The Twisted Metal 2 Thread


Anyone remember this game? It’s a classic that I still play to this day. Has it ever been played in tournaments or was it all casual? And what do you think the top tier is?

IMO it’s something like:

Spectre: This guy is badass. He’s got speed, maneuverability and one seriously annoying special. This car is kinda like a beefier Mr. Grimm with a tone-downed special.

Outlaw: Alot like Spectre. His special is really good, but it sucks if your going to fast. It’s just hit and run with this mofo.

Warthog: A bit slow but he can push the other smaller cars around. He’s special is pretty good too. Turtling around powerups seems to be his main start.

Comments and strats are welcome ofcourse :D.


I’m not sure exactly, but yeah, Spectre was badass.


Man Twisted Metal 2 was some fun shit. TMBlack didnt come close to even remotely getting the same feeling from me. I used the Mr. Slam guy, all I did was freeze people then use his super, over…and over. Good times.


heh, Mr.Slam owns on the New York stage. Just freeze and push off the edge of a building. Have you guys ever seen the Santa Claus pedestrian? I played this game for 6 years and I still haven’t seen him. :mad: