The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Everything about Falke is boring and uninspired.


Except Ryu is Iconic and Makoto is super popular with her playstyle. This bitch is basically a german cammy with shitty ass gameplay.

Would have preferred the gorilla or knife dude.


About knife guys… I wanted El Gado to feature in the SF series :confused:

That guy’s so dope :smiley:


Their gameplay could’ve been shitty too. I mean she had the most potential to be the best of the bunch with that staff, and instead its such a bummer. The lazy animations and recycled storyline just makes her even worse though.
PS: I hope that Gorilla never comes.


Oh I want the freaking gorilla <3

But probably we’ll have the knife guy only, and the gorilla will help him out in a supermove or something.


You misspelled Necalli


Not really a fan of Falke, but i honestly believe they could have done much much more with her

To begin with, her having NeoShadaloo-heavy concept, relying too much on Ed one instead create something able to stand on it’s own legs

Bison never needed his Generals to dress like him, it will have killed 4 Kings variety

Then imho they should not have made her a psycho power user… it weaken Ed’s uniqueness, it weaken PP exclusivity overall, it weaken her further as new char
At this point she really just become an extension of Ed’s figure, could have been his npc minion as Gill’s SF3 Kolin lol
They should just have made her able to channel her unique personal type of ki into her staff, it will have built her visual identity

They got a nice idea having her as scientific vibe perfect “lab athlete” very focused with training and performance (her story mode alt)
I wish they worked on improve that concept, her scientific approach and aim to perfection
The white was also perfect color for her at that, remind lab antiseptic atmosphere

Problem is this one below was boring and dull

They got some ideas in this Ed old concept, they could have took the good parts of her above one and enrich it boosting the scientific training side

Also i hope they stop be afraid of nationalities LOL
Fuck them, seriously
SF is ever been also about rep nations too, slap on her (like on many other characters sadly) the unknown origin is just boring weak shit
Does’nt help AFTER add tons of hints on her be linked to Germany… flag colors, language etc
Do her german or shut the fuck up PLS
Have her german will also have greatly helped make her love for precision, her scientific approach and aim to perfection something characteristic in the old SF stereotype-done-right way
Will also have been a good concept have her stage being some super hight tech german lab with scientists studying all the data of her performance

Finally, her animations in some specific cases suck dicks
In her defence most of what is considered “bad” or stiff animation on her, is due people not understand what she does
She does’nt do some kung fu style, and despite what the guy point out in @mykka video, she does’nt do (japanese) “bo-jutsu” indeed
That’s was a Capcom’s lazy way to call it to just drop there she does stick fighting style

When you realize she does european la canne/baton stick fighting style (much closer to her european heritage), all suddently make visual sense
Her poses, her stiff posture, her trajectories, her one-hand grip all on one side

But after this defence, still some of her animation indeed suck dicks

Some example i can think
CA is terrible
Back throw…some acrobatic could really helped, seriously just her brute strenght lift and throw opponents. Why
Likely some others here and there

Not much stuff but
Problem is i think her animations are good overall once you understand her style, but good luck at sell it, it feel weak, static and generic
They should have probably pushed more on dynamism, with the elastic in and out movement of a fencing like fighter… instead they gone for tryhard anime “rigid elegant coolness” wich just added to the already too static style

I get they chased the Ivy vibe of classier SC1 days, but it just failed

You can say he’s been written terribly
That his moveset did’nt done enough to make him memorable outside VT gimmick and did’nt developed his potential
That his 3D model have some things gone wrong

You will be absolutely correct on all these

But Necalli character design itself was good, like SF good even


I’ve never seen a strong character dropped because he was “boring” before. Necalli was a huge wasted opportunity.


And i completely agree on this, Nec will likely just go join other characters that could have been interessing, but got handled like shit

Send him to the Seth, Abel, Falke, “Kage” and many more area


Shitty ass neutral stance didnt help her case. I agree she should have at least had a different costume from Ed to make her stand out. Entire character reeks of being rushed. Rushed in concept and in execution.

I hope we never see her again in another SF game, even Rufus is waay more exciting


Falke is awful all around


Kage and Seth are not included boring characters they are interesting and fun to play with and watch.

Mykka video said well the issue with Falke, I like that it doesn’t just parrot popular opinion and focus on the detail individual than just throwing criticism.

So I won’t repeat on most of it but would highlight instead the areas that I agree with and what should have Capcom done instead, along with a different insights that wasn’t discuss in video.

Agree with video that was a lazy part on Capcom?

So what should have Capcom do instead to cover up this or what should have Capcom did instead?

  1. Capcom should have included other weapon based fighting, so it would appear that it is a mix and combination in her fighting style.

  2. Or just throw in a shadaloo unique form martial arts that was inspired by several martial arts.

The problem with Ed is him being overly designed like having a cap and weird inappropriate hair which I mentioned before as soon he was released. While Falke became Ed 2.0 in costume which end up better like the video said.

So If Falke was the one first release popular opinion on the design may have been varied from both.

So if both Ed and Falke is gonna appear again in a fighting together, It should be Ed that needs more improvement in his uniform. Not changing his color but improving and simplifying his uniform design to have distinction to Falke, while slightly alter Falke more farther.

They can keep her hair but please make it more like Mature or Ada wong

I don’t know what kind of fetish some Capcom designer has with that hair covering vision, it looks very impractical if the face isn’t damaged or scared.

This problem was also present with Rachel Foley in Resident Evil Revelations, which gains fan negative reception from the trailer debuts which she is featured in the comment section of YT. Why? because of her design they see it very impractical and a joke. People thought she was a protagonist that they hated it because of being the one featured in the trailer later she turned into a monster in the game progression.


Falke is so uninteresting that her alternative costumes make her more interesting - especially the goth and halloween ones.


I’m honestly conflicted on whether being boring like Falke or badly designed like Rufus is worse.


Rufus was a bad idea to begin with and hard to salvage unless it was a major overhaul.


I’ll give Rufus bonus points for having SOME kind of personality and actually being fun to play as.

Falke has neither of those things.


What annoys me is that I think Ed’s got a great story and a more interesting playstyle, but I guarantee you there are people who will like Falke more simply for being a girl. She’s nothing but a genderbent Ed with everything interesting about Ed sucked out.


SF missed the opportunity big time to give Ed a “street fighter” look. And…I mean like a legit guy who fights in the streets. He could have been a slightly more rough & tumble Rock Howard. Strip away Rock’s fashion-model lens and swap it for a street kid approach with some of the flash of Balrog and a hint of the military of Bison. Something a bit close to Cody’s alt in SF4 would have actually been far better. The neo-Shadaloo look makes zero sense from any angle.


Yeah her story is basically Ed 2.0, but with half the heart. The only thing she’s got on him is that her default costume looks better than Ed’s.


Agree Rufus gameplay is something what makes him relevant. I don’t find the background and motive appealing. It’s just Ken Master in a cringe way and poor attempt to import a Bob like appeal in SF.

Yeah their uniform should have been just storymode costumes as representation of what they were in Shadaloo before it’s fall.