The UCLA thread


Lets start this up again.

Anyway, Ken is here ^_^. He got a lot worse though…he hasn’t played since the last Evo :frowning:

And he said he forgot how to play Yun. What a shame :frowning:

So all you peeps out there show up and say hi!


hey yumi do u play 3s?


I can pretend to play 3s…


Whoa, Ken is back, way too good.

But if Yumi said he’s not as good as before, then I’d assume that means that Yumi is now able to beat Ken… if so, that is way too sad. :(. But then again Yumi has gotten a lot better so props to him. Hey Yumi if you see Ken again, ask him when he’s normally there, so I can stop in and say Ohayo, Konnichiwa, or Konbanwa when I see him.

Later fools


when u usually play?


Anyone here play marvel?

i’m that asian guy that uses msp that goes there a lot between classes

oh yeah…
i busted the cabinets at xcape on the marvel machines

the machine on the left can’t move up-right well on the two player side

the machine on the right has a broken fk on the two player side

if anyone could repair or get someone to repair it, it would be much appreciated


for next weeks bi weekly is it gonna be a 3s/cvs2 or mvc2/ggxx?


plz someone fix the mvc2 sticks and buttons

it screwed 2 player side over and allowed me to get about 50 wins today =/


because I"m not at ucla anymore and I work fulltime, I am not exactly able to keep the sticks at the best condition at all times. I will come in tomorrow to look over all the machines to adjust sticks and buttons. I can’t promise that everything will be fixed soon. but everything will be fixed by the tournament


whens the next 3s tourney?


He comes in randomly during the school day…I suppose since he’s taking classes here, he’s probably like the rest of us…showing in between or after classes.

I can draw even with him so long as he doesn’t play that absurd A-Cammy of death…

He told me that C-Chun was cheap
:lol: :lol:


Your C-Chun isn’t cheap, just unnaturally effective:D As for Ken’s A-Cammy…:eek:


We need more GGXX people. I’ve gotten so bored that I’m starting to actually learn characters outside of Faust…


Hey guys… just bumping up the thread so it doesn’t fall into the inevitable page two obscurity like all the other ucla threads… anyways, good to hear ken is back. hopefully i’ll see him around so he can rape my teams in cvs2 japanese style (with the bukkake and stuff). need to get better at that game and need to start playing 3s again.



Funny shit today: Ken playing MvC2 beacuse the CvS2 machine has “bad sticks”. Also one of the buttons doesn’t work.

Anyway, finals are over! Yeah!


I hope Ken will go to Red Octane. That’s all.


I hope Ken didn’t leave yet. I need to relearn Japanese soon…

I’m actually starting to get bored of CvS2…and I don’t believe it. I still find GGXX fun though.


Shouldn’t UCLA find a way to get GGXX#R?



haha golden opportunity j/k