The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Rufus is too disgusting to even look at


I still prefer Rufus over Abigail.


Ed design is super shitacular. Did Ono design thesd character himself? Would love to know who came up with it and the process around selecting the final design.


The “Son of Bison” character design originated from SF3 and evolved from there.


Ono probably the most influential in SF4 but not in SF5. He speaks of the artstyle most often and reasoned out why they choose it that way in most of the interview, which is different in SF5 cased.


There was a “Son of Bison” concept during SF3?


Wasn’t the original Remy meant to be Bison’s kid or something? He even had a Shadaloo insignia on his back.


IIRC you are correct. I remember seeing the concept art.

Edit: Found it


The era of new gen, sons and apprentices like Rock and Adelheild.

If that was the cased for the future SF…

Would you guys welcome the idea of something like that, or Remy became Bison’s legitimate son in later in canon?



Bison has enough kids already. I doubt Bison would be interested in a legacy as that entails acceptance of death. It would be out of character.

More interesting though, is the prospect of actually meeting Remy’s asshole father. What a glorious bastard he must’ve been.


Honestly, I was good with the Kombat Kids in MKX, but I really don’t want that in SF.


The simple fact the most memorabe thing about them is they are Kombat Kids speaks volumes about them. Fuck that. I’m fine with fighting children, but make them special in their own right and interesting for the story. If they bring nothing to the table other than relatives of fan-favorites keep them as far away as possible from aaaaany series, not just Street Fighter.

Ed is pretty much Bison’s son in everything but genetic make-up. Young, leader of an organization, Psycho Powered, will probably be the representative of Shadaloo in the post SF3 era. I don’t need anything else.


I’m pretty sure that Ed is a genetically engineered clone, from the last generation of Human Incubators. He most likely has Bison’s genes.

But he’s not going to represent Shadaloo. Neo-Shadaloo are a bunch of circus freaks/rejects.


Who are your top 10 Street Fighter playable characters?

#10. Yang
#9. Ibuki
#8. Adon
#7. Nash
#6. Rolento
#5. Necro
#4. Chun-Li
#3. Alex
#2. Sodom
#1. Urien


Wrong thread! Away with you!


On the topic of Bison’s future:
I personally would like Bison to be a part of SF6. I always saw SF6 being the Illuminati as the A-plot while the Ryu/Neo-Shadaloo stuff was the B-plot so I can easily imagine Bison to be a part of the game, of course differently considering his situation not having a steady body yet. Maybe we can have a weird wacked-out phantom/ghost Bison with a slight twist to his attacks.

For comparison think this MMX comparison:
Berkana+Gareth=Ed+Falke except they aren’t evil and have no idea what’s going on

Of course, with the prospect of a 2nd G story becoming slimmer and slimmer, my worst fear is that either G or NS will be sidelined off.


I remember bringing up a theory that Remy’s sister was put in a block of ice either by Gill or more recently Kolin since they’re the ones that have that sort of power.

Maybe Remy’s father had something to do with either one of them and because of his dealings with them, his daughter was encased in an ice block giving Remy a motive against the Illuminati.


I think Remy’s mom thing was more than anything just a clear Saint Seiya tribute

Ever in SF3, Saint Seiya also gave them main inspiration for Gill too

Btw i don’t even bother to go check if is SF-timeline compatible, but ever thought Remy’s father was Nash

And him left his son/woman, was for a noble cause (a “fighter” path while at it), to stop Bison in SFA… but he never came back from that mission (he “died”)

So Remy grow up knowing his father was a fighter and that he left them… from there his hate for fighters
Maybe he did’nt even know he was dead, and thought he simply abandoned them

Good reason for Nash to keep it secret is that back then he was Bison’s biggest antagonist, and did’nt wanted him to send somebody (Vega seem the man for that job lol) to kidnap his woman/son

Again, that was just my theory back the, but still think could have made sense

And of course part of the reason was him having some kind of sonic boom/somersault kick, he was clearly “the Guile/Nash” of SF3

Notice also Abel (listed as french or somehow connected to France) got some past connection with Nash too, as he was maybe saved by him (maybe in France, or Nash after escape escorted him to France?)

Ps: a cool contrast could have been that one of Remy early concept was literally an hippie (my fav), will have been like the opposite of the soldier father lol


I don’t think many people here know what Saint Seiya is. Consider yourself blessed if you do though!


Tom and Remy’s dad are characters that have tons of potential. Not necessarily as playable characters, but those stories deserve to be told. Unlike Arroyo Hawk or Dorai, they are ‘dad’ characters that could actually serve the bigger picture of the Illuminati story, which the formers couldn’t do with Shadaloo.

I know there’s literally nothing about Remy’s dad, but there’s no way the guy could have that kind of grudge against fighters if his dad wasn’t actually involved in some shit. That small excuse of a motivation for Remy can blossom beautifuly into something bigger. And the Secret Society needs all the expanding it can get, cause we only got a picture of the lowest of the low tier characters, storywise, like Twelve and Necro and the highest of high, in Urien and Gill. Shadaloo had Bison, the other Three Kings and their experiments, on top of all their victims. They really felt like a fleshed out organization.
There needs to be some more middle tier characters like Kolin and tying Remy as one of their victims can only help both the concept and the character. All the ties SF3 characters have with the Society are incidental at best (the G-File, Dudley’s car… really?). This makes them feel more like a sideshow, when they’re supposed to be the biggest threat yet.

Street Fighter 6 needs to take place after 3rd Strike to fix those issues. Do it Capcom!