the UK fighting game scene

As a brit and avid FG fan, it’s really disheartening how dead the scene appears to be here. I know there’s a decent sized scene in London, but apart from that it seems there’s nothing. I’m sure there must be a bunch of isolated cases like me and my friends, where people are desperate for new competition but can’t find anyone else who feels the same way. In light of that, I’d be really interested in any attempt to promote fighters in the UK and bring together British FG players.

Has any such attempt ever been made by the scene? I’d even be interested in travelling the 4 or 5 hours to get to London if it meant a good day’s worth of SF, but it doesn’t seem like it’s particularly easy to get into that circle unless you’re already in the area. Even if that’s not the case, although it might be fun once in a while, I can’t afford to travel to London consistently (especially considering I’d probably need to go there a hell of a lot just to compete at the decent level); a more localized system of scenes is required in the UK, and I’m sure there’s others that feel the same way.

I don’t think it’s impossible to, if not resurrect the UK scene, then at least expand it a little. The state of things now will only be perpetuated, though, if the pessimistic and apathetic attitudes I see in many UK players who otherwise feel the same way I do continue (though if a real push has been made to expand the scene, and has failed, then I apologize for that statement). Anyone have any ideas on how the UK scene could be improved? I think a concerted effort by UK players to promote fighting games (to both hardcore, casual and even non-players), and to get together at locations outside of London where there are still a decent concentration of FG players could help to bring more players in and solidify the connections that currently exist.

The welsh know you’re pain. Theres nothing for the welsh scene either. I could be wrong, but if there is a welsh scene then I certainly don’t know about it.

If its not in London then you’re screwed. And being 4-5 hours away is too much for just a days worth of arcade gaming. Maybe if Absolution takes off one year I wouldn’t mind going, but yes… the UK scene is beyond dead. Just gotta make the most of it and find as many friends as you can play with.(or play online with XBL)

Im no expert, but there doesnt even seem to be a huge amount in London anymore. Even places like Trocadero are pretty poor now. Seems to be full of DDR rip off type machines when I was last there.

I think the best place to find the UK gamers is to check out #cornertrap (on mIRC efnet server). I also know a few welsh players are there but nothing major. You could try talking to them with your cause.

Speaking of efnet, which is the best efnet server to log into? Each one I use keeps booting me off after an hour or so.

EDIT : I see you already know about cornertrap, how silly of me.

theres plenty of uk heads about trust me its the fact that a huge percentage of them felt cheated out of absolution so u dont really hear from many of them again unless they are having quiet indoors sessions only…

trocadero and casino and play 2 win and las vegas are the only 4 major arcades going about these days
but they all lack of the same shit nothing but broken joysticks apart from the odd 1 game like 3s

London is too far for me to make frequent visits, plus the only machines that had playable sticks were the Jpn style machines in the Troc. The sticks in Goodge Street Casino are very awkward to play with.

If even the arcades in london are pretty bad, has anyone ever considered renting usage of a large indoor space for a day and having a consoles-only event? Seems like a viable option at least.

Isn’t KOF supposed to be big there? Or is that more Spain, France etc.?


If anything like this is planned to go down, let me know I’d be interested.

OrangeCat : Not sure, I know 2002 was quite successful but there hasn’t been much mention of KOF around the UK lately.

I feel exactly the same. In newcastle there is NO arcade scene. The only things you see are bandits and sega rally etc. No street fighter.

I’ve been thinking of traveling to london for a long time now, but the same, it just doesn’t seem worth it, especialy not knowing who, where or when the players are going to be around.

I have a games mag some where listing of all the hotspots in the country for arcades. But digging that up would be a nightmare. Seeing as I have hundreds of magasines.

If an event where going to take place, I would be there 100%. Im desperate for some competition. Fighting the cpu just isn’t good enough.

hey, I live pretty near newcastle too and am also super desperate to play some decent players. there used to be an arcade there called ‘the point’ and it was the shit, loads of street fighter and some kick ass players but it closed down about 6 years ago. right now only one of my friends plays fighting games and it sucks.only chance I get to play 3s against real people is if I even happen to be in london(not that often).I’m high on enthusiasm but low on ideas…anybody?

