The Truth Is Still Out There: X-Files Returning

I’d still fap to Gillian Anderson.

Fun Fact: I cut my big toe off on my right foot with a lawnmower when I was in grade 8, because I was trying to hurry it up and make it back in time for the X-Files. So now both my big toe, and X-Files, are back on!!!

I thought this was confirmed awhile back after Amazon cancelled Chris Carter’s The After.

I need to go back and rewatch the entire series.

X Files probably the first series I was dedicated to watching. Show was immense with the monster of the week stuff but I felt the conspiracy theory and alien half breed arcs were well… some kinda bullshit.

Double post FTW
Correction to the previous post -
I forgot Fox owned the rights to X-Files, Carter is working on another project with AMC.

You know I’m hype as fuck.

My dream scenario is that Mulder and Scully collect all the freaks they’ve run into over the years creating a supernatural army to fight the invading Colonists. There are some powerful fuckers out there so they could definitely win. With the immortal Scully leading and magnetite assist, the aliens can’t do shit!

But whatever they do I’ll probably like it anyway.

I can dig it. As long as it isn’t a prequel. I want to see what happens during and after the December 22, 2012 invasion date.

Wouldn’t they be better off doing another movie?

I agree the show had great writing in the beggining, but later on all the conspiracies and crazy stuff with Mulder and his sister’s clones just got to be a little silly. I stopped watching the show sometimes after season 4.

6 episodes, so its kinda LOTR movie length :smiley:

That last movie they were in with Billy Connolly was some utter dogshit. Like some S tier, honey I shrunk the kids and while your running around in the grass a massive dog runs over and dookies all over you type dogshit.

If you rewatch the show, you will see that there is less monster of the week than you think. Im an avid watcher of it, and i remember like 5 years ago rewatching it all, and was like, i coulda swore there was more monster of the week than this, but really there wasnt. It was a lot more general conspiracy and alien/mulder stuff than people probably remember. Starting from like season 1. I agree that later on you really just had no monster of the week stuff like the first few seasons, but there are a lot less monster of the week than i think people give xfiles credit for having.

I was watching the shape shifter episode a few weeks ago. I like that one, cause dude is playing mulder, and trying to get it in with a drunk skully. I love how they casually locked away a guy who is a shapeshifter, completely defying basic laws of physics, and theyre just like, give him some shit to sedate him to stop his shape shifting, and put him in a nut house. WTF. lol

Fucking Nerds

God I hope they bring back the Lone Gunmen

I remember watching an episode where they uncover that lawnmower that runs on water.

The plot for that first episode tho…

X Files is my #1 show of all time so I couldn’t be more excited.

cosign on bring back the gunmen.

cosign on show us what happened after the invasion date.

and maybe give us a little marita covarrubius!

I want resolution to the colonists and black oil, and stuff!

Hopefully we’ll get the Agent Doggett Christmas Special as well

Never watched an episode!!!

But I’m 'bout to.

Oh, and I don’t skip filler.

this was always the beauty of the xfiles. the ‘filler’ or motw was oftentimes better than the main storyline.

mind blown.

(I let out the biggest “WHAT?!” I’ve generally ever said aloud when I saw this title.)

Well…fuck. I can totally get behind this, especially if it’s a compact, quality mini-series that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting canceled like what little good TV still exists tends to do. Let’s just “hope” Duchonvy doesn’t give Anderson a reason to hate him on-set again.

(Please don’t be a prequel though.)

@Hawkingbird, what makes you think that? Especially when both (?) movies were of dubious quality? And especially when making a movie would take up a lot more time and money than making a mini-series that would, in all respects, be equal to or greater in length to an “actual” movie anyway?

I’m legitimately curious.

Didn’t they get blown-up-slash-die at the “end”-slash-cancellation of their brief spin-off series though? I could have just imagined that and it’s been like…more than a decade, but I’m vaguely sure that’s what happened.

Not that I’d be against just ignoring that even if it is the case, though.