The Ultimate Magnus Thread. The godlike stuff

I think you missed the post where RayRay was salty and said Magneto is ass and you can do OS’s to block all his mixups on reaction.

My character is ass syndrome Kappa.

Magneto’s mixups aren’t as good as some other characters imo(Firebrand/Wesker/Racoon etc). But he’s very good at forcing mixups on you and his mixups are pretty much guesses/50/50s especially if you aren’t clean on those tridashes. His mixups are not reactable(you aren’t reacting a empty jL into a 6f low), but are avoidable without assists.

His solo mixups are effective but not as oppressive really. He’s limited to crL stagger and tick throws along with tri jLs and empty tridashes(generally antiairable), along with stL or air throw. He is vulnerable to pushblock too without assists too. His incoming mixups are great though.

But in general I don’t think there are many characters with great solo mixups with the exception of self crossup moves(Rapid Slash, Berserker Slash), or characters that can cover their teleports very well(Strider).

The tier thread is all hyperboles and contradictions put on repeat by, for the most part, people who don’t understand characters outside of the ones they play. I wouldn’t take most of the shit on that thread seriously.

Hi everyone, I seem to be having trouble replicating something I’ve seen FChamp do a few times. After ending a combo with air S into a hard knockdown, he’ll shoot a magnetic blast while Magneto is off screen and come down on the opponent.

Anyone know exactly how to do this?

The key is to get a flyscreen. to do that you can’t do an air series into the air S.
A set up I use is:
full combo > relaunch > sj S >** aridash back > L magblast** > land > mixup
the bolded parts happen offscreen.

I’ve been playing mag team for shits and giggles doin my own bnbs for a while, but i kind of want to know his current bnbs and i didn’t see a section with them on the home page! any help? i love mags but i have the shittiest punishments when i play him lol…

I want to drop sentinel and pick some stupid shit up when I get my PS3 back. Im talking next level stupid, but still with point magnus. Who would be good for a second and third among Zero/Vergil/Dante/Doom ?



magneto/doom/vergil (or doom anchor. whichever you prefer. it’s a cheap shell either way)

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been able to work on the guide much these past few weeks I’m moving house this Thursday and I’m not sure how long it will be before my nets back up and running, but I should have some new material up soon with my new HD PVR!


nah, fuck morrigan. i want to go HAM.

Well then in that case, my order of preference would be

  1. Magneto/Doom/Vergil
  2. Magneto/Zero/Doom
  3. Magneto/Doom/Dante

Note that I don’t like Doom+Dante together so they’re a pretty far 3rd.

Mags/Wesker/Akuma. go go go!

why don’t you like doom and dante together? on paper it seems pretty legit, but i’m guessing it has something to do with hit confirms or maybe keep away

Alot of the theory guys do, but I’m not that big on theory. I just don’t think Dante protects Missiles well nor can he abuse it as well as other characters. Jam Session is good for Doom but it doesn’t help him get in at all which is his primary problem. Also I don’t like the comeback factor of the team and I’d rather play Magneto/Dante/Sentinel.

makes sense but you know how this metagame is now lol

What about Magneto Zero (Ryuenjin) Dante (jam) ?

Morrigan can go HAM, I play her almost the same way I play Magneto.

@Kef and I both play that team. It is mad good. Most of the tech and stuff works with Schmidt’s team as well, so plenty to steal from streams.

Mags can DHc into Zero for decent damage, or hard tag into Dante who DHC’s into Zero for ToD.
Mags with Jam is solid, Zero + jam is ridiculous.
You got invincible crossovers.
You got Mags. You got Zero.
In a pinch you got Dante/beam teleport mixups.

It is good.

So far the only thing I can’t ToD off of for 2 bars is Magneto confirm off Jam session (all hits). I need 2 bars to start, a snap, or a TAC combo.

the one japanese player plays dante/doom/and i for get the third. hes pretty good