The Ultimate Request Thread- Request or Contribute

just to save this board from all the clutter of requests.

just post them here

Current Requests:

*Alternate275 - Text: Alternate275
Type: Animated AV
Size: Premium + Border

*AJtheMishima - Hori Tekken 5 stick 8 button layout
-Please remove all the button labels
-Fit the image to template to get the most out of the artwork even with the buttons in the way
-Possibly put “AJtheMishima” on the bottom right hand corner in black lettering that will flow with the art
-Thank you very much
-Image i want to use-…_by_tobiee.jpg

*Anti-Freak - just want a prem av of this… might be a bitch tho

Off topic, but what’s that from? I must…watch this movie.

Can somebody make one out of this:

Text: Alternate275
Type: Animated AV
Size: Premium + Border

Yes you should. its “battle royal” my chum(there is a manga of it, but its shit). a tv show in japan takes delinquent japanese high schoolers and drops them off on a remote island where there forced to kill each other…only one can live!!!

Oh what the shit? I seen that movie before. LoL. I guess it’s been a long while.

Ah, now I remember. Them chicks housed up in the Lighthouse or somethin’.

Well, you can go die in a fire now. :rofl:

How is the manga shit? It’s got tons of blood…tits…more blood…hot chicks…and everyone’s jailbait!

Also, cool idea with the thread. Minor issue: is this the poor man’s “Big Request” and “Big Stickart Request” threads combined?

well you remember whats good about the manga. sadly there is the stories behind some of the chars “remember that time we went to akihabara and played kissy face” fucking painful too read, but i guess it makes there death that much better!

no it isnt, if this needs to be taken down in lou of those threads. i have no qualms.

this feels like a big request thread, and that went on for a while but died in the end. i actually like it the way it is now where people have to make a thread, pm, or wait for someone to open up shop to get image services. the burden of logistics and stuff is on the requester, the maker only has to do the task request itself. having to update + do the requests is what (imo) eventually made the big request thread die.

not saying its a bad idea just that someone will have to take care of organizing and updating requests. in my mind its unnecessary since IMM doesnt get that much traffic but its summer so who knows.

battle royale 1 is a classic. battle royale 2 is not that good

i must have this battle royale manga though

i have to agree here. it’s been a little refreshing having all of these new threads that ask for a single avatar. towards the end, the big request thread started feeling like an obligation. because of that, all the fun was being taken away.

honestly, ever since i had the big request thread closed, i’ve been thinking about bringing it back in a new form. but, then i saw this thread, and i had second thoughts.

maybe we’ll bring it back some day. for the time being, though, i don’t think it’s going to happen.

too much work for people filling the requests. Has it been filled? Is someone already doing it? Not to mention the off topic chatter that clutters the thread making it harder to keep track of what’s going on.

I will only fill requests that are in there own thread or are PMed to me. But that’s just my opinion :smiley:

I’ll leave the thread open.but the thing that made the Big request thread so successful in its right was the list of regular contributors it had as well.

If you guys get behind this and wanna make this the new big request thread I’ll sticky it then.

can anyone help, buttons will be here in a week! thanks alot

alright this is what i wanted… not sure if anyone could make it work
type - animated

since no one is really using this. WORTHLESS tear down this THREAD. thanks man, i tried!