The TVC SBO Thread


Alright SBO qualifiers are on for the next couple months. Here’s some info.

One on one, single elimination.
Rock paper scissors before the match, winner decides which side they want.
All characters legal.

That seems to be the important stuff. Good luck to anybody else trying out, my first qualifier is sunday so I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


Arcade characters only right? Also, good luck!


smash them with your roll, smash them into the ground and scrub them till the dirt that was your opponent is thoroughly cleaned.


ALL CHARACTERS LEGAL?! Then that means giants, too. Good luck to all. I can’t wait to see vids from SBO qualifiers/the actual SBO event.


Yeah it’s on arcade cabs so arcade chars only.


Woo cool arcade only? that sounds nice :3

I hope to see some interesting matches xD


Hope to see some videos of this and all games of this years event. :tup:

3-29-09 Club Sega winner: ???


silently roots for ken players

Anyone up for some predictions of the metagame?

Will it still be filled with Karas/Ryu teams? or will there be any change in the teams most people use?


Alright I did my first qualifier today. I got some vids but unfortunately my computer is in the shop. I’m in a manga cafe right now so I’ll post them as soon as I can.

Anyways. There were a good number of ryu/Karas teams. That was definitely the most popular team, although no Karas users made it into the finals. It seems like the metagame has sort of passed him up. All the really high level players knew exactly what to look for and how to punish it in his pressure strings, and the karas players didn’t have any mixups, just spam/lockdown games. That’s just my interpretation though.

The winner was a Ken/Tekkaman player from Kyoto, he beat out a Ryu/chun li team in the last round (this was the guy who beat me). I made it to quarterfinals, but that only meant 1 win.

If you want to read about it in depth, check my blog.


Woo ken/tekka was thinking of using that team!

Is it the same ken/tekka player from niconico? i think ive seen that team before.

Man cant wait for ken vids xD im still deciding who to partner with ken >< right now still sticking with chun for some confusion but tekkaman seems really appealing now :open_mouth:

Hrms about the karas i would agree, his pressure game is strong BUT if u play him enough there are acutally holes u can escape from if u keep your cool and dont get messed up by his little bag of tricks. However i do have a friend who uses karas’s counter special like a god which makes it hard to attack karas :frowning: but still i think ken has alot of untapped potential and playing styles that are really devastating.


Ken/Tekkaman? Ken air combo ending with 623+2 attacks Super -> DHC into Tekkaman 623+2 attacks super = at least 30K damage. And you guys already mentioned that Ken/Tekkaman player on niconico. Ken goes well with just about anyone, IMO.


ken/tekkaman is looking top tier right now and imo i think its as good as karas/chun or karas/ryu. that ken/tekkaman level3 super mix up nasty! then the infinite! then if ken gets a hit in the air you get that combo into tekkaman assist.


One?of his main sources of big damage was actually a team up super as anti air. I’ll try to get the vids up soon, but with ken’s dp super plus the tekka laser you fly to the other wall and can combo them after the laser. For some reason you can still assist after it too so I’ve got one vid of him as ken hitting dp team up super, jab, launcher, juggle, aerial kicks special, tekka assist, another launcher, another air juggle. Also the tekka laser crosses up when ken flys by you I’m pretty sure, it’s bad enough that everybody threw out desperation pokes rather than try to block it.

ohh and i’ve never seen those nico vids, so idk. This dude went by the name ??? though if that helps.


you got any vids of your roll in this tourney? her and yatterman are what I need to see. and as cool as high level tvc is if roll is involved it makes it 100x better.


I actually play Jun/Tekka now as my ‘arcade’ team. Still Tekka/Saki for console.


Shiki - Sorry, can’t play and film at the same time. I was real nervous and kept fucking up anyways tho. HeartNana says he’ll come ifI go to another one tho so hopefully he can film me at the next one in a couple weeks. I’ll try to get his morrigan too.

Kiets - When are you gonna make some more vids? My computer’s broke and the wii browser can’t handle nico. Need more TvC!


Ken/Tekka vids >< i really need to see how he does that tekka man air combo, the specifics.

With the ken/tekka team i think u have acess to one of ken most dmging combos. Where u have enough time for tekkaman to reset and use him TWICE in one combo :open_mouth:

I think hes on the 2nd match


mid screen yatterman super combo hell yeah now ill need to experiment to see if there is a way to dhc into roll after this, well at least heal will work against alot of charas. looks like yatter can really mess with the opponent without that much risk.

ken tekka is scary as hell, makes karas look like a pussy.


matches were pretty weak. ken tekka was straight. that batsu team sucked, that karas sucked, and pretty much everyone else. i noticed japans chuns are all pretty straight, except that last match of chun vs tekka, she could have killed him so many times easily, and was dropping stuff. dumb ryus still. anymore vids

those werent qualifiers, right? just a vid of the ken tekka player? i was thinking those were qualifier vids


im nt too sure what they are about but its nothing to do with the SBOs just showing how the ken/tekka guy played ^^