The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Ryoredcyclone made an interesting point about Birdie in SF5. In his story he refuses to wear the Shadaloo uniform hat FANG issues him and eventually goes rogue and leaves Shadaloo. The Shadaloo hats were mentioned to have Psycho Power transmitters in them which would brainwash anyone who wore them with Psycho Power. We know this happened to Abel while he was undercover wearing the hat as he suffered from the brainwashing effects during ASF. So Birdie inadvertently saved himself from being mind controlled because he didn’t want to mess up his hair.


Also, Udon made their own SF comic timeline.


Is Sagat origin still coming?


Idk. If it is then I would place it in the prequel section of their timeline.


Imho FF Cody is still best Cody, then it’s hard to pick if i prefer Mayor or prisoner

To me it’s a bit what i said before on character specific stages helping A LOT character designs to estabilish themselves

Some of the “newcomers” (counting this version of Cody as a “new” char) imho suffer a lot from lack of a stage completing theyr image, giving them a place in SF world

Mayor Cody
Fang (they fixed this with ASF)
Ed & Falke

Example in Cody case it will have enriched so much have a stage where you fight him in his mayor office (like that Alex-Haggar comic brawl)
Or in some Metro City dirty street, full of MGG looking punks, with the elegant mayor car parked and his secretary watching (pissed because they’re wasting time lol)

It will have literally completed his whole image

Same with example Menat having Palazzo Mistero with Rose and Maggio in the background.

Or G having a city square with an HUGE crowd of people watching the fight (and eventually listening his speech to people of the earth lol)

Or having Ed/Falke in the NeoShadaloo HQ with all theyr freaks in NS uniform… with maybe Ed or Falke (or both if neither fight) in the background


FF Cody is not bad but it’s bland and generic. That’s why they didn’t even revived is character after various Final Fights other than revenge.

Prisoner Cody is the best Cody his not just a random badass dude wearing generic stuff trying to save his girlfriend or a damsel in distress.

Why prisoner Cody is the best Cody because he became more than a 1 dimentional character. His visuals and character signigicant to each other, His visuals make you want to know more about his character and it tells a narrative. Mayor Cody is fine and not the worst for me.

The lack of independent stage for new characters has nothing to do for them to not fit SF theme. Because you don’t fight them intact to those stage. Adding stage may improve the appeal of the character not the character design lol don’t confused that but if the stage has a different vibe on it it would just alienate more.

So having a stage has nothing to do to make a character work on SF if they had bad design already. Same also of having a stage that is obviously screaming SF enviroment if the character design is bad it’s still bad.

We can always used the word character design as if we twist it but don’t understand properly and used it improperly to reason out personal preference and make us sound knowingly. Are argument, stand and consistency speaks more of us than the words we claim and use.


Holy crap lol, I didn’t realize that!

On the topic of Birdie, this is the most fun I’ve had with him ever. He’s bcome mellow and lovably goofy and nicely resembles his portrayal in the Alpha manga where he had a heart buried somewhere and was pals with Ryu.

I hope he sticks around for the future.

With G being a big potential threat I’m surprised he never gotta stage…I was hoping that area he was standing in the intro would be revealed to be a times square type stage. It’d be perfect for some cameos or hidden Q’s

Cody really could’ve used a stage along with the others you mentioned.

I really hope SF6 boosts its budget and Capcom goes all out with the extras and aesthetic. Everyone needs their own stage. It’s always been an extension of themselves, at least that’s how I saw it.


A good stage can do almost as much for a character as a good intro.

Capcom doesn’t bring back nostalgia stages just because they look nice; Capcom brings them back because we’ve learned to associate them with certain characters. Sometimes the connections are weak. Chun-Li fights in a street in China because she’s Chinese. Other times, the stage can reflect or even reveal more of a character’s design, or even create elements that will eventually be integrated into a character. Guile gets a military base in SF2 because he is a military figure, but the stage also shows that Guile is still in good standing with the military. He isn’t just some delusional figure wearing military garb. Blanka looks like a monster, but the people in his SF2 stage aren’t hiding in fear from him. Vega’s SF2 stage not only directly affected the design of his moveset, it reflects the whole Enter the Dragon element of his design. Ryu vs Sagat in SFA gets a bit more of an impact because it uses the grass field from their anime movie fight.

This is an area where SFV is weak. The stages mostly just look like random locations. Some only show their connection through A Shadow Falls. Even the stages that more immediately connect to a specific character or group of characters often doesn’t really “connect” to that character.

It doesn’t help that some of the stages, while arguably visually competent or even busy, just don’t look that nice or interesting. Some of this may be because the stages are so large, and the designers struggled to fill them, but they end up filled with generic clutter.

And Jailbird Cody was the worst Cody. Visually, it looked silly even by SFA joke standards. Move-wise, he wasn’t Cody. The stage knife was a silly gimmick. Storywise, it was also silly. The idea that Cody ended up in jail is acceptable, but the rest? If he thinks he should be a prisoner, then why does he break out? If he wants to be out of prison, then why doesn’t he ever ditch the prisoner outfit? Why does he wear handcuffs that he can remove whenever he wants? There isn’t any real story to it, Capcom just wanted to put him into a comical prisoner outfit.


