The ULTIMATE, Friendly-Neigborhood, Spider-man Team-building Thread

And, sadly, I couldn’t find any golden quotes in Spider-man’s legacy to make the title.

Well, anyways, welcome to the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Team-building thread for your friendly neighborhood Spider-man!

***Purpose of this thread: ***To discuss all possible synergy that Spider-man has with each individual character in the game. This will consist of assist synergy through setups and combo extensions, as well as DHC, THC, raw-tag Hypers (RTH’s), and anything else you can think of.

We will follow a format that is identical to the example below:



Dormammu Assists:

(alpha) Dark Hole: Dark Hole is the preferred assist as it grants Spider-man control of space in between him and his opponent, assisting him in either advancing in on the opponent, keeping the opponent out, or locking the opponent down. The assist is active for a whole 33 frames, meaning it will pin the opponent down for quite some time or will leave the opponent in hit-stun long enough for Spider-man to pick up off of it fairly well.

This is also one of the best assists in terms of extending Spider-man’s combos this time around, due to the fact that it will hold the opponent long enough for Spider-man to connect an OTG Web Zip into a :l: Web Throw at the end of a combo. Spider-man can then choose to finish the combo with Maximum Spider or Crawler Assault -given the position of the opponent in relation to the stage- or even go for a reset with an OTG Web Zip.

Dark Hole has 50 frames of startup. This supplies you enough time to scare your opponent into blocking and throw them for their feeble defenses. You also have enough time to get a quick cross-up in the works if you time it right.

Due to Dark Hole’s rapid hits, you are able to force a fuzzy guard on your opponent by getting them to block high against such moves as j.:h: or j.:s:. This can create deadly hi-lo mixups by allowing you to perform cr.:l:, or get that instant over head with :l: or :m: Spider Sting~:h: or even j.:l:/:m:.

Dark Hole can create left-right mixups on incoming opponents midscreen, due to Spider-man’s ability to cross-under the opponent using a grounded :uf: Web Glide a.k.a. Web Zip. In the corner, Dark Hole can force guard breaks when timed correctly; by performing an Instant Air Dash (IAD) j.:m: while calling Dark Hole so that the last 3 hits will connect, Spider-man can punish any attempt to Advancing Guard with either a dash up air throw or an Ultimate Web Throw. Should the opponent take the hit of the j.:m: and Dark Hole, Spider-man can land and perform st.:m: st.:h: xx :m: Web Throw ton pick up off of the combo.

(beta) Purification: Purification does not prove to be very effective as an assist in general, let alone for Spider-man. It has 56 frames of startup, not only leaving Spider-man the inability to use this as a practical combo extension, OTG or not, but it’s hardly easy to pick up off of for a combo. It only remains active for 23 frames as well, leaving it subpar compared to Dark Hole’s extra 5 hits and 10 active frames.

The one thing that Purification does have over Dark Hole is that even if Dormammu gets hit late in the startup, Purification will still come out for its natural duration.

(gamma) Liberation: Liberation assist works the same as it does as Liberation on point; the move’s output changes depending on the number of charges that Dormammu has stored. When Dormammu performs Liberation, all stored charges are consumed in the process.

This assist should only be used when Spider-man is already paired with an assist that will provide him screen control and possibly combo extension capabilities. However, due to the fact that it provides 10 different assists in one, it is the most flexible assist in the game. The only issue is to figure out how to build those charges while you still have Spider-man alive…

Liberation continues to be even more unique than the other two assists because when Liberation is chosen as Dormammu’s assist, Dormammu will perform Stalking Flare as his hyper in any THC, rather than Chaotic Flame.

In order to build charges with Dormammu most efficiently while keeping Spider-man on point, you must be able to DHC from Maximum Spider or Crawler Assault into Stalking Flare. When Stalking Flare is correctly DHC’d into, it slowly carries the opponent up, up, and away, miraculously granting enough time for Dormammu to build 3 charges, and then safely raw tag back into Spider-man.

