The TTT2 General Discussion thread


Does anyone call this game T4 for short? I do, I mean its a long title and its all words that start with T.


T4 just brings back bad memories.


If I want to shorten Tekken Tag Tournament 2 aside from the usual TTT2, I just go and call it “Tag 2”, personally.


You would love the Philippines, Lili is basically the national character. :lol:

Also, you can get randomly rick-rolled during matches in the arcade.

Shoutouts to karaoke and custom Kinect rigs (which have exploded in popularity in recent years) :lol:


I want Tekken 7 to be more like T4 than anything else. Extremely reduced cast, different art style, no bound.


Just a friendly reminder that the Tekken Global games air from Korea tomorrow.

Coverage will be at

It will start on 2pm Korean time (1am EST/10pm Fri PST) on Saturday.
Full roster of participants


No footage of AK’s matches from pool D?


AK getting 3rd, i have never been more disgusted and impressed at tekken play in my life


I was disgusted. I’ll give full credit to AK for being a legit Tekken prodigy but at the same time I have to concede that the game mechanics are at serious fault for allowing him to exploit it like that and win. Even top players in the world don’t know what to do against the dead space mix up of throw and flip kicks. JDCR was the only one to get passed him only by correctly distancing himself from it and barely. That’s not to say the kid lacked fundamentals but he was relying on a crutch that the top players couldn’t deal with which makes the game stupid.

If you break the throw, there’s another throw attempt or a high & low crush flip kick. Then on top of that you have to correctly guess if there is another round flip kicks. Unless the kid completely whiffed the first flip kick all you can do to punish was a two string. It was the same with his Paul mix up between throw and scissor kicks. The game rewards retarded risk taking like this and this basically undercuts the knowledge, experience and hard work of the veteran player. After seeing AK play Help Me in winners and in losers I’m reminded of why I dropped this series several years ago. The only way to win in Tekken is to not play.


It was on the Tekken stream, people will still search for it on Nico Nico


AK has also been playing for years. He started playing tekken when he was 4 years old.


I’m rooting for this kid to win. If he enters another international major I’ll probably watch even though I hate this game.


there were points of lol kid had some fundamentals but there were times where you had to let him hang himself and space and punish
nothing wrong with flip kicks hes using the move the way it was intended
it was designed to be a panic crush move


AK might of gotten 3rd at the tournament because people didn’t know his play style. Did you guys hear what happened after the tekken global? Nobi ended up beating AK 6 straight one match and 13 straight the other. It just shows that AK play style isn’t that great once you have figure him out, which nobi did afterwards. If you want to watch the vid of him and nobi, you can search fore greentekken on twitch.


And you’ll get your chance. Kid just got sponsorship for SEAM2014 and possibly EVO.


Does anybody in here have a lot of experience with Jun? I think I want to pair her up with Jin but I need some advice.


Just wanted to say hi. Tag 2 is my favorite fighter of all time. I get pretty hype when I finish a round with a decent TA combo. My main team is Asuka/Miguel. My plan is to learn a combo with each character over the next few years. Chances are, I’ll always be a scrub at this and every other fighting game. Will be playing this game even after T7 is released.


Jun is really cool, I think, but the main problem with her is that she can be incredibly risky (which doesn’t really suit her style, but whatever) because many players have gotten used to her mixup options and how to poke/step out of them. Like Asuka, she has great whiff punishes and sports pretty decent solo damage and has above average wall carry. Getting the launch will not be terribly easy; she has to rely on stepping and CHs or whiff punishes, most notable f+2. She excels, I think, mainly at maintaining a bubble of space around her and then using her movement to either close the distance to punish a risky advance or to slip and slide her way around moves with bad or no tracking.


SS top 8 results stolen directly from kid meek in the green tekken stream chat

  1. Saint (Bob/Ganryu)
  2. Nobi (Dragunov/Lars)
  3. Bronson (Marduk/Julia)
  4. Majin (King/Armor King)
  5. Mr Naps (Bryan/Dragunov)
  6. Starscream (Hwoarang/Jin)
    7.Princess Ling (Ling/Lei)
  7. ???


Man, Draunov/Lars? Now that’s a team that I never really find to be a joy fighting, lol.