The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Since when did @Magegg become such an active part of the story thread again? Good to see him he brings up some interesting points. If you want to reboot the series though I don’t think doing away with Bison or Akuma is necessarily the way to go as both MK and SC both had reboots while keeping their main villains and heroes intact with all their motives.

If there was a reboot to the series I’d like to see it restart from SF2 as that in my eyes is the most convoluted and nobody knows what really happened during it even from the character endings.


It’s not just Neo Shadaloo
Sadly theyr wish to dickride west moving SFV away from martial arts/fight sports attire (perfect to SF characters) to more special ops/paramilitary shit and casual clothes

Not that Japan itself is anymore that much into martial arts these days either sadly, that old spirit just got lost
Opening to the world they got theyr butt kicked so much (even in stuff they was heavy into) that made most of theyr media lose that passion

And where i still see that kind of Jap martial pride end up like Grappler Baki where the author end up in a delirant spiral of nationalistic racism with glorius nippon better at everything… like literally the series passed from having a bit of variety to almost the entire top 10 being made of glorious nippon

Sad, will have liked at least in SF bubble it to stayed alive in it’s old cool positive way
Martial arts, tournaments, exotic styles, cultural roots

Not a case we lost personal stages and flags either, the world tour is over, along with other things
The char don’t stick anymore in his hometown in old format anyway, so staged switched from serve characters to serve story

Wich is 2 times bad when we think in old games a character design is completed by his stage design, it was a beautiful design extension of him/her

Notice we STILL got lot of characters without an official stage, yet we got 16 boring shadaloo HQ ones (some of wich not even playable) lol


Such a wasted opportunity truly. I would have liked if Juri took control of S. I. N. and rained chaos her way. Oh well. I am hoping Juri is playing Viper and the C. I. A. to gain something out of it, and not really become an officer of law.


The alliance she had with Cammy was interesting but I hope they return her to more evil ways in SF6.

She is a wildcard.


Juri doesn’t really have any reason to be an evil bitch again. She should be chaotic neutral.

I mean, she’s not with Bison (he’s kinda dead), she’s not with Seth (also kinda dead), she’s certainly not gonna ally herself with Delta Red (for what purpose, really?), she’s not even aware of Neo Shadaloo’s existence, and she already played her part in the Illuminati’s plan so she’s of no use to them now

Unless she just decides to stir shit up just for the sake of it, which would be silly.


Not at all. There doesn’t have to be some sort of deep reason for her actions. And that’s fine, too.


He kinda isn’t though. Bison is basically (and officially) Sauron now until Capcom decides on his next body.

Seth is dead though. I’m down for Cain though. You know he has to make an appearance to complete the the threesome with Abel.


Anyway, looking to the future (SF5/SF6). These are things I want to be realized and fully fleshed out as characters or narratives.

  • Gill’s Fire Herald
  • Illuminati Old Guard survivors.
  • Tom
  • Effie
  • Charlie-Twelve
  • Post-Shadaloo Vega
  • Post-Shadaloo FANG (No Phantom)
  • Post-Shadaloo Balrog
  • Delta Blue becoming a thing and it includes Abel.
  • Neo-Shadaloo being the frenemies of Delta Blue.
  • Ed being killed off. No happy endings for him. Ever.
  • Gouken’s Daughter emerging.
  • Gouken’s final fight with Akuma.
  • Akuma’s final evolution, will he or won’t he Oni?
  • Urien x Gill conclusion
  • G, Alphabet Company, Q, and Inspector Viper going after them.
  • Rose getting involved with Akuma as once hinted at in Alpha 2 or Illuminati
  • Chun-Li head of Interpol and mother of 2-3.
  • President Cody
  • Bison III


That’s too much possible content and plotlines to fit in one game.

Would be nice sure, but Capcom won’t be wasting all their cool story possibilities on one game.


If Capcom can fit fucking Birdie into the events of SF5 then by god they will make room for my President Cody!


The story needed a joke character ( it seems ? ), sadly they turned Birdie into that character since Dan didn’t make the cut. That’s why he is around.

Legit talk, only character i liked in the SF5 story was Rashid. He was quite ok.


SF5 Birdie is love though.


Birdie always seemed like a joke character to me. His dumbass tried to be clever and ended up getting stuck in the Psycho Drive. No wonder Nash is annoyed at how fat he’d gotten in SFV. He helped save him and instead of taking advantage, he just blew up like a balloon.


Yeah Birdie is a caricature in SFA too, he just was’nt fat

I like this change, we already got muscle gorilla v shaped chars (Gief, Abi, to some extent Rog and Alex), but without Honda and Rufus nobody else covered the fat fighter archetype

Same way as been cool have super tall lanky rangy opponent played by Fang

He (SFV Birdie) kinda remind me Double Dragon NeoGeo’s Burnov

While at it from same game Abigail remind me Abobo, one of his colors (#4) even tribute him


Birdie: “Hey. SRK. Everyone in this thread… I’m the true god of SF.”

Urien: “Aegis Reflector.”

Birdie: “WAIT NO! NO, NO, N-”

Urien utterly destroys Birdie and sends him crying back to Karin.


We should already let go of Seth he had serve his purpose. We had more interesting bosses already.

SIN resources can be used by Juri, Urien, Vega, G or Neo Shadaloo. Then call them their own organization to be instantly along with the bigboys with the bigstuff.

Last time we had also a last recent discussion of a female secret society boss that would be also interesting. A Secret Society Mistress something like a mother or a queen of the secret society hive.


By and large I think MOST of SF5’s redesigns are an improvement(even if the in-game models don’t always do the designs justice).

Exceptions for me are:


Cody gets a pass on me agree with everything else.

Nash felt like a Darkstalker character because of poor implementation of the stitches. Or because they made him like a Frankenstein which made Secret Society something like a lowly organization that his change were done in a local household kitchen or in a basement compare to the others like Necro, Effie and Twelve that is a SHAPESHIFTER that can look very new looking.


Actually I’m taking Cody off. I don’t like Mayor Cody, but he’s better than Prisoner Cody.


I understand since redesign is not just a visual understanding but also the background of the character. Since Im not against him being a mayor, prisoner or whatsoever.