The combinations to go after the most are:
3 Destruction, 0 Creation
2 Destruction, 1 Creation
1 Destruction, 2 Creation
1 Destruction, 1 Creation
2 Destruction, 0 Creation

I may possibly go in more depth with Liberation someday down the road…

Spider-man to Dormammu DHC’s:
Maximum Spider -> Stalking Flare*
Maximum Spider -> Dark Dimension***
Crawler Assault -> Chaotic Flame
Crawler Assault -> Stalking Flare**
Crawler Assault -> Dark Dimension
Ultimate Web Throw -> Dark Dimension***

Dormammu to Spider-man DHC’s:
Chaotic Flame -> Maximum Spider
Stalking Flare -> Maximum Spider
Stalking Flare-> Crawler Assault```

    • Best works when connected to from Web Throw
      ** - Best Works in the corner
      *** - Requires a delay so that the opponent does not bounce over Dark Dimension’s hitbox.
**General Tips and Tricks:**
Although one of Dormammu's best role is perhaps his ability as one of the scariest anchors of the cast, it is best to always have him on the second slot of a Spider-man point team. Your objective with this team is to land a hit with Spider-man so that you are able to combo into Maximum Spider or cornered Crawler Assault while you have 2 bars. When done correctly, you are able to DHC into Stalking Flare that will slowly land its hits on the opponent, allowing Dormammu to build 3 Liberation Charges. You are left with enough time to raw tag back into Spider-man or into your 3rd character, throwing Dormammu onto anchor with 3 Liberation charges in store.
After landing a Web Throw, Spider-man is able to raw tag into Dormammu for some fun shenanigans to ensue; Dormammu has enough time to land a 3 Destruction Liberation, Dark Dimension, or even a Flame Carpet for combo extension/resets. Now that the opponent floats for a longer period of time, giving Spider-man more free time after Web Throw. It is now possible to raw tag Dormammu in and have him perform Purification xx Chaotic Flame.
Provided Dormammu already has his charges or the opponent is close to death but Stalking Flare after Maximum Spider won't do the job, Dormammu can do one of two options:
   - If Dormammu has 1 Destruction charge and 1-2 Creation charge(s), Dormammu can immediately go into Liberation (Meteor Shower), and then either Dark Hole xx Chaotic Flame as they are falling, or Purification xx Chaotic Flame or Dark Dimension on the hard knockdown.
   -If Dormammu does ***not*** have the required charges for Liberation (Meteor Shower), he can immediately perform :m: Mass Change Air Dash Forward (ADF) j.:h: xx :l: Dark Hole to add on a significant amount of damage.


Akuma Assists:
(alpha) Gohadoken: This assist is just a Web Ball with 9 times the damage and 7 times the meter gain. This move has 5 low durability points just like Web Ball, so it’s best use would be to throw an aerial :m: or :h: Web Ball while calling the Gohadoken assist for optimal space control. It comes out in a matter of 38 frames so it’s relatively fast. Sadly, this assist is outclassed by the next one…

(beta) Tatsumaki Zankyaku: If you’re not using this assist, you already have Frank West on your team already, you found some super secret awesome use for the third assist, or you’re probably just an idiot. This move is not only one of the best assists when it comes to opening up the opponent or locking them down in a never-ending block string, but while it’s active, Akuma will *destroy *any and all low and medium priority projectiles!!! This means that Plasma Beam, Unibeam, Dark Hole, and any other pesky, space-controlling, projectile assist won’t stand in your way! While it’s now inferior to Ryu’s Tatsumaki assist in the sense that Akuma’s no longer grants soft knockdown, Ryu’s Tatsu does NOT have this projectile destroying property and also has 3 more frames of startup, making it overall inferior to Akuma’s tatsu.

Tatsumaki also excels at being one of the best fuzzy-guard assists in the game. For those of you that don’t know what a fuzzy guard is, just think of it as a way to make someone blocking low stand up. While someone blocking high is stuck in block stun and then attempts to block low, they are stuck in a high-blocking animation while blocking low. /redundancy This means that you can hit the opponent with instant overheads from higher up, opening a whole new book of terrifying mix-ups to wreck your opponent up with.

Tatsumaki is also a fantastic combo extender, allowing Spider-man to extend his combos in situations where there’s not enough time to use the swing-zip technique. If you manage to perform a long combo that finishes with Crawler Assault, wall-bounce or not, you have enough time to call Akuma while performing an instant aerial OTG Web Zip to combo straight into Maximum Spider.

(gamma) Hyakkishu, Hyakki Gojin: This assist is an Overead attack, OTG-capable, AND it will cause any airborne opponent to ground bounce. This can be a pretty devastating assist to use against your opponents; you can use it to set up an unblockable, provide you with another OTG for combo extension, or provide setups that will have Akuma either trade or beat out an airborne opponent, leaving you with a ground bouncing opponent to start a combo on.

