The Twitter Thread

As I’ve started to get into twitter, I’ve started to notice that it’s not as “ghey” as people are claiming it to be…I’ve been following a few people and I just thought this could be a decent repository for people you know that are the real person or could be that person…these are all the ones I have… - From fox sports radio (nightly show) - Another fox sports radio show - JT The Brick from fox sports - Questlove (drummer from The Roots) - Tila Tequila (yes, I follow her…) - Chris Paul of the Hornets (kinda skeptical on this one) - Porn star (actually her, shes posted pics) - Porn star (actually her too) - Hip hop artist from The Justus League - Chris Mortensen from ESPN - Formally from ESPN now on NFL Network - Another rap artist from group Little Brother - Talib Kweli (rapper) - Another artist in Justus League as well - Yes, Ed Lover from Yo! MTV Raps - Ken Mercer (Plug One from De La Soul) - Another Porn star…yes I watch too much of it - Murs (rapper from west coast) - Evidence from Dilated Peoples - Mike and Mike in the Morning (ESPN Radio) - Tim Cowlishaw from Around the horn - Phonte from Little Brother - Anthony from Opie and Anthony - Joe Rogan (Comedian) - Comedian and part of Opie and Anthony Show - Steve Nash from Phoenix Suns - Bill Plaschke from Around The Horn - J.A. Adande from Around The Horn - Kevin Smith (Clerks, Jay & Silent Bob, etc) - Shaquelle O’Neal - Comedian - Jimmy Fallon (SNL, Late Night show as well) - Tony Reali from around the horn - PTI show…Tony and Wilbon both post - Opie from Opie and Anthony Show - Robert Kelly (Comedian)

why the hell are you following freeza? just incase his plans for world domination come to fruition?

lol pornstar feeds. Too good. Except for the ones posted, Rachel Starr looks disgusting.

Twitter is fucken DUMB.

I’ve seen her and eva post about threesomes and when (with who) they’re shooting with…shit is hilarious…to be honest I like how rachel looks as a whole…she’s got an INSANE body…she twitpic’d her nips gettin redone…tooooooo good…lmao

maxx: who are you talkin about?

Agreed…web browser txt messaging… I Don’t get that shit

^ What he wrote. Here’s my twitter:

I ate a lot.

I need to take a dump.

I took a dump.

I feel better now.

Can you actually post nude pics on twitter? just asking cause hell free porn sent to my phone? I like. :lol:

Someone invited me to Twitter 2 years ago before it got big. I log in like once every 6 months. I don’t understand the purpose when we’ve already got Myspace, Facebook, etc.

tila aka freeza.

i dont understand twitter. sooooo, someone says what theyre doing and you respond like a chat session, or its just you looking at people type updates of their life. soooo the difference between that and those facebook updates, and a myspace blog is…?

I see you’re an OnA fan. The show is the only reason I give any notice to twitter, but I refuse to setup my own account.

Twitter like mass texting. It like facebook/myspace merging with text.

its def not like a myspace blog.

facebook status update wit 140 characters

To me twitter is only good for people with not a lot going on in their lives. Yeah, I to like TV shows, porn, and music, but I have enough shit of my own to do such that even if I cared what x celebrity had for lunch, I don’t have a lot of time to check up on it. Furthermore, people who use it who are nobodies are just shouting into space hoping someone might care.

I can honestly say I have no desire to know what any of those people do on a daily basis.

Twitter is for assholes who love their update their Facebook status non-stop.

fucking ashton kutcher

For a bunch of people that hate trolling it’s funny that you guys post how much you hate it and want EVERYONE TO KNOW…just like Twitter…do like most non attention whores, if you don’t want to read or post on something…IGNORE IT…

I guess we can’t have a discussion about stuff on a discussion forum. I better twitter about how retarded twitter is so maybe we can talk about it.

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