The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


If I recall correctly, atleast Udon tried to do something with Tom, right? During the Illuminati/Gill arc.


Idk shit about udon, but capcom itself hinted a lot of possible story development for Tom in more than one direction

Wich does’nt mean they will develop it for sure, but the potential imho is cool

I hope he become playable…i like his design and SF once in a while can benefit from a grounded concept character as him… coul create nice variety next to bizzarre ones

I will like his “normal” MMA style too


For Tom, a great fighting style would be something similar to the gun kata from Equilibrium or even how John Wick fights (both minus firearms, of course) and a bit of Jason Bourne. Very minimalist and almost mechanical bodily motions designed for maximum effect from minimal impact. No flourish, no flair, no real style. Just all efficiency.

He could be a chain character in the style of someone like Angel since that is something we don’t have in SF and give him a few counters options.


SF6 can also take place within the timeline of SF3 series. Not an alternate or parallel.

So it can bridge the gap for missing in action SF4, SF5, SFZ and SF2 characters that weren’t present during those time. Like they are involve in a different conflict, case and have different priorities in life. The game can still throw in Ryu, Ken, Chun li and Akuma.

Something the connects everything and ties to unexplained fix plot holes and unexplained absence by unifying the past and present in the best situation. It can still add other SF3 characters that are wondering like Oro, Alex and Necro, Same as Urien that was from 2nd Impact.


Recently Capcom was successful bringing in Zeku and Gouken.

Since now were talking about Tom more often and obviously everyone wanted Tom here. And I have also posted a year before of what I want him to be. We had different interpretation of what Tom is, yet we can think whatever Tom maybe.

So let’s try a different approach to know more on what a better interpretation of Tom is, Something that isn’t discuss yet.

What are the things and criteria you didn’t want TOM to be?

Here’s mine:

skinny guy
short guy
fat guy
shadaloo related
another bison clone or doll
evil guy


I sense trash talking about Falke in here.

Useless to say, I’m very disappointed by such lack of good taste.


@Cestus_II It’s Remy’s sister, not his mother, that’s frozen.

@Phantom_Miria It’s not that Falke is fundamentally bad, it’s that she’s so disappointing. When she was first revealed I was actually thinking she’d be good. Then again, my standards are always too high 🤦🤦🤦

I honestly hope that SF6 redeems her design-wise and character-wise.


Bison is love. Can’t stress it enough.


From her calm demeanor to how cute she is, I’m a fan of Falke and glad she’s in.

I understand that a lot of people don’t feel the same…and that’s fine.




Yeah, no bad blood between the Bisons and Uriens - We have a common enemy…

For now…


Bunch of character portraits from that game here:


She not that bad I just didn’t like the hair, other criticism can be work around.

Any thoughts on TOM guys? anything that you would dislike him to be?


My personal preference is Streetwise Cody. Which is basically FF Cody, but with a nod to his former prison life.


Interesting, Another collaboration?

It’s like Capcom really gave up for a mobile SF game, most of them had flop in japan. Even the SF4 card didn’t make it.

Looking in the rest of the photo…

This is why Evil Ryu will always win polls with Japanese community, because it is hype up more often, like the USF2. Capcom should already market the Hado Kakusei Ryu with the Japanese community.



Fap time!


Yeah but these are details, still a clear tribute to that scene

SFV got a couple of cool ones (Ed and Kolin story modes) winking at Berserk, for example


I’m not bothered by her, but I think there’s some potential there that’s being held back. I feel like there’s more for her, Ed and all of Neo- Shadaloo, but it’s waiting in the wings for some reason (be it for S4 or content planned but not able to be delivered for some reason). I really would have loved to see a bit of her in another storymode, I feel there’s where she can shine with Ed.

I’m a bit biased cause she’s voiced by a friend, but her slowly picking up on what it is to live a real, Shadaloo-free life, the protective sibling angle and untapped potential makes me want to see more of her. Playable or not. I just don’t want Capcom to make all these potential character arcs and not deliver. I really want to see what Neo Shadaloo can bring to the table, because if done right, it can be a different, interesting parallel to Cammy and her sisters + Delta Red. Family vs family. The concept art makes me want to see more of the Neo-Shadaloo family and learn their story.

If she does come back, I’d like to see some tweaks to a few animations. Some people here and out there have ideas for how minorly her CA could be tweaked and have it be cool. I do like her design and weapon infusing techniques. I feel they could take that somewhere in the future.


My fav one was one that has never been used again after FF days

Classic FF brown hair Cody with blue stripes on both hands and right elbow (as in FF ingame big portrait)
Some dude did it a good fanart back to SF4 and that’s it lol


Cool pictures, what games are these for?