So, what are its drawbacks? It’s completely outshined by Akuma’s Tatsumaki assist. Now that Spider-man has his own OTG, Tatsumaki will provide more varieties of combo extension, and also does not consume Spider-man’s ground bounce when it comes in contact with an airborne opponent. It also has 59 whole frames of startup, which is very sluggish compared to his Gohadoken and Tatsumaki assists, coming in at 38 frames and 32 frames of startup, respectively. When it faces the fact that it is one of the most spacing-dependent assists in the game, its usefulness becomes quickly deteriorated.

Spider-man to Akuma DHCs:
Maximum Spider -> Messatsu-Goshoryu**
Crawler Assault -> Messatsu-Gohado(Agyo or Ungyo)
Crawler Assault -> Messatsu-Goshoryu*

Akuma to Spider-man DHCs:
Messatsu-Gohado Ungyo -> Maximum Spider
Messatsu-Gohado Ungyo -> Crawler Assault
Messatsu-Goshoryu -> Maximum Spider

    • May require you to be near or in the corner
      ** - May require you to be near or in the corner, and requires Maximum Spider to be done closer to the ground.

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks:
If you decide to explore this synergy within your team, it’d be best to run Spider-man on lead and Akuma on anchor, due to the not-so-versatile DHC synergy between the two. However, it is possible after a web throw or spider sting into the corner to raw tag into Akuma and immediately perform a tiger knee’d Messatsu-Gohado Ungyo, allowing you to DHC into Crawler Assault or Maximum Spider afterwards.

When attempting to set up an air throw reset, you can call Akuma for the Tatsumaki assist so that you can catch the opponent if they are mashing :h: to throw break.

When performing a block string on the opponent, call the Akuma Tatsumaki assist prior to canceling the block string into Web Zip so that you can create a left-right mixup on the opponent. [/details]

Amaterasu (Under Construction)


Arthur (Under Construction)


C. Viper (Under Construction)


Captain America (Under Construction)


Chris Redfield (Under Construction)


Chun-Li (Under Construction)


Dante (Under Construction)


Deadpool (Under Construction)


Doctor Strange (Under Construction)


Dr. Doom (Under Construction)


Felicia (Under Construction)


Firebrand (Under Construction)


Frank West (Under Construction)


Ghost Rider (Under Construction)


Haggar (Under Construction)


Hawkeye (Under Construction)


Hsien-Ko (Under Construction)


Hulk (Under Construction)


Iron Fist (Under Construction)


Iron Man (Under Construction)


Jill (Under Construction)


M.O.D.O.K. (Under Construction)


Magneto (Under Construction)


Morrigan (Under Construction)


Nemesis T-Type (Under Construction)


Nova (Under Construction)


Phoenix (Under Construction)


Phoenix Wright (Under Construction)


Rocket Raccoon (Under Construction)


Ryu (Under Construction)


Sentinel (Under Construction)


She-Hulk (Under Construction)


Shuma-Gorath (Under Construction)


Spencer (Under Construction)


Storm (Under Construction)


Strider Hiryu (Under Construction)


Super Skrull (Under Construction)


Taskmaster (Under Construction)


Thor (Under Construction)


Trish (Under Construction)


Tron Bonne (Under Construction)


Vergil (Under Construction)


Viewtiful Joe (Under Construction)


Wesker (Under Construction)


Wolverine (Under Construction)


X-23 (Under Construction)


Zero (Under Construction)


Hawkeye is one of the best teammates for Spiderman.

Triple arrow is a great assist that helps dominate the ground level while Spidey can more easily swing in. Confirms off of it are also easy. Possible to add into combos, but not high on a priority of things to learn as it is more of a help-neutral-game assist.

Poison arrow assist has weird setups here and there (including being very easily combo’d into with the long groundbounce/otg time of spider bite) to add the unscaled poison damage to the combo.

I have not explored scatter assist.