It may be a bit far fetched, but it could be done.

There’s a games shop in the city centre called The Next Level. Although very small, they hold multi games tournaments every 5 months or somthing, but it’s not very known i think. I was thinking of asking them if they would include 3S in the next one anyway. But I doubt if any decent players would show up. Simply because they might not know about it.

Me and one of my friends are the only people I know around that are serious about 3S etc.

few people tryed certain things but the problem is u can organise something and 50-60 people could say they are gonna come along and talk shit for weeks to come when the day comes u will find about 10-15 max and u have lost on your costs.

so u wont bother there was a guy called ghost666 who organised a cvs2 tournment way back in 2002 he had loads of prizes and over a few hundred people where shouting there mouth of about going to play but only 11 people turned up on the day so the prizes were limited to 1 for the winner only + i think he lost over 1000 he had lighting massive screen projector for hire and it was a waste… made a few friends afterwards but that was it for me

If that’s the case, then the only way decent it could be done would be to have the entrence fees and other costs paid prior to the event, to ensure no money would be lost. But I doubt that would happen.

Yeah man, i feel your pain about the dead UK scene. The only thing that has reignited my need to carry on playing SF is xbox live as there is so little real competition let alone arcades with SF3\cvs2.

Ive met a couple of liked minded people on another forum i use that love SF, but i cant be trotting round the country all the time to play Fighting games now can i? :stuck_out_tongue: So XBL is kind of a god send for me. Only started playin SF3 properly in August and i like to think i have improved :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, also, their is this other forum which a cool dude has set up and its lacking in members due to its infancy. Its in my sig ( )
sadly hardly any posts and input from anyone as he seems to shy to pimp his own site…but seeming as cornertrap died (i didnt even know it was a uk based website till it died :\ )maybe this could be a new base for uk\eu peeps? Not that theres anything wrong with SRK…

/me rolls pasts moderators >_<;;


There is the Efnet Cornertrap channel though on irc.

Edit 2: To the Welsh players :slight_smile:

Ex_Mosquito is a really good old School Street Fighter player, he is on Cornertrap’s irc channel now and again. Maybe you could try and play him online or in RL.

If someone does wanna set something up, I would suggest starting small… e.g. I know lots of medium-sized halls in London for 100 a day or less. And also try to borrow/rent equipment as cheaply as possible :slight_smile:
DO NOT go renting out 1000 halls before you have a solid player base^^
And make sure you got at least 10 friends who are definite to come, who won’t let you down if others will.
This will basically minimise your losses if you don’t get a HUGE turnout as expected.

Another reason tournies flop is a distinct lack of advertising. Most of the tournies I know about weren’t advertised on more than one website!
Also reasonable notice is needed for players. I’d say at least 2 months notice for any major event… less than that is ok for minor stuff.

And oh yeah, people don’t like paying in advance, as absolution showed :frowning:
A lower price in advance by paypal/whatever and full price on the day will encourage ppl to pay in advance (like at abs). But the thing is people just don’t TRUST these events to end up good or even happen at all. You need to get at least one tourney under your belt before asking for advance money ^^

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

Thats why I was saying “but I doubt that would happen”. Im Dying to get on X-Box live but I sold my box didn’t I. Plus my connection isn’t fast enough, otherwhise I’ld probably be playing you right now. Mabe.

Yeah, this seems like exactly the sort of thing the scene could use, shame nobody goes there. It really should have more of a focus on bringing the scene together for games (even if only online) and building up a community though, caue if people want inidividual game strats, they’re just gonna go to SRK anyway :confused:

I guess a lot of players don’t play because they don’t get time anymore. And of course lack of arcades is another problem too. But as Chef said, start off with something small (could even be sessions at someones house) and then take it from there…

good luck! :karate:

I recently moved from bournemouth to london for uni and I have to say the competition is very good despite a lack of variety and few arcades. If there was a get together I would definately go. One arcade further north that is good is namco in nottingham. it has a3, mvc2, kof, ggx, vf4, sc2 and maybe 3s.

on a different note, has anyone seen the evo2k4 dvds? who are tyhe english guys they interview? I know one is chunkis, but who are the other guys?