The "Tug of War" Life Bar

Anyone remember these from those old World Heroes games? Only one life bar, and the object is to score enough damage to make it all your color? I wish more games had an option like that, it broke up the monotony a bit.

I always thought that was a novel concept, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any other games that had that feature.

Edit: Image of the life bar in question

Dragon Ball Z Legends had something like that. Except when you won the tug of war you’d do a super move and that would actually damage the opponent. Only problem with this though is that it can make some of the matches last 30 minutes or more.

Primal Rage in some home versions also featured this … PSX and SATURN if I remember it well…

I never heard about that. It’s a bit more realistic than the current system. But as mentioned above, it’s not practical time-wise.

Virtua Fighter 4 Evo has it, you have to beast Quest mode to unlock it tho.

Did not know that - I’ll have to pick up a copy now, considering the fact you can get it so cheap these days.

Uhh… exactly how is getting energy back by kicking your ass realistic?

Because it was never a “life” bar, it’s always been a “power” bar. It’s like WWE wrestling. Losses happen when one opponent has lost the “esteem”/cheer war. You gain esteem by beating your opponent up.

Can you imagine a 3S Chun’ mirror match with this kind of life bar?

Dear god no.

I am working on game for mugen that works like that:

That would suck. It makes comebacks would mean alot less, because you can have a pixel of life left and get one big combo and all of a sudden you’re good as new.

Well in the DBZ legends, the tug of war bar and the life bar were separate. So if you were to lose the tug of war you’d lose a bit of your life that you can’t get back. Not too sure how WH’s one worked exactly though. But due to it, it would make turtling less important since you wouldn’t really lose any health anyway that you can’t get back.

It would end up making fighting games pretty tedious. God of War had this system in the last fight and it was fun for all of 5 minutes. Turtling would be more effective since being safe would mean your opponent gets killed slowly rather then playing tug of war forever by taking turns comboing each other back to good health.

Actually, it’s a vitality bar, which has nothing to do with either life or power.

You need to make the sarcasm more obvious or someone might think your serious.