The two mysterious students who trained with M.Bison. Could they be

When I read Tiamat’s story faq, I understood that M.Bison trained alongside two other students and that M.Bison killed his master. He then said that he did not know what happened to the other two students. However, maybe we know who they are.
Assuming that Bison trained to learn how to control his psycho powers, what could the other two be learning to control? Well, in the Street Fighter 3 series, we learn of two people who seem to control elements very well. One controls the power of fire and ice while the other controls thunder and lightning. Their names, Gill and Urien. Could those two be the students who trained alongside Bison?

From what I’ve gathered in the story faq, the most powerful characters seem to be the ones who use some type of elemental powers (Gill, Akuma, Oro, M.Bison, Urien and Ryu). Out of those characters, M.Bison, Gill and Urien seem to have complete control over their powers while everyone has trained for many years and have not come close to mastering their techniques, except probably Oro.

I never played CFE but from what I understand, apparently in Bison’s ending, he defeats Gill in front of the twelve dolls and leaves him, only to have Gill resurrect when they leave. Even though the ending makes it look like Bison challenged Gill without knowing who he is, maybe he doesn’t remember him like Rose.

In an upcoming Street Fighter issue, both Bison’s and Rose’s origin will be revealed. Maybe we’ll see a flashback where Bison trains with a normal looking Gill and Urien.

This is just speculation. What do you think?

I agree!
I believe it was in fact Urien and gill that Bison trained would be so cool to see one of Udon’s comics with atleast half an issue with this happening.

I also believe he trained with Gill and Urien. So does Saiki himself but without an official confirmation it’s still speculation on all of our parts. It would be nice if they showed that in the comic, anything to connect SF3 with SF2 a bit more.

Yeah most people have been speculating on this, I hope Udon goes ahead and uses it.

Bison’s powers aren’t elemental in any way, they’re purely “mental”. He’s not creating fire, ice, lightning or earth like Gill and Urien.

I thought Gill and Urien used just a few of the 66 techniques passed down in their family’s organization. Unless Bison was trained by their family, I dont see it happening. Maybe Bison has something to do with Gill’s rise to power…

Gill has mastered all 66 techinques, Urien mastered the Aegis reflector.

Bison’s powers (flight, projectile) are similar in nature but don’t have much of a resemblance in game.

There was a mention somewhere that the Illuminati (Gill’s organization) may have even controlled Shadoloo.

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Who defeated Gill in SF3: 3rd strike? They left alot of things unanswered.

Since Gill is most likely still at large by the end of 3S, about the only ones who could’ve defeated/impressed him as seen in game dialogues & endings are Yun & Yang.

Yun and Yang were both present against Gill in 3S.

That’s right, missed the last scene there. My bad. Correction made above; thanks for catching that, Hcparker. :tup:

WTF “elemental” powers does Ryu use? This reminds me of some guy who claimed Ryu fought with the power of the Earth some 3 years ago…last I checked, all Ryu uses is his muscle and his ki. And the same goes for Gouki. Satsui no Hadou/killing intent is not elemental. Everything they do is all ki or physical. Until I see them causing the ground to swallow you up for a super, I don’t acknowledge this fan-fic-sounding elemental power crap. M. Bison: Psycho Power is not an element. Oro: super-developed ki discipline attained through a couple lifetimes of training is not elemental. Gill and Urien are the only element wielders. Where are you guys getting this crap?

Perhaps theyre hinting at Ryu’s electric use.

Aside from the Vs games which seem to hint at him developing an electric touch to his moves…

In SF3 he does have the Denjin which counts as an electrical based attack.

S’Okay. I thought you just overlooked it. Most people forget that Yun and Yang are both pictured with matching black eyes against Gill. That ending does have one hole in it, since it appears that where they fought Gill is open to debate.

Yun’s CFE ending (aside from having Gen in it!) seems to indicate that the brothers have more or less recounciled and Yang is considered more the leader.

Although, I think I know who Q is supposed to be know.

Really? Who?

yes who is Q?

According to pyro when he was in Japan, many Japanese players went around saying that Q is Makoto’s dad in a robot suit.

was the theory that hes bison looking for a new host dismissed?