The Ultimate Street Fighter: SoVA - Season 1

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==General Info==
The Ultimate Street Fighter is a series based off of “The Ultimate Fighter” in the MMA world mixed with Alex Valle’s “Level-Up” series from the West Coast. It is being organized and planned by several SoVA community members. The intention is to introduce more players into the top 8 spots of local tourneys.

These are the teams for Season 1

Team K1Sauce

  • SweatyShoulderGuy // Eliminated
  • JayInVA // Winner
  • Aleri // Eliminated
  • TheBlakIrish // Eliminated

Team Foomy

  • Joe E aka Throw Joe // Eliminated
  • SeanMiyagi // Eliminated
  • O-NO // Eliminated
  • OffDaCharts // Eliminated

==Episode 6 FINAL Elimination Battle==
FINAL Match: JayInVA 10 VS SweatyShoulderGuy 5 (Winner JayInVA of Team K1Sauce) [/COLOR]
Format: First to 10
When: Thursday August 26th 11PM
*Bonus Match: Coach K1Sauce VS Coach Foomy

==Episode 5 Double Elimination Battle==
Elimination Matches:
Match 1: SweatyShoulderGuy 7 VS SeanMiyagi 6 (Winner SweatyShoulderGuy)
Match 2: JayInVA 7 VS Joe E 2 (Winner JayInVA)
Format: First to 7
When: Thursday August 19th 11PM

==Episode 4 Double Elimination Battle==
1st Bout: JayInVA - 5 VS O-NO - 1
2nd Bout: The Blak Irish - 0 VS Joe E - 5
Format: First to 5
When: Thursday August 5th 11PM

==Episode 3 Elimination Battle==
Match: SweatyShoulderGuy VS. OffDaCharts
Format: First to 5
When: Thursday July 29th!
RESULT - SweatyShoulderGuy: 5 - OffDaCharts: 4 (eliminated)

==Episode 2 Elimination Battle==
Match: Aleri from Team K1 VS. SeanMiyagi from Team Foomy
(Click HERE for player backstory)
Format: First to 5
When: Thursday July 22nd!
RESULT - SeanMiyagi: 5 - Aleri: 4 (eliminated)

Background Insight from WinBack

==Episode 1 Qualifiers==

This will work very similarly to “The Ultimate Fighter”.

Coaches will train their players throughout the season.

The first match will be 2 weeks after teams are chosen and then every week after. The matches will be streamed live online. The loser will be eliminated and the coaches on the winning team decide the next match.

QuarterSemis will be FT5
Semis will be FT7
Finals will be FT 10

this stuff is done on the weekend or on the tuesday stream?

its way to early to tell. I don’t think a firm schedule can be done up until we know who the 8 people are and what their schedules will be like.

We don’t have a PR so how do we know who is top in 10?

It’s in the works. otherwise it’d be:

  1. Randumbcat
  2. Randumbcat
  3. Randumbcat
  4. Randumbcat
  5. Randumbcat etc etc

im making the rankings and also want to participate cmon dude i toldi would when i saw you
also that dude never emailed me the results

signing up

so sick, working on editing sovalive to have a dedicated portion for this, Vince if you want ive been needing someone to help me manage the sovalive site, if you are interested i can give you the pass and stuff so you can webmaster with me so it stays updated. the interface is soo easy, pm me

I just hope you don’t do the tourney on a day I have to work -_-

i think you should take out the top 10 rule… everyone deserves a chance to get better!

New Challenger!

I am definitely interested in this!


This is designed to get 8 new people fighting for top 8 spots in tourneys. Not as exciting if an established top 8’er is in the mix. I say top 10, maybe we can change it to top 8.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen you post before. Welcome and sign up on the registry (check my sig)

I still don’t get who decides top 8 or 10 or whatever?

i mean wouldn’t that usually be decided by some sort of ranking battle or pool play? but none of that has been decided… i mean shit… without doing some sort of ranking thing (pool play would be the best idea) you will have nothing but an argument for spots 5-10 assuming nobody has any argument about ryry, foomy, joe, and kevman…

it will be based on past tourney results which is what we’re waiting on

who’s tournaments? what tournaments? ones that some people don’t even show up for? so they are docked because they didn’t make a ranking battle?

agree with this man…

We will go back enough to get as good a representation as we can. Obviously everyone doesn’t go to every tournament, we DO need something to go by and compiling a list based on the last couple tournaments seems like the best thing. Any suggestions are welcome.

as far as the who’s excluded, thats definitely up in the air. but id rather wait until we get more opinions on it.

sounds solid to me, I voted to exclude top 8 rather than top 10. If you let everybody in then its just like every other tourny, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

can i change my vote to the coaches and DBC, cause i keep losing to that fucker…