I recommend Web Swing on Spiderman for Hawkeye.
You can do a chrisG-esque setup with slide (while calling swing) into qcb M (the roll, not the backflip) into poison. the web swing hits soon after, making it a pretty safe pressure string (be wary of x factor guard cancels which can get you and spiderman killed, so mix this up with slide into qcb L backflip poison) and if they got hit by the slide they’ll get combo’d by poison and the web swing. you can then launch (net arrow loop is a bit tight for my liking, but is completely possible)
If you are in the corner, the backflip instead of the roll is possible.

web swing is also usable for the crossup mixup qcb H flip + an arrow, they get juggled by web swing at some point and continue the combo

The DHC from Max spider outside of the corner to Super Scatter shots/Ant man lv3, Crawler Assault (anywhere, but mostly combo’d into from the corner) into super scattershots/ant man lv3 are all effective. Hawkeye can follow up super scatter shot sometimes.

Hawkeye can do Gimlet dhc into Maximum spider for a pretty respectable 300k+ full screen punish.

You can even do a combo into spider bite or web throw into the corner, raw tag Hawkeye, otg poison arrow xx golden arrow DHC maximum spider/crawler assault for the poison damage. It’s not totally optimal though haha (golden arrow at the end of combos is pretty bad) - but looking flashy is always cool :slight_smile:

Interesting Gimmicks
Also, in the corner, Hawkeye/Spidey can do a really funny, gimmicky reset. There’s a certain height that you can get from a launch (so, stuff into S jMMHS otg ice, slide, S, golden arrow) and they flip out before hawkeye’s totally done with the super. You can DHC into Ultimate Web Throw at this point to grab and if it does connect that’s highly likely to be a kill if you have a post-UWT setup (spiderman has a self combo after this if you immediately normal jump and web zip otg at the correct height. it’s also cool that it has a combo counter glitch - the combo after uwt starts at 1 ignoring the slam of UWT but the 300k base damage is counted in the combo in training mode)

Another interesting** (and pretty good!)** DHC reset from hawkeye to spiderman is to do a semi-long combo, enough so that an otg poison tip will make the opponent flip out quickly. Land on the ground, immediately shoot Kiss of Fire (dp super) and immediately dhc to Ultimate Web Throw. The super scatter shots cover ultimate web throw if it misses, and if it hits you can have a pretty big followup on the 300,000 damage reset for a probable character kill.

Hawkeye is a strong zoner even after Spiderman is gone, and add to the fact that Spiderman is pretty good at building meter for Hawkeye to use (golden arrow being a very silly and powerful super, but his other options are good too). Usually you will want your third character to be a good assist for Hawkeye as the DHC synergy between Spidey/Hawkeye is pretty good.

The main drawback of Hawkeye is that a lot of his colors are really bad. However, he has a two black/red colors (I use 6) that can go with Spiderman’s black/red costume, and has an Ironman-esque color that goes very well with Iron Spider.
It’s a real shame that Hawkeye’s “white” color is pretty bad as Spidey’s white one is my favorite.
Hawkeye’s DLC costume is actually pretty interesting and cool looking - matches pretty well with Spidey 6 - black/gold looks especially sick here!

Dr. Doom is decent anchor - with XF saved, you can guard cancel into Doom Time almost every match and this is almost a guaranteed a defensive option against close ranged characters. It’s sort of dumb in my opinion. His main advantage being used third is that his assists are so strong.

Granted, you’ll have to learn how to deal with runaway (which SHOULD be how everyone deals with anchor Doom if they have a lead). Just remember you can cancel hidden missiles into team super tho !!

Although I use Hidden Missiles, I will discuss the other two first, and briefly.

Plasma Beam is a very solid assist, and one of the strong “beam” assists that helps control the ground very well. It lasts a moderate amount of time, does a pretty good amount of damage for a beam assist but still scales your combo damage and hitstun deterioration, and is yellow. Solid for when you don’t have another assist doing something similar (Triple Arrow, Taskmaster Arrows, Magneto Beam, Ironman Beam, Akuma Tatsu, Frank Shopping Cart are all stuff that help control the ground to some degree and Plasma Beam is of the same ilk. Not all are that similar, but same usage)

Rocks are a pretty interesting assist. They are a bit like a gimped version of drones in my opinion, but they come with Doom who is a stronger character than Sentinel, and they come out a little bit faster I believe. I haven’t explored it too thoroughly and do not recommend it.

