulz

Also, owning the Mid-West is like beating a fish in a footrace, not really a badge of honor.
90% of CA, 70% of NY, 1% of FL, 20% of HI, and 60% of TX can and do rape 100% of MW for free.
“Yo man, he owns the Helsinki SF4 scene FRAYYY”.


100% my ass. Fuck that.


More LOL’s. He seemed to do just fine taking 3rd in nationals beating out other regions such as your highly esteemed East and West Coasts.

This is a hater thread. Got GGPO kids upset talking trash about good offline players because some casual match they had years ago. Yea let me slander some dude online that might not actually be him so I look hard. Other random dudes saying the guy is a scrub and probably would get handled if they actually played him. This thread is a “How to troll for Dummies”.

This thread has become cesspool in the midwest threads. Random guy starts a thread acting like he’s the best player ever and more guys get on attacking a player who has nothing to do with the thread and hasn’t posted on here in almost a year. Makes sense.


Legitimate question because I can’t remember anything past like, Top 12, but what did Antwan place at EVO?

In like, April 2009?
Dear lord…
Alright, I’ll indulge you, who did Antwan lose to then?

Interesting. 4-1.
That isn’t blind fanboyism or some hackneyed view of the competitive scene.
And watch you now say that it was back in early '09 and he is so much better now or that format was garbage which will completely invalidate your entire point and make you look like an ass.
You already are defaulting to the unfathomably idiotic, "You’d get raped if you played him."
Who is arguing that I am better? Please pull up where I insinuated that.

“Pacquiao owns Ricky Hatton free”
Use your damn brain.
But no, you’re right, I am saying Antwan is a scrub and I own MW free and blah blah, spot on there.

Really though, way to misconstrue the fact that I am saying that MW has been consistently trailing behind various other regions, which is fact.
Argue it all you want, but tournament results will always speak volumes higher than some dude’s childish defenses.
How about you step up your game and have your region (which I am a part of) prove the current facts wrong instead of catching feelings and throwing a fit?
I don’t care about the “prestige” of coasts, Japan, wherever, but if you hand me a rotten apple, I’m gonna tell you I’ve seen fresher.

Logic > Pride.


You’ve got two problems here.

First, you’re using one person as an example of why an entire region will lose 100% of the time to the majority of the rest of the country. That’s a faulty argument seeing as Antwan isn’t the best player in the region he didn’t go to Evo, and as far as I know he doesn’t even travel to a lot of majors. In fact, I’m not sure he even dedicates most of his time to IV any more seeing as he’s also a Tekken and 3S player.

Second, you’re arguing against people saying you called him a scrub and that you’d lose to him when they’re actually responding to another person’s post above yours where the scrub statement was made. Whether you’d lose to him, we’d lose to him, everyone would beat him or what doesn’t really apply to most of this discussion.

Here are the facts, and you and everyone else can ramble and argue about whatever else you want:

The Midwest is clearly behind the east and west coasts in overall talent level in IV for many reasons (and there isn’t really anyone arguing that in here with you if you pay attention).

The statement you made claiming there are percentages of regions that will own MW “100% for free” is ignorant and a clear exaggeration.

This thread was much funnier when it was just the MI guys talking shit.