The Ultra Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Thanks, Same game with @Dragonfave723 posted pictures. It’s a puzzle & dragon collaboration.


Ooh cool I’ll take a look at the rest of the pics


Here man


Honestly love to see that. Considering Abel has the same S.I.N connection I’d love to see him go after Ed+Falke and see them as younger siblings.


Personally i will like to them to stick with Kinu/SF3 Tom and “Leon the Professional” imagery,
instead some things i seen after done by udon

Maybe make him just a bit smaller, there is almost big as Alex
Slighty bigger than SFV Cody could work imho

Fight style wise i think he can reflect 3 parts of his concept

  • “Leon” and ex-soldier thing
    To reflect that i will like lot of Krav Maga kind of vibe, think elbows, knees, palm strikes, face grabbing and shit like that.
    Think Solid Snake CQC stuff
    Him having a counter could really fit that vibe

  • MMA istructor
    Him having an actual MMA gym with a selection of specific arts istructors (CFN profiles) was a great development, they should keep it.
    Will like to see great emphasis on him having what as today shaped up to be a kinda universal “MMA style”
    So essentially a kickboxer with relatively wide “heavy” stance, elbows and knees on clinch, wrestling takedowns, ground and pound and jujitsu subs
    The key here should be show him able to transition from striking to grappling (or vice versa)
    I will represent tis with multi-path rekkas including throw option, kinda like Abel used to do in SF4

  • Alex Master
    Wrestling should be his fav specific art, but unlike Alex/Gief his should be a very technique and brain approach to it.
    So perfect executed takedowns and submission locks on neck or limbs.
    The kind of experienced wrestler that can outplay easily a bigger/stronger/heavier but less skilled wrestler
    I will like also him to use a more refined (and less “pro wrestling”) version of some Alex specials
    Example will not like him to use pure brute strenght stuff as Alex’s headbutts or powerbomb slams, but i can see him having a more technical version of stuff like this to show theyr connection

Essentially i will like to see Tom style link to Alex’s, like was for Gouken’s to Ryu


I know it seems random but I’d like it if Tom+Patricia were Irish-American. Don’t know why but I always got that vibe from them. Helps to slightly balance the Japan-America oversaturation of the SF cast.


The premise behind Gouken’s style was basically anything Ryu can do Gouken can do better.


Probably they won’t do it like the Jean Reno thing again but they can still keep the Nose, hair and facial fair just to keep the resemblance than the CFN art.


The idea here on technical level will be the similar, except Alex compensate with size, brute strenght and youth (so strenght wise he can do things Tom can’t)

Alex being a “muscle version” of Tom’s teachings
So having theyr styles very different, but still possible see how from Tom’s art could have born Alex’s one

Essentially Tom is the guy that flip you with perfect timing, leverage, angle, placement etc.
When all is spot-on, you still use strenght but you can really trip people with relatively low effort*
Alex on other hand being not as perfect but back it up with great explosivity and strenght… so you will still be thrown lol, but due a different mix

*to use an anime example just came to my mind Griffith fucking up Guts shoulder in theyr first scrap (time stamped)

I’m obviously biased LOL, but will like Tom to be italian-american, after all the main inspiration is Leon and he was an italian-american living in NY’s Little Italy

Considering she’s a ginger, will welcome Patricia being mixed with the mom being irish-american though
Will actually be cool, as italians and Irish had loooong historical connection in america


Goddamn nigga… Just reminded me how beautiful and expressive sf3 animation and art was… Pity we will never see this again.



I love SFV animations though


No Ono no reveal.


The realist in me believes this is because they won’t show anything, which absolutely kills me inside, but my optimistic self likes to think they are just phasing Ono out of the picture.

Especially after seeing the Mortal Kombat reveals, the fact that in the past two months all we’ve got was ‘DID YA LAIKE KAGAYEH?!? YOUA CAEN PLAY HAIM NAOOOW!!!’ still sours me.

I don’t hate Ono, I really don’t, but if your marketing team is shit, at least have someone who can really hype things up. His shtick got super old a while ago and I’d much rather have excitement in my announcements, not goofiness.


There wasnt space for two oonos at evo jap


Don’t really wanna speculate, but the best outcome I can see from this is related to the arcade release: Characters, either one at a time or all at once, will be playable first at the arcade. It’d give a boost to the arcade machine and generate some hype (money) for it, in Japan at least.

I don’t think this is a likely outcome, but it’s the most positive realistic one I can imagine atm


I can deal with some goofiness like with the G and Cody reveal where they had Kenny Omega dress up and act like Cody and Christopher Corey Smith dress up and act as G, sure it was cheesy but it got me interested in the characters. Listening to Ono’s broken Engrish while wearing glowing cat ears horns was kind of cringey.


If SF would have a cartoon, in which game would you like it start?

SF1, SFA, SF2 or etc.


It already has a cartoon. And it’s perfection.


A Street Fighter cartoon I would prefer it to be something similar to Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes, without following the official Street Fighter storyline/continuity, but featuring different characters and story arcs every now and then showcasing their stories freely without a strict timeline.

That would be more palatable to me.


I remember one of the artists from Avatar Last Airbender saying he pitched the idea of a continuous SF cartoon series last year. He still wants to pursue it as his dream project.

With an art style like this and a storytelling format like that it could definitely work out.
I like the realistic proportions he gives the characters, they’re not roided up or super thick but nimble and athletic like fighters should be. Alex is noticeably larger than Ryu and Ken but still looks athletic enough to be quick and maneuverable on his feet during attacks like he is.

As far as where the series should start, I would like it to start from the very end of SF1 with the fight between Ryu and Sagat just like the SFII animated movie, after that it can branch off anywhere it wants to, like the SFII animated movie. Just show a better lit Sagat vs Ryu fight for the first few minutes of the pilot and then viola.

He couldn’t secure the funding for the project but had pitched it to Capcom and even acquired a contract with them to proceed with it.