The reason for Hidden Missiles is to cover the option that Triple Arrow does not - the air. Characters like Zero and Firebrand can use a playstyle that involves super jumping and staying up there, relatively safe, looking for an opportunity. Spiderman doesn’t have many options against this - Maximum Spidey isn’t reliable or safe. Hidden Missiles can slightly [very slightly] alleviate this problem, and if you’re super awesome you could maybe confirm a web throw M or H if they connect - or even a maximum spider. But not too likely. Other alternatives if you don’t like Doom is Shuma’s Mystic Ray assist or Strider’s Vajra for covering super jumps.

Tack on the fact that these two assists (Hidden Missiles or Mystic Ray) can also help in some combos and it’s now not just a spacing assist.
Example basic combo with Hidden Missiles:
cr LMH, L web swing, jMMS [land], jLMMHS [land], sMH, H spider sting/bite, crH [call missiles], S, jMMHS, [missiles hit] Crawler Assault.

“Kara sting” technology, credit to xero. pretty high damage.

IMO the most practical thing you can do with Missiles. still does good damage and works anywhere on screen. also guaranteed corner carry.

slightly tricky part is the otg webzip->sM crH L webswing jMMS… can skip this if you want and do a full air magic series instead of the quick one, loses 80k ish.

If you’re close enough to the corner, you can just dash and crH L webswing jMMS instead of having to otg webzip sM. can do a full air magic series without the otg.

Dr. Doom has a black/red costume, two black costumes, an orange/black costume (for iron spider if you really need it), and a white costume to match with Spiderman.
Shuma has a red color for Iron Spider/Original/DLC, a silver color for the white Spiderman [this combination is pretty good imo], and a black one.

Shuma Gorath
My friend runs Spidey/Hawkeye[poison]/Shuma[ray] - his tag is “Spider-Gorath” and he is amazing. Another SpiderGorath classic is Spidey/Hulk[wave]/Shuma[ray]. Both teams allow for a ton of web throws in the combos which improves positioning control. Web ball assist works well with Hulk as well. My own version would be of course Spider/doom/shuma if I ever get to using spider-gorath’s technology.
Shuma Gorath’s x factor is decent, and if he has meter leftover for a level 3 (or almost two chaos dimensions if he’s at 5 bars) he can become scary in a matter of seconds.

Strider Hiryu
When I use Vajra assist with Spidey, some of my tech can be seen here:

he is very strong as an anchor, and spidey doesn’t necessarily use xf or meter a lot so that much is convenient.
In Spidey/Teammate/Strider teams, I recommend a character that can also use Vajra assist and has a good combo assist for Spidey so Dante, Doom, Skrull, Wesker, Viper, etc etc. could all be used here.

Any synergy to be had for the following characters?
Deadpool, Iron Fist, Strider, X-23

As of right now I’m running Spidey/Iron Man/Sentinel. I’m practicing my other two characters more in their application but as far as Spidey is concerned…

Iron Man
I use his Repulsor blast assist. It’s great at zoning and protecting from people who like to come over top. It juggles for four to five hits allowing plenty of time to decide what to do. When up close you can start a jumping combo, when slightly back you can web throw into something bigger, you can crossup to mess up inputs etc. It has a lot more potential I’m sure. It’s a defensive assist that has some offensive applications. When rushing in with Spidey, pushing more towards the corner because of less screen room behind opponent, Spidey can call IM and use the array of blast to cover him and keep opponent locked down. It also picks opponent up if they are hit with an instant overhead and allows Spidey to followup accordingly. More to come later.

I’m switching back and forth between Drones and Rocket Punch. Both are good but for different reasons. Drones are great projectiles but are slow. Best used for wake up games as opposed to getting it, if used to get in make sure you have room and ability to get Sentinel off the screen but where drones still come out. Also a great combo extender, and good for keeping people in an area you can open them up with or cross them up around the same time a drone hits.

Rocket Punch is better for faster mixups, not requiring an air throw. Best used in grounded situations, and during block strings to force the pushblock attempt. I can probably see myself using this a lot more in the future.

Yo guys, I’m a bit new to using Spider-man and my team that I’m focusing on is Spider-man, Dormammu, Vergil. I was thinking of substituting Dormammu for Magneto. Spider-man/Magneto have decent DHC synergy. The EM Disruptor for crossups is okay I guess. From anywhere on-screen Spider-man can MS -> Magnetic Shockwave for a good amount of damage, Spider-man can THC with Magneto to get Shockwave/Crawler Assault in the corner, etc. etc. I just wanted to get your guys’ opinions on the whole Spider-man/Magnus synergy and such. Thanks in advance haha.

