The ULTIMATES 3 Thread

For you comics book fan out there joe madureria finaly made his come back in the comic book world with a bang in ultimates 3 and the sad thing is it goin to be only run for him ,after hes going back to his other company (video games) : ( so ill be injoying this run of joe mad art the most i can so what do you guys think???

there is a comic book forum

I’m a Joe Mad whore so I’m quite excited…yup this will be the first comic book I’ve picked up for myself since, ironically enough, the last Battle Chasers I bought.

fuck joe mad and his no finishing battle chasers ass. but ya shinrodimus u fuckin up all ova the place lol. go to the comic forum.

my bad… am rarely on this thing so i didnt know about the comic book thread well know i know but i do agree joee mad did leave us hanging realy bad with battle chasers to go do his video game thing what an ass but hes art is the shit and inspiration to me so am fathful to his stuff and just seeing him bed in action made me happy.

Arg, I hate Loeb so much for messing up Sabretooth but I caved in and got it for the artwork. Which wasn’t even as good as stuff Joe Mad has drawn in the past and the coloring job was terrible, but I figured what the heck since JM only puts something out once in a blue…

The story was okay. By that I mean it was at least readable. The twins are boinkiing each other and an Iron Man sex tape is floating around. I guess this is J.Loeb trying to shock us in a ‘these ain’t your poppa’s Avengers’ or whatever. Don’t really have a problem with it I guess. Course it did take Loeb quite a few issues to mess up Sabretooth, so it’s all up in the air.

I guess I’ll hang out until Joe Mad leaves. Hopefully Loeb will leave (Marvel…) first… Some of the drawings are good and some aren’t, I think it’s gonna take some time for JM to get his groove back. I can’t wait for issue 2 to ship in December 2008. Meanwhile Joe Mad will go back to playing the latest version of Final Fantasy for the rest of the year. :rofl:

i knew sano would buy it. he buys all the bad comics.

I gotta spread more rep before pos repping you again. Gotta look out for all my E-Friends. :rofl:

truth be told, i’m going to buy it as well when i have money. art wasn’t too bad.

I bought it because I <3 Joe Mad…I don’t think painting right over his pencils is very good for his style, though.

I thought the issue was pretty crappy…But at least Mad is back. His Valkyrie is purdy.

Sorry but I don’t need to read about sex tapes and incest in super hero comic books. At least I won’t have to worry about one of those issues anymore. I think.

i agree with the not inked art it looks weird i wish it was inked so joe mads art would look cleaner

I bought it. But like ironically, to celebrate Joe Mad’s return to making five month late comic books again. There is absolutely no way this book will ship on time. There’s no way. Between this title and Joe Mad…Vegas won’t even take odds on it, it’s that bad.

Exactly what I expected, which kind of scares me. We’re at the point where you can just input three variables (title = The Ultimates, artist = Joe Mad, writer = Jeph Loeb) and already most of us could have just imagined this issue.

Overly gratuitous art (action, blood, violence, sex, cleavage, abs): check
Overly ambitious colouring and art production, unnecessarily overcompensating Joe Mad’s gloriously hyped up return: check
A Jeph Loeb story that will be an orgasm of characters from across the entire franchise: check
Pseudo realistic, water thin plot of all Ultimates stories: check
Overly exaggerated characterizations keeping in line with all Ultimates stories: check
Transparent attempt to “push the envelope” so that “these ain’t yo daddy’s Avengers!”: check

Start with a vague , seemingly inconsequential problem, use a boring character monologue to sum up the last story arc and convey the current situations of all the characters, introduce a cheap, meaningless surprise fight scene to steal back the reader’s attention after all the boring talk, vague unknown villain/attack, seemingly kill a major supporting character to lend weight and EPICNESS to the story, cliffhanger ending, issue with absolutely no significant plot movement…done. It’s that easy.

Seriously, Joe Mad and Jeph Loeb on The Ultimates…it’s too easy for them. It’s just like the early 90’s Jazz - Stockton and Malone high pick and roll, over and over and over again. It’s unstoppable, and they’ll sell a billion copies.

Jeph Loeb, lobs up the sexy, action packed, cleavage filled splash page…Joe Mad with the alley oop throw down! It’s Nash and Amare - it’s too easy.

Too bad that everyone’s stretching stories out now in the Bendis Era. Otherwise…you give me another issue and I can write it out myself - we know what Loeb’s going to do before he even knows it himself. Universe wide tour of all the heroes and villains - Hawkeye and Black Panther go to find Spidey, get in a fight with a Spidey villain maybe before a standard superhero misunderstanding fight. Cap bumps into Sabretooth or something following up a lead, snowballs into Avengers vs. Mutant Brotherhood of Evil, X-Men get involved, and it’s a universal event.


I’m buying every issue, by the way - Joe Mad’s art is just way too pretty.

I read it. It wan’t bad. It should over exaggerated and over the top though. I mean it is the Ultimates. Not to mention I missed Joe Mad’s art, a lot. I loved Battle Chasers…

Jeph Loeb’s writing was more over the top and anti-subtle than Mark Millar’s. And why did Joe Mad make the Wasp a white chick? Was he too busy playing Everquest to bother reading the previous volumes of The Ultimates?

This comic is like a prime example of why it’s better to download scans and risk getting sued. I mean, we’ve established that the lure of this comic is too much to resist, right? So Marvel’s gonna get our money no matter what. Might as well make 'em earn it.

The most positive thing stemming from this I can think of, factoring in the fact that Marvel allowed Joe Mad several months of lead time to work on the title and actually banking on him making the schedule once it launches, is that Travis Charest could do Ultimates 6.

/wishful thinking

I liked it alright, not a huge fan of the Millar/Hitch Ultimates, but I’ll reserve final judgment for when the series finishes.

Only big problem was the horrible print job on the book. Way WAY too dark.
Let’s hope they fix it in the second printing and on the rest of the issues.
Christian deserves better.

I guess I’m the only one that thinks Loeb is a hack, who destroys the integrity of any comic he touches(see Superman/Batman). His writing is all surface, there is nothing else to it, no depth of character, no emotion, nothing. I mean cmon they had to get superboy prime to PUNCH reality to fix his fuck up. One of the few constants in Batman: Batman doesn’t kill, Batman’s parents and JASON TODD are DEAD!:annoy: The one thing Marvel had going for it was that the majority of shitty writers worked for DC, now they seem to want to import DC trash. This is gonna be the shittiest two Ultimates’ volumes. The Ultimates was supposed to give you the feeling you were reading a movie in comic form and this just feels like any other issue of a Avengers comic, Loeb needs to step his writing game up.

Lol read this thread again or just read more of this forum, run a search on Loeb maybe… :confused:

I thought it was Judd Winick that brought back the Red Hood. Or are we blaming Jeph Loeb for bringing Jason Todd back in Hush?

Anyway, the more I read Ultimates 3 #1, the more I like it. It’s just so ridiculously over the top - the perfect, brainless summer blockbuster type movie. This is like Bad Boys II combined with a random Rihanna video or Avril’s Girlfriend. Just unnecessary action packed explosions, excessive sex appeal, combined with some brainless commercial pop catchy goodness.

This is great stuff.

Full page spread of Valkyrie jumping at Venom = Hummer driving through an exploding building or inserting random HEY HEY, YOU YOU’s into a pop song

You can’t lose. It’s too easy.