The TT EVO 2015 Thread!

I just thought it would be nice to have a thread for Tech Talk ongoings for this year’s EVO.

Who all is working booths? What will you be providing at those booths? What other cool tech related stuff will be going on? Do we want to have any sort of TT meet ups?

I’ll kick this off I guess :slight_smile:

I’ll most likely be hanging around the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Vampire Savior areas to catch the action and be available for any UD-CPS2 questions. I won’t really be needed for gear this year which is nice (last year I had 2 huge CRTs about 8 UD-CPS2s and a bunch of other gear to help out the ST and VSAV events). I’ll likely just bring some backup gear for if anyone has any emergencies. I’ll probably also bring some UD-USB Decoders for anyone who wants to buy one or two while I’m wandering around. I might be down for late night TT dinner :smiley:

This isn’t quite related but since you’re on the subject of your USB converters:

we’ll be running a 3s side tourney at Hooters hotel and we’ll be using two superguns built with undamned’s USB converters. should be fun and better than console!

Yay! :smiley:

Heard about this Hooter meet up in the Third Strike Junkies fb group. When is that going to be?

I’ll be there whenever it is. I’ll also be lurking around the MCZ booth where PAS will be set up. I think we should all get together one night and go to the big arcade at Circus Circus. I didn’t get to check it out last year.

Also, there will be a lot of Evo exclusive shwag this year. I’ve been toying with the idea of a proxy service for picking up some of those things for those that aren’t able to attend. If anybody is interested in that, let me know.

it’ll kinda be all Evo weekend lol. most of the 3s cats who come to Hooters every year aren’t really interested in the main Evo event.

That is typical, some who flys in from out of town to attend a con and they spend all their time at Hooters, a local bar or the Hustler club. I am not even joking about the last one, when I made friends with two people who flew in to Baltimore to attend a con from Sweden as Guess of the con. I asked them where their favorite places in Baltimore, they told me in all seriousness than if it’s on their own dime Hooters, if someone else is paying the Hustler Club (locals joke that in the part of the city where you can catch a STD just walking down the street) but mostly as they are kinda lazy and tired from jet lag the small tavern across the street from the Convention center.

I wish I could make it to EVO this year, but for the second year in a row, EVO is on the same weekend as the TFCon Toronto convention, which I’ve been attending every year since 2006.

Myself and Gummo will be there

I’ll be there helping @armi0024 and @SusanInParadise at the PAS area and helping @Vicko and @Gummo with whatever random shit on the side. :slight_smile:

WE MUST HAVE SRKTT PHOTOSHOOT & LUNCH & MAYBE BAR DRINKS! (Will not take no for an answer. SRKTT = Awesome. Participation is required)

Gonna miss Evo once again. But then again, most of the stuff on the main stage bores me. The only reason I still commentate for USFIV is that I get paid for it.

YAY!!! :smiley:

I’m guessing it will be difficult for the modders to take a lunch break (I think they usually just eat over their work and drop food inside people’s controllers), but I should be down for a late evening dinner/meet-up at least one of the nights there.

I work during Evo, but I can drop by there afterwards one of the nights (so probably around 9:30 or so). The real question is do I wear my TT shirt, or my JCC shirt?

Where’s the hype, guys and gals?


I registered for a tournament when I signed up on a whim and now I’m regretting it. My hype has turned to dread.

Just go in and do your best, and don’t get salty if you lose. If you win that is great, that is awesome.
You take your defeat with stride, if you win don’t rub it in (but its okay to celebrate).

Ether way people are going to respect you more than those who show boat before hand and get really salty afterwards.

But remember most of all have fun.

I have the opposite problem. I’m regretting not signing up for Tekken 7. The day after registration closes they say all T7 participants get a shirt…

Just figured that I (and most Americans) haven’t even played Tekken 7 before, so what exactly was I doing by entering besides adding to the pot bonus? It’d just be $10 I’d never see again.

But dat shirt tho…

It dies a little more every time I look at my todo list.

Ok, so quick head count. Who’s going and when do you plan on getting here? Any Thursday arrivals? Perhaps we can arrange a pre-Evo (Prevo?) get together if enough people are interested.

Also anyone have a plan for meet ups after the day is done? Friday, Saturday, etc?

@Finest_KO and I will be there. I have Xrd Pools at 6PM on Friday, but otherwise I’m free for the rest of the days. Most probably going to get really drunk with Norcal Anime crew. Then go play Hot Shots Golf WI in BYOC. Maybe check out SFV since E3 build looked surprisingly good. Registered for BAS’s CVS2 tournament but might unregister depending on the buy-in. Going super poverty this year.

I’m going to stop by the booths because I wanna check out the Crown 307 in comparison to a 303 and see how the silent switches are like on the 307. Then I might cave in a get LS-56. We’ll see.

Here’s some pictures of me to indicate what I look like.


So if you see me, feel free to say hello! If not, feel free to ignore me!