The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Newsflash - Every character’s story is basically the same from one game to the other.

The story serves the characters and the characters do not serve the story in the SF universe.

Should we get rid of all the characters? Don’t answer that, as you already have.


I don’t mind Urien or FANG to be the next spotlight villain, before SF3 or After SF3.

G seems interesting.


I’d love to see a Shadaloo-less SF6, and especially what and how they’d tie in Vega, FANG and Balrog to the story. Or maybe they’d be absent…


Godking Urien would be great, but Urien is defined by his hate for Gill, and new players did not get to experience this. Therefore, Gill should probably be the next villain.


Absolutely agree, heck I just got a headcanon, that he’d have significant shame over his nudity. It’d remind him of being a puppet, being inhuman, and he’d associate the tanden engine as a source of power, but something that reminds him “this is the thing that gives you worth in Bison’s eye…know your place”. In expanded universe materials, I could see Seth have a certain vanity, not like Vega in thinking he’s beautiful, but having a love for excellent suits and clothes, fine wine and high life that being the CEO of SIN brings him. Basically all sorts of material things that show him to be rich and powerful. “The clothes make the man” personified.

And yes to evolution of the characters.

  • I’ve long wanted Guile to kind of take on an Ikari warrior’s role where he’s helping keep the peace and not involved in investigating solely due to personal reasons.

  • A while back I proposed the idea of Blanka becoming a celebrity. In one idea I wanted him to become a Slammaster and have a gimmick, some educated monster/ Dr. Jekyll sort and have Dan be his sometimes partner sometimes hype man like Paul Heyman. In another he becomes a celeb either through fighting or something, but uses his fame to help with rainforest conservation and humanitarian aid or even foster care (to show the missing his mom angle will always be dear to his heart)

-I remember Cestus saying that Sodom should return as a pupil of Honda

I’d love people to be moving forward especially if we finally get to SF3 and find out what some of the missing cast was doing at the time and where they’re going to be in Post-SF3.


G is definitely a character I would like to see explored more. I want to see the source of his powers and what it is he truly seeks.


A villain from Illuminati experiment would be interesting substitute for awhile if they can’t bring Gill, G, Urien or Fang. Something like a Seth equivalent of them.

Something like Tenth but known instead as “Xth” but still a disposable villain.

Or an Illuminati elder/former master, butler or an uncle would do.

Storywise if Capcom had something they want to do for setting aside decent villains.


Put in this way i absolutely agree with all of this

But i want SF6 to continue SF3 on Illuminati/Gill
SF3 only scratched the surface, want see more of it


As long as you don’t make the story completely revolve around the same characters doing the same things, it’s alright to me. Bison being the main villain for the fourth or fifth time, that’s completely boring.

And Neo Shadaloo is still Shadaloo.


Agreed. It’s time for Bison to get back to basics and show us how he got to the top in the first place - By his own purple Psycho fist in… Street Fighter 6: The Phantom Pain. (Plot twist: Bison is the main protagonist).

And Neo Shadaloo is not Shadaloo. Those kids need to have their name changed or I will sue those motherfuckers!


No more Shadaloo or Neo Shadaloo. They have mostly the same style as Shadaloo, simply paramilitary organizations.

At least the Illuminati have an interesting religious stuff and hierarchy, that’s more fun.


But no longer as relevant.

G being the modern villain representing the unchecked power of globalization, radical environmentalism, and capitalism. Now that is something I can get behind.


Is SIN still active ?

Sais that Juri is the current leader.



SIN was dismantled and absorbed back into Shadaloo almost immediately after SF4 (All SIN personnel included). The BLECE project and FSE being the likely progenitors of the Black Moons technology.


You don’t need to fanfiction, actually original clothes Seth design was exactly him trying to not be a puppet and even more important BE UNIQUE.
He even chose a name for himself to forget his true name is a number, part of a series of numbers

Naked Seth is just like other puppets


Remember them saying naked Seth was actually a gameplay reason, due stretchy arms and the tanden engine being located there

But doing that they completely ruined him, and the stage goes further

Dude passed from show himself with refined clothes in an elegant even if minimal location

To lab freak into cartoon lab stage


I think S.I.N. is history at this point. All we saw was an empty building that Juri happened to be lurking before Guile and Abel showed up. Outside of that, not much else.


I just fucking hope Capcom doesn’t suddenly decide to shift the series around timeline-wise again like we’ve had so many times before

Just think about it:
Started with SF1 -> follow that with SF2 -> jump back to before the start with SFA -> jump way past everything with SF3 -> jump back but follow SF2 up with SF4 -> somehow get a direct sequel with SF5

Now imagine should SF6 happen they could place the game ANYWHERE inbetween those, or just say “fuck it” and go back to even before SFA. The inconsistent timeline progression is retarded and only creates confusion for those trying to follow the chronology. At this pace we’re gonna be approaching The Legend of Zelda levels of the series jumping around back and forth in terms of sequels and prequels.

Really hope that is not the case with 6 and Capcom will finally have the balls to retread the SF3 era properly, without forcefully axing more than half of the characters people have come to know and love

Street Fighter really is inconsistent with character progression when you think about it.
Some actually get meaningful development, others feel like they’re stuck in a fucking limbo for no reason whatsoever, the rest do not even have clear goals for them being in the story or the roster


King of Fighters was able to manage better the variety on its chapters and sagas. Certainly things didn’t come back to the same old stuff. I don’t think Capcom can’t do the same. Illuminati was a great change of pace.


But that’s how writing should work everything should be interconnected introducing another super secret organization is a bad thing.

It just had the Shadaloo in name in the label and they maybe using Shadaloo resources and Psycho Power but they didn’t have the same personalities, priority and goals involve.

True but it had a better build up in the beginning that’s why it had work but still everything is inter connected.


On one hand, I find the Illumati storyline interesting enough to flesh out more. On the other, I cant stand Gill…