The thread is still funny in a depressing way. I think people should realize that the scene outside EC and WC is scattered. Thriving scene on the WC and EC. They still have arcades that top players are constantly playing at. We have to drive from state to state just to good comp and we only play the best players when there are majors which are only Final Round and Seasons Beatings. That’s 2 opportunites twice a year unless we fly to NY or EVO.

You said MW gets raped for free 100%? Is that one of your proven facts too, lol. An OH player beat Marn at MWC convincingly. I saw Alucard beat Sanford at SB4. A Ft. Wayne player has beaten some of the best from the West Coast and East Coast in HDR. Your facts are simply exaggerated but you try to throw in a little extra umphhh so you can convince yourself and others that percentages mean something.



Fuck you guy.


ok guy, Ill give you one more reply. You reffering to me as a GGPO kid means you dont actually know anyting about me as I figured. I placed in a major before you even heard of


I’ve been playing streetfighter since 87’ long before a website on fighting games was even fathomed. You were still learning how to write in cursive. Take that you GGPO guy.


As I figured. . you are a nobody around here, you aint shit, and dont know shit.


So who wants to play some GGPO matches with me?



Top Skoe Won Tournaments in marvel vs capcom 2 Check out the first link!!!



You using the words “I dont know” alot in your sentences as well “as far as I know” in your vocab. Those are showing that you are speaking from a lack of knowledge or ignorance. Shut up be quiet Antwan is the Truth and done win alot tournaments in and out of state! Is he The Best in Michigan in Street fighter for maybe he is great in that game!! But best in all games Nope. Shyt I am on the Best in Michigan hands down!!! Illuminati Nicca’z is the Best Click!!!


See now, this is what made the thread good in the beginning.


Check out the Illuminati Nicca’z chanel on You tube its real good we have alot of Game Video’s up and it tell the Truth on who is the Best in Mi games lol.


Big ups to everybody doing they thang in this video game lil world but the Illuminati Niccaz are the Best tho lol.


Shit man this is too good. Yall niggas is “HYPEZZZZZZZZZZZ”



Whoa whoa whoa… Slow down there bruh… First and foremost, Antwan Ortiz has NEVER EVER used GGPO in his whole entire life… never ever ever… So whoever you played named “Alucard” (A very popular name by the way, I wish the nigga was more original in his choice of names) wasn’t him… So your distaste for whoever it may have been was misdirected towards Antwan for no reason… Now don’t you feel like a complete ass? EPIC FAIL…

Michigan won the May’n Event this summer, we are the Tekken 6 champions of the midwest…

zzzzzzz… Put Michigan against any state in whatever game, and there will be no rape, you can believe that shit. Thanks.

Twan has won tournaments all over the midwest, it’s not his fault that the REST of the country doesn’t come over here, yet you just said how FREE we were in your past post… So why is it that NOBODY from these other regions comes to the Midwest and takes ALL OF THIS FREE money? Makes absolutely no sense… The majors HERE in the MW, we go to, and Twan either wins them or comes in 2nd, this is true… So who the fuck are you? Come down over here to the free Midwest, and get some of this free money then scrub, fuck outta here.



Yeah more Ass whopping By the Illuminati Niccaz we the Best Around Fuck what ya Heard!!!


Yall boy should some Love!!! Stop hateing Half the People in MI was copying our Style and watching us win in amazement so now u want to hate lol.!!!


Hey, I’ve got to interrupt here. What’s a “skoe”?




See the problem with ignorantly brash exaggerations?


Everything I say is the Truth

The Illuminati Niccaz’ done beat everybody it is to beat in these video games when we did go out of state for these tournaments


We The Top Dowgs Illuminati Nicca’z

Yep No Bull shyt Alot of Gay Video Game Nerds Aint Want Us 2 Make it 2 Youtube!