I run Spidey/Mag/Sent, and I love the spidey/magnus synergy.

If you’re low on health and you got 2 meters, air MS (a LOT faster if MS is done in the air, sj or j doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t started off on the ground) into shockwave is godlike.

here’s an interesting trick with MS xx Shockwave - If you cancel into shockwave after the last hit of the MS, but before the opponent lands, the engine does a little option select, to pick whether the shockwave should go left or right. The choice picked will be the side that does the most damage. This is useful if MS was connected near the corner, and you don’t want the shockwave DHC to only hit 1-2 hits.

Ugh, I’m still have trouble picking characters, but I’m going with Spider-man/Frank/Doomsy. It was supposed to be my sub team, but I want to play Spider-man as my main team. Frank seems fun to use too and has a good assist for Spidy. Same with Doom.

Spidey/Nova/Hawkeye. 930 on DHC to Nova, Hawkeye Triple Arrow assist is awesome for getting in. This team works extremely well in duos, even better when all three are around. Easy extension from Nova assist (ground bounce) for 730~ with Spidey on an earned meter. Nova has his own beast damage, and Hawkeye is Hawkeye. All-around solid team.

Spidey/Hawkeye/X-23. Explosive potential, good to great mobility. Lots of comeback potential in X-23 with Hawkeye arrows XF2’d, or XF3 X-23. Lots of meter to go around so Dirt Nap is always an option.

One I’m saving for later is Nova/Spidey/Frank. If I can get to 3 bars by the time I end a Nova combo with Super Nova, then get a Maximum Spider and DHC to Frank, it’s an instant level 5 Frank. Some setup but a decent payoff in a monster character. Spidey/Nova is nothing to sneeze at either, decent duo.

I want to run team Spidy/nova/hawkeye seems like a fun team. Anybody think cap could replace hawkeye?

Spider-Frank has:

-Good DHCs
-Good assist-based friendship
-A level 4 Frank DHC
-Meterless hard tag level 2/3 Spidey/Frank combos
-Level whatever THCs

Can you tell me what to do for the level 4 Frank DHC. Noobish question I know.

DHC early from Maximum Spider to Frank’s QCB super. It will whiff giving you the time to take a picture during the untechable knockdown.

The problem is actually getting the 50 hits. If the opponent is standing, the combo is long enough after OTG Web Zip + assist (in my case it’s Plasma Beam). If they are not, I need most of Frank’s assist to hit too. Time for some math:

The Spider Man combo in question does 24-25 hits including the otg web zip
Maximum Spider hits 15 times
Shopping cart hits 7 times, and Plasma Beam hits 8 times

So we’ll say all of that is a 55 hit combo, giving you 5 hits leeway (technically 6 hits, Frank’s snapshot adds to the combo count). It’s less if you get a jump in or if they’re standing so you can add a webzip j.HS

and that’s the week 1 shit. I’ll do better later

also the Frank/Spidey THC is kind of weird. Normally crawler assault will get it’s knock down and you can take a picture, but if you mash for more hits the shopping cart super will have a longer duration than CA and mess up the knock down. And that kind of sucks because crawler assault only does 8 hits normally

I’m beginning to see Spidey/RR (pendulum) work nice together because that wall bounce gives Spidey a free Web Throw, dash xxOTG zip combo from anywhere on screen.
as for DHCing, MS into RR’s trap super works nicely because Rocket can combo off of that super.

I’m running Spidey/Nemesis/Doom, but I"m really thinking of replacing Nemesis with RR because RR/Doom is a great duo is very nice also

I’m running Spidey Hulk and Hawkeye. I suck though. My ranked record is 9-11. I was using web ball, Anti Air Gamma Charge and Hawkeye’s Horizontal shot assist. But I was thinking of trying Spidey Nova and Hawkeye.

I’ll be finishing my write-up on Dormammu today, then I’ll move on to Nova and Frank West (my team, lol), and hook around to Magneto since you guys posted some helpful insight of their synergy. ;D

The characters I’ve dealt with in terms of exploring synergy with Spidey are:
Frank West

So if anyone has any experience with other characters, please post what you know! That’d be a big help right now!

i did :frowning:

I’m thankful you did. :smiley: Just making sure everyone gets the heads up on what I still need.