Both the new fatter built and the funny goofy attitude come from recent years version of MMA fighter Bob Sapp… ever been a funny giant, japan got him in many commercials/tv shows where he go doing his funny guy shit lol

Btw despite the terrible communication/marketing division, i want to believe SFV still got some surprise for us in 2019/20… give stages to characters that miss it could be a start :smiley:


Yes, but my point was different. I’m just saying a character that is design out of place or design awfully won’t automatically be fitting in the theme of game because of it had stage design that fit the game theme. That would just result as a displacement. Because characters were supposed to be design accordance to the game universe and the BG is supposed to be design to the character.

I wasn’t even talking about the classic stage. Classic stage wasn’t brought back for being looking nice or better than what they can possible do now, they are brought back because they are nostalgia outlets and they can get better ways to attract DLC and nostalgia fans.

Sometimes we need to take a good look in the past from it’s technology and possibilities to analyze things better. Classic stage wasn’t even brought back even in the 90s were nostalgia was present in like SFZ, SF3 and etc. Every character stage was build upon the character theme as the priority.

You realize your claims only strengthen my points?

The BG is always associated and design to the character theme as the priority. So if the character design is messed up the stage follows. If you design the stage that screams the whole game theme while just putting bits of that character theme, but the character theme is messed up that his them didn’t belong in the game. Think of it you put a Raptor with an american patch and claim Guile Stage in Nightime? As a result it would just end up as a displacement or stage would just look like a stage from a crossover game.

Another example remember SF4 BG with dinosaurs and it was assigned to a raptor as new character, actually even it is assigned to dinosaur poacher as a new character. It’s still terrible. A displace character with stage is still a displace character.

What I meant was having a stage it doesn’t fix a problem of a displace character that isn’t associated to the game theme even if the stage is strongly associated with the game but the character isn’t. Just don’t confused it.

That happens if you design a stages without the character theme as a priority like I said. If all stages feel associated to game by the theme, time and environment but the character feel detach to game it still displace and badly designed. Which is my point.

As for JailBird Cody? Both Mayor and Jail has interesting story in it visually compare the to the original Final Fight. I like prisoner Cody more because he felt more of a street fighter than the two casual looking version. Im not saying the mayor is bad, Im okay with it. I’m just saying the bland and generic cody is the worst without the rose tinted glasses on.

However I agree with your points against the prisoner outfit, but my point is it is much better than original FF. What made the original FF appealing is just nostalgia. Even in the times when beat em up was relevant Cody isn’t the appealing choice. His return was only in Revenge in FF and also Guy with the other Mad gear as the first chosen to return that cody only appeared in the 3rd instalment, keep in mind those were the times when the original designer were still in Capcom.


Mayor Cody is good for a change, but jail is more memorable. I hope he won’t stay a mayor for the rest of his existence.


I like him being mayor or in a better place. He just need a more symbolic character visuals from now on than casual decent looking clothes.


I think Cody should go back to be a street fighter next. A return to his roots; no prince, no pauper.


I think Cody should be President. :heart:


I’m honestly not entirely sure what you are even trying to argue at this point. You started with disagreeing with Cestus_II, but you have yet to really back up your point of view. By the time you get to my post, you’ve seemingly switched entirely to a completely different argument that no one had disagreed with, that mismatches between characters and stages is bad.

The idea that stages are based on character design does not counter that character specific stages aid in establishing said designs in the minds of players. I’d almost guess that you are arguing over a different meaning for “establish” (establish as in creating the character design instead), but you went on to claim “The lack of independent stage for new characters has nothing to do for them to not fit SF theme.”

From there, your argument wanders. Stages can only improve the appeal of a character, not the design. (Unsupported claim, fails to counter opposing examples.) Bad stages won’t help. (True, but irrelevant to the argument.) A stage oozing SF-ness won’t help a bad character design. (Debatable claim lacking supporting evidence, even before you get to the reliance on the debatable and unsupported claim that a character design in question is bad and does not fit “SF”.)


I didn’t switched I even elaborate it multiple times.

Here is my initial post

Here is my 2nd post which I repeat numerous times in the paragraph.

Here is the 1st paragraph

Here is another paragraph

Here is my example:

Here last paragraph related

They are consistent.

I think your confusing yourself by grabbing bits of it rather than looking into the consistency of it and the paragraph itself. if the new character is bad or doesn’t fit SF theme even it has a well made stage it’s still awful character.

And obviously this is what your trying to debate which contradict everything that I post that counter cestus claims same with that.

You believe that a having a stage makes fix character belongingness in the games theme.

First of all were in a fighting game that characters aren’t played in dedicated stages, Right? So the character must be designed accordingly to the game theme, world and universe.

And nowadays fighting game are more often played in multiplayer not single player, Right? a fighting game character has a different principle in designing.

If your saying the stage will fix the awful character, that isn’t a fighting game character. Why? because fighting game characters are designed to shift into various stages which is a different from a single player game that the character is dedicated to it’s stage ambiance and would remain their.



Falke AKA the most boring Street Fighter character ever.


Did you miss Ryu or Makoto? It’s just a person wearing a gi. A white gi even.


I don’t count the Street Fighter 1 characters, for obvious reasons.

As for Makoto, she sort of gets points for being completely traditional, opposed to the rest of the freaks of that entry.

Falke tries to be sort of “original”, but ends up being completely insipid.