The Ultimate Warrior, dead at 54




Already know about it…


i think he deserves his own thread.

Woke up to see this. Can’t fucking believe it. This year is just snatching my childhood up one after another. If Rob Zombie dies tomorrow, I am going to have to Gorilla Press God



His comic book was insane though.


yeah. Saw this one earlier. R.I.P. to the Ultimate one. He’s shaking the ropes in Heaven now. :sad:



R.I.P. Warrior! We will carry on your legend.

I need to check out his comic book. :tup:


I was gonna say only five posts? ONLY FIVE POSTS FOR THE WARRIOR!? Pretty bummed he’s gone now also… I need a drink. This has not been a good day. Five posts… damn no one knows the warrior, rather no one lived the warrior. I am so disappointed.


He was a botch-job waiting to happen every time he got into the ring, but he was at least entertaining.

I ROFLd when he became a political speaker after wrestling. It was hard for me to take a guy talking about political views named Warrior seriously.

Doesn’t change the loss though. I grew up a fan.


Before leaving us he got the opportunity to do what he enjoyed the most - entertaining all his fans. I don’t know anybody who grow up a wrestling fan in the 80s/90s and didn’t know who Ultimate